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There will be NO ‘Hyper-inflation’ in the U.S.A.! Why?

June 3, 2014

To understand why hyper-inflation will not occur in the USA we need to think seriously about the ‘nature’ of our so-called ‘money’ today (what we mostly use for our money/currency). Today, we do not use ‘physical’ money or ‘physical’ currencies (precious metals or paper notes) to any significant degree. The % of physical notes and coins in circulation is currently about 4% of the total currency in circulation. In the USA and much of our world we now live primarily with CYBER MONEY. So what is Cyber Money? Cyber money is non-physical/meta-physical units ($1.00 and multiples thereof) which gets distributed exclusively within our computer screens. Another ‘name’ for Cyber money is Digital money or Virtual money. The nature of this type of money puts our Central Bank (the Fed) in total CONTROL over the destiny of its use and duration. Cyber money is controlled by our Fed and their master computers at the New York Federal Reserve Building. Think about the ‘nature’ of our money today! Our entire planet is now transitioning to Cyber Money!

The above image is no longer relevant for today’s currencies. Our money today is mostly Cyber money (virtual/digital)! Our banking system is now primarily electronic and operates within Cyberspace!

Paper money is now mostly history! Today we use Cyber Money (digital units)! The above ‘paper note’ is meaningless going forward! Our independent Fed is now in control over our Cyber monetary system (including our dollar)! I think the Obama Administration would agree with this assessment! Our political leaders do not ‘control’ our money/currency operationally! They would need to abolish the Federal Reserve Act!

Our Fed (an independent/private  institution…legally) can now SHUT down the entire U.S. monetary system with the click of their computer mouse or via a Directive from the Chairman of the Fed. Our ‘dollar’ is now a metaphysical unit within Cyberspace (created from consciousness) which has no material substance. Consumers, traders, investors, and speculators have NO control over this unit of nothing (called the U.S. dollar). Think about the ‘nature’ of our monetary/currency system today. Our system has now mostly transitioned from a paper note and coin system to a virtual (digital) system which operates totally within our computer screens (Cyberspace). If any type of real Hyper-inflation were to occur in the greater American markets, our Fed could merely SHUT DOWN the entire computer system and all currency transactions. It is that simple! The old paper note regime is essentially over and the new electronic/digital/virtual system is here!

The past experiences with Hyper-inflation were a result of using physical money (paper notes and coins). This has all changed since the advent of the electronic/information age of computers. Today, our entire planet is in the process of transitioning to a ‘cashless’ society of Cyber currencies. Sweden and Israel are now mostly virtual/digital. All of Europe will soon be using Cyber Currencies. Africa is transitioning to electronic payments as is Asia, Latin American, Australia, Canada, and the USA. Our world will not experience any Hyper-inflation going forward…as our centralized banking system can now shut down all the computers if this were to develop in any serious manner. Central Banks now have CONTROL over all global currencies. Central Banks are also mostly independent from all the political policymakers. These elite administrators can do as they please to accomplish their desires!

The images that we now need to internalize are the following:

Virtual reality is now the means for exchanging goods and services globally! Think about your mobile devices, laptop computers, and the electronic banking system!

Paper cash is now mostly trash! Our paper dollar will soon be eliminated! Think in terms of virtual/digital units of exchange! Paper notes are mostly unacceptable in Sweden and Israel! 

This image represents today’s technology for exchanging, trading, investing, and saving! Think RFID!

Where is our society going? Who will CONTROL the buying/selling/investing going forward?

Both Sweden and Israel and now nearly 100% cashless/virtual/digital and within Cyberspace!

Many End-time prophecies predict that a New World Order would emerge with Central Control over mankind!

The Broad Road leads to total destruction! Is this a valid concept for today’s world society?

Our Authorities (now the Central Banks) will force the ‘cashless’ society upon all mankind (unless it is resisted). Freedom and Control are mutually exclusive! Which do you prefer? Freedom or Control?

Jim Rogers is mostly correct! However, Central Banks now create money merely by ‘typing’ digits into their computers! Trees and paper are no longer needed to create our Cyber Money!

Where is your country in the transition to a “cashless society”? What do you think are the benefits of e-payment? What are the implications? The Cashless Society is touted to Deliver Improved Economic Efficiency and Transparency”…so say the experts! Why do governments desire CONTROL to accomplish their goals? Enjoy! I am:

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