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Is our Cyber Dollar (officially) ‘legal tender’? Let’s talk!

June 10, 2014

After reviewing the history of words like ‘paper dollar’, ‘fiat dollar’, ‘legal tender court cases’, and the history of money and currency; I would suggest that our current ‘cyber dollar’ (digital/virtual in nature) and created ‘out of nothing’ (physical) does NOT QUALIFY as official ‘legal tender’ money. What we now need IMO is a series of challenges to the legality of this meta-physical unit in our courts of law. Our ‘cyber dollar’ is not printed by our Bureau of Engraving and Printing and is not scientifically an item which originates within our space/time universe. Historically, currencies and our money have been physical and derived from NATURE. The following images reveal what we have used as our paper currencies (recently). These units are what most Americans think are ‘money’ and think are being created by our financial Authorities. Reality, however, is quite different! Let’s talk further!

These printed notes (above) are then circulated from party to counter party for the ‘valuation’ of assets, goods, and services. These units of paper ‘exist’ in space/time and are scientifically composed of physical ‘matter’ (atoms, electrons, etc.). The ‘images’ and ‘numbers’ engraved upon the paper note, however, are meta-physical derivations which our politicians create (note this difference). These meta-physical derivations do not ‘exist’ as ‘matter’ (atoms/electrons). These ‘images’ and ‘numbers’ derive from our CONSCIOUSNESS (also called our ‘mind’)! Finance and money involve TWO realms of reality (mind and matter)!

1. What is a ‘fiat currency’ (also called money)?  Fiat money can be any physical item which is declared money by the State or Federal Government (paper notes, tally sticks, beaver pelts, bills of credit, the paper continental note, etc.). Fiat money is money which derives its value from government regulation or law (we call this trust or faith value). It differs from commodity money, which is based on a physical good, often a precious metal such as gold or silver, which has uses other than as a medium of exchange. The term derives from the Latin fiat (“let it be done”, “it shall be”).[1]  

Fiat currencies are what we often carry within our wallets and billfold (i.e., paper currency) and use for purchases of various goods and services. Today, our fiat paper currency (also called the paper dollar) represents about 4% of all monetary transactions nationally. Our fiat currency is printed by our Bureau of Engraving and Printing, located in Washington D.C. and also in Fort Worth, Texas. Our Federal Reserve Banking authorities order (from the BEP) printed notes (called the Federal Reserve Note) for distribution by our commercial banks to American consumers (per their needs). These printed paper notes are now being replaced (rapidly) by our ubiquitous ‘cyber dollar’ (a meta-physical creation from the mind of select banksters) which gets ‘typed’ into the computer screen (also called cyberspace, the cloud, or virtual reality). We’ll talk more about the ‘nature’ of these ‘cyber dollars’ later within this missive.

2. What is ‘representative money’ (also called money backed by precious metals like silver/gold or a thing of value)? Representative money is an item such as a token or piece of paper that has no intrinsic value, BUT can be exchanged on demand for a commodity that does have intrinsic value, such as gold, silver, copper, and even tobacco. When Americans were on a gold or silver standard (1792 to 1933) then we used what is called ‘representative money’. You and I could ‘value’ any exchange using a paper note but the holder of that note also had the option to convert the note’s face value into a ‘thing’ of value. During most of our history as Americans we have had representative money. Franklin D. Roosevelt removed this option for Americans in 1933-34. As of 1975 and after, Americans can own and possess gold (coins and bars) but it has not become useful for currency transactions since its market value (per ounce) has much exceeded the face value (engraved upon most coins).

3. What does the word ‘dollar’ denote (what is it)? The ‘word’ dollar was chosen as the ‘name’ for our official currency unit way back in 1785. Thomas Jefferson is usually given credit for desiring this ‘name’ for our American currency. Our First Constitutional Congress then approved this ‘name’ and later on legislation was initiated during the administration of George Washington to make the name ‘dollar’ official legal tender for Americans. The Coinage Act of 1792, officially created a ‘definition’ for our ‘dollar’. The definition chosen was 371.25 grains of pure silver (minted into a coin by the Philadelphia Mint). So our ‘dollar’ started out as merely a ‘word’ and ‘name’ (derived from consciousness) and then it became physical with a definition in terms of the commodity called ‘silver’. Today, we have NO definition for our ‘dollar’ and it trades mostly as a unit of our consciousness (via our computer technology). The word ‘dollar’ is often called a ‘mental abstraction’ as it has no substance or existence.

During our economic history, many Americans have thought that ‘valueless’ paper dollars should not be used as our official money or currency. There have been many court cases over our fiat paper Federal Reserve Note and also the 1862 Greenback Note which circulated during our Civil War period. President John F. Kennedy, our President from 1961 – 63, also issued an executive order, #11110, which has created substantial confusion and some speculations of a conspiracy…as it relates to our Federal Reserve Banking System and the philosophy underlying this executive order. Truth on this is difficult to discern, however! Anyway, there are many American financial pundits who think that our money/currency system is substantially corrupt and based on Ponzi concepts. I tend to agree!

Does anyone know, with certainty, who or why this President was assassinated? Was it coincidence or a planned event? Were his views and goals at odds with the money cartel or other vested interests? The mystery continues over the events of November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas.

So what is happening today within our banking/financial system? Why are most monetary transactions now using what I call our ‘cyber dollar’ for their transactions? What is a ‘cyber dollar’ and where does it derive from? Today, most of my financial accounts are within cyberspace. My IRA accounts are expressed in cyberspace and the valuations are via the ‘cyber dollar’. My social security check is received via a direct computer deposit from our Treasuries computer system (all in the ‘cyber dollar’). The Treasuries computer automatically sends a direct deposit (monthly) to my on-line banking account at Wells Fargo. My savings account is now held in cyberspace and the units are in our ‘cyber dollar’. All my financial trading over the internet is done by using ‘cyber dollars’. Most of my goods and services (which I purchase) are now done with the swipe of a debit or credit card (resulting in the creation or destruction of ‘cyber dollars’).

4. So what is a CYBER DOLLAR? Our ‘cyber dollar’ can also be called our ‘digital dollar’. I will create a ‘digital dollar’ right now. This is our digital/cyber dollar ($1.00 and multiples thereof). What I do is ‘type’ the cyber dollar into reality via pressing computer keys. The result of this process (operation) is this image in my/your computer screen ($1.00). I can call this an ‘image’ of a symbol and a number which appears in my/your computer screen via my ‘typing’ action. I create this image ($1.00) from my consciousness (also called my MIND). It appears in our computer screen and then it can be circulated via signals (frequencies) from computer to computer.

If I were Fed Chairman, I could call this the official CYBER DOLLAR. My quantitative easing operations (also called QE) could result from pressing computer keys to create WHAT I CALL ‘CYBER MONEY’! Isn’t this a magical process and operation which our unconstitutional Fed operates? What would be a good ‘name’ for this QE operation (where $ trillions of cyber dollars are created)? I like the words:   ‘official COUNTERFEITING! What would you choose for a ‘name’? QE is a process of creating our ‘cyber dollar’ OUT OF NOTHING AND FROM NOTHING AND DERIVED FROM NO LOCATION WITHIN SPACE/TIME REALITY! What would you call the entity which originates cyber dollars? What is CONSCIOUSNESS (where is it located)? What is the MIND (where is it located)? Does anyone know? Is my ‘brain’ the same as my ‘mind/consciousness’?

To understand the ‘nature’ of our cyber dollar we need to understand what is cyberspace. We also need to understand the concept of ‘virtual space’ and/or virtual reality. A third concept that we need to understand is the circulation of this cyber currency within our computer screens (via pulses of light frequencies). One good definition of cyberspace is as follows:  A metaphor for describing the non-physical (metaphysical) terrain created by computer systems. Online systems, for example, create a cyberspace within which people can communicate with one another (via e-mail), do research, or invest/trade their cyber dollars.  Virtual space: an artificial world that consists of images and sounds created by a computer and that is affected by the actions of a person who is experiencing it. I am now within cyberspace and operating within a virtual environment.

Like physical space, cyberspace contains objects (files, mail messages, graphics, etc.) and different modes of transportation and delivery. Unlike real space, though, exploring cyberspace does not require any physical movement other than pressing keys on a keyboard or moving a mouse. Ben Bernanke, our prior Fed Chairman, could create his QE cyber dollars merely by pressing keys on the official Fed Computer at the New York Federal Reserve Building. Typing numbers into the System Computer Account (called the SOMA) resulted in new counterfeit cyber dollars for his ASSET PURCHASES! Check out the cyber money which our Fed has created since the Financial Crisis of 2008 by going here: Check out this video which proves that our ‘cyber dollar’ is not PRINTED (as most financial pundits espouse):  (take the time to WATCH this video and it will clear up your confusion). 

WATCH:  Was Ben actually aware that his QE operations were a form of counterfeiting? I am not convinced (even today) that he views his actions as being inappropriate. Maybe, we need more media interviews with Ben (he now has no official authority) to discern his motives for these QE operations! Why did he not view these actions as a type of counterfeiting???

Let’s conclude this missive with the QUESTION: Is our CYBER DOLLAR (officially) ‘legal tender’? The above should demonstrate that our ‘cyber dollar’ is not a physical unit and it also is not an objective currency unit. This unit derives from the ‘consciousness’ of our Central Bank Administrators (currently a private independent legal entity) which receives NO appropriations from our Congress. So how does this private, independent, legal entity earn its money? The reality is that it has no need for any money/currency as it can CREATE all the cyber dollars (money) that it desires OUT OF NOTHING AND FROM NOTHING! This private, independent, legal entity can also operate without any oversight (operationally) from any of our elected representatives! How many Americans are AWARE of these realities of our Central Bank…called the Federal Reserve Banking System?

They (the Fed) can swap our cyber dollars for other foreign cyber currencies (euros, yen, pounds, etc). All this is now done via the computer and within realtime. They can increase the cyber accounts of their select primary dealers via their QE operations (creating potentially $ trillions of additional cyber units) for additional manipulations of our global markets. They can manipulate market interest rates, market prices, asset values, and liquidity within all our global cyberspace markets. They can suppress silver and gold prices or any other price via their trading strategies. They can manipulate our stock/bond markets via their realtime trading operations at the New York Federal Reserve building. Without an independent audit of this Ponzi operation, the American people have no way of discerning what this private, independent entity is actually doing or planning (secretly). Is any of this Constitutional and in accordance with the philosophy of voting Americans? Think and decide for yourself! Enjoy! I am:





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  1. Harold Coffman permalink
    June 11, 2014 7:17 pm

    Consider new definition: CURENCY is the legal, taxable, unit of account that is specific
    (can be different), defined in each country ( but anchored to MONEY via bid/ask pricing & flow).

    Dollar, Peso, Yen, Ruble, Marks … are currency … (they are not money).

    MONEY is the one ANCHORED legal unit of exchange between governments , and by international business and large contracts … It is bid/ask daily-priced on international exchange (but contracts may be written as sum of daily price plus year-ago-price divided by 10 ), A stable basis of money. Yet it too, is SLOWLY adjusting to need for changes
    of world population / productivity by the bid/ask process that is now in place.

    Gold is a poor ANCHOR … but it is the BEST ANCHOR … it has thousands of years
    experience , a sufficient above ground amount (if priced right) for fully active service
    of today’s Money Flows. Money will tend to flexibly anchor all legal currencies.

    Currency flows can be fiat paper within a country, but will be bid/ask tied to MONEY
    (if deviates too much the bid/ask and balance-of-trade punishment will bring each currency
    of the world into reasonable balance).

    This Definition and Gold ANCHOR allows present flexible currency(s) within countries …
    yet provides a more exact definition of a stable MONEY and ANCHOR.

    Think about it !


    • June 11, 2014 8:33 pm

      Agree. Our dollar is a currency – not money. D


      • Vess permalink
        June 12, 2014 12:56 am

        Money does not exist.

        Consider: money is 3 things – a) a medium of exchange, b) a unit of account and c) a store of value. Nothing that exists today has all these 3 properties. Fiat currencies are a) and b) but not c). Gold is c) but is neither a), nor b). (It can be argued that gold is also a) in some very limited cases – but, then, so are cigarettes.)


      • June 12, 2014 8:36 am

        Agree. Money (this word is invented) does not exist within our spacetime universe. Money is invented and we have used many different items as money during our 6000 year history. Money, however, originated within a barter environment (a marketplace) and then some physical item (like silver, etc.) was chosen to serve as money. Money is really a proxy for the concept that we call ‘value’. D


  2. rrrr permalink
    June 12, 2014 7:18 am

    The reason the dollar is legal tender is that laws were passed making it illegal not to accept them as payment. That’s why it’s called ‘fiat’. They were made legal not because of value but by decree. The reason people use them has nothing to do with merit. It has only to do with the fact that if you don’t use them government employees will beat you up or put you in a little room.


  3. rrrr permalink
    June 12, 2014 7:25 am

    You can delete unflattering statements, But you need to recognize that what you’ve written is incorrect. You say that virtual money does not qualify as legal tender. But it does, because laws were passed making it illegal not to accept them. You need to stop making these kinds of errors. The investment community needs accurate information.


    • June 12, 2014 8:33 am

      I am unaware of any court cases which support our ‘cyber dollar’ (also called the digital dollar) as official legal tender. Provide this evidence. D


      • rrrr permalink
        June 12, 2014 9:02 am

        Laws are not made by courts. At least they are not supposed to be.

        My contention relates to your statement, “…Our current ‘cyber dollar’ … does NOT QUALIFY as official ‘legal tender’….”

        The qualification consists only of decree, not of value or merit.

        Why should I provide evidence for my assertion? You did not provide evidence for yours.

        As far as our cyber dollar not originating scientifically in our “space/time universe,” I think that electromagnetic phenomena are indeed of this world, not of some other world, and, in this sense, they must have originated as you say they didn’t.


  4. rrrr permalink
    June 12, 2014 9:06 am

    “Money does not exist.” Amazing. You could say the same thing about time. Time doesn’t exist either. It is only a word invented by humans to enable communication relating to change. But I think time does exist, and the fact that humans invented the term does not mean it doesn’t.


  5. doesnt 'matter' permalink
    June 12, 2014 3:52 pm

    “because laws were passed making it illegal not to accept them.” wrong.

    ‘legal tender’

    tender: offer

    offer: not required to be accepted, but could be. a ‘choice’.

    reject ‘notes’ a/k/a ‘debt instruments’ a/k/a ‘I.O.U.’s’ a/k/a ‘FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES’ or ‘the modern day equivalent’ (‘electronic printing ‘press”) counterfeit (fiat) ‘gold and silver Coin’/’to Coin Money’.


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