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Central Banking Authorities have created a ‘closed monetary system’!

June 1, 2014

Let’s think about what is now emerging globally. Our so-called ‘money’ is now created from the consciousness of a money cartel which we call our Central Banking Authorities. QE (quantitative easing), a form of currency counterfeiting, and commercial bank lending (now without the need for any bank reserves) is all being accomplished within Cyberspace. What is Cyberspace? Here is one definition of Cyberspace:  A metaphor for describing the non-physical terrain created by computer systems. Online systems, for example, create a cyberspace within which people can communicate with one another (via e-mail), do research, or simply window shop. Like physical space, cyberspace contains objects (files, mail messages, graphics, etc.) and different modes of transportation and delivery. Unlike real space, though, exploring cyberspace does not require any physical movement other than pressing keys on a keyboard or moving a mouse.

Central Banking has become mostly crimminal (in nature) due to QE operations (what I call official counterfeiting) and similar manipulations of our global cyber monetary system! Who is aware of what is now happening behind the closed doors of our global Central Banks? Start to think independently!

To understand the nature of Cyberspace we need to think deeply about how communication is transferred from sender to receiver. I am currently ‘typing’ a missive on my computer (at this moment in time). This message of text and images is being created within my computer screen. This is Cyberspace! My missive (text and images) are derived from my consciousness. I am the CREATOR of this missive. After I create this missive, I merely click on the publish button and the missive and message is completed (all within Cyberspace). The text and images that I create are ‘virtual’ text and images. The symbols, names, words, and numbers which I create are also ‘virtual’ and within Cyberspace. So why is Cyberspace a ‘closed’ system which exists only within our computer screen?

When I complete my message and publish my text, images, names, words, symbols, etc., I can distribute this missive to a global audience of receivers. Anyone who desires to read and digest this missive is invited to do so. I am the author and creator. The text and images are not ‘real’ in any traditional sense of the word ‘real’. The text and message are derived from my ‘consciousness’ (a non-material source) and then the message gets displayed within my and your computer screen. All that is distributed (via the internet) is my subjective and personal view. My perspective is unique and singular in that no one is dictating this message other than myself. My message is not a counterfeit…as I am not reproducing your text, words, symbols, or numbers. Anyone can delete this message by merely pressing or clicking on the delete button on your personal computer. What does this imply when it comes to our monetary system? Is our ‘money’ today a counterfeit or an original (from real spacetime)?

What I would suggest is that the monetary symbols, names, and numbers ($1.00 and multiples thereof) which our Central Banking Authorities are creating from their Master Computers…are similar and the same as my missive (virtual creations). Today, we do not have any ‘physical’ money which we use and distribute (yes there is still a remnant use of paper notes and metal coins but this is less than 4% of all currency transactions). The vast majority of consumers and businesses now use the internet for all their currency transactions. Our banking accounts are now mostly ‘virtual’ and within banking computer screens. Our credit/debit cards facilitate additional currency transactions which are totally dependent upon computers and ‘virtual’ transactions. We now live within a CLOSED system of Cyberspace (for our monetary transactions) which is within our computer screens. Sweden and Israel are now nearly 100% cashless (virtual). Who else is trending towards ‘virtual’ computer money?

Most of our planet is now trending towards ‘virtual’ currencies which are within our computer screens. The USA and Europe are mostly within Cyberspace (some 96% of all monetary transactions are virtual). Most of Asia and Africa are now trending towards a Cyberspace monetary regime. China is becoming virtual and within the computer screen with their yuan/renminbi currency. Digital currencies are now the trend and this demonstrates that our global system is mostly a ‘closed’ system where our Central Banks CONTROL the process and the operations. Who are these Central Banks and who decides when, how, how much, and to whom all these newly created ‘digits’ (called money) go? Who creates these ‘digits’ which we all call dollars, euros, yen, pounds, krona, etc.? Who determines who gets these ‘digits’…which allow the recipients to purchase the world’s Goods and Services? Is the process Subjective or Objective? Which key policymakers are involved in this cyber-crime called ‘money creation’?

To understand the nature of our ‘closed’ currency (money) system, we need to think about what has transpired in recent years (since the financial crisis of 2008). Prior to 2008, our Central Banks did not operate via/with the concept of QE (quantitative easing). Central Banks used indirect means to effect/affect policy programs and the trading markets were mostly watching changes in select ‘interest rates’ for signals as to what our Central Banking Authorities were doing and saying. This policy was indirect and was not viewed as manipulative. Today, however, (since the 2008 financial crisis) we live with Central Bank policymakers who directly manipulate our financial markets (prices, values, and interest rates). This entire process of directly manipulating the markets mostly started with the QE policies of Ben Shalom Bernanke (our prior Chairman of the Federal Reserve System). What did this policymaker implement? Why are additional Central Banks now also implementing this counterfeiting policy of QE?

What Ben created from his THINKING mind was a direct operation for manipulating the markets via the digital computer. Ben recognized that our so called ‘money’ was now virtual/digital and within Cyberspace. He recognized that he (the Fed) had the option to create these ‘digits’ (called dollars) merely by ‘typing’ numbers into the System Open Market Account (called the SOMA). He was aware that the American Dollar had become virtual and digital and that he (as the Fed Chairman) could initiate an operation which became known as QE (quantitative easing). QE is merely an operation where the American dollar can be officially ‘counterfeited’ by merely ‘typing’ (adding) numbers into the Central Banks Official Checking Account. What a great gimmick for directly manipulating the prices, values, and interest rates within our global financial markets. Many deceived pundits called this process ‘money printing’. This created the image that ‘paper’ notes were being ‘printed’ by our Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Was this a valid impression?

In reality this was a type of deception of the mind. In reality, Ben was not ‘printing’ any notes. Nor was the BEP ‘printing’ any of Ben’s QE dollars. In reality, the computer Desk, at the New York Federal Reserve Bank was merely ‘typing’ new numbers into their Official Computer Account (called the SOMA) and then using this increase within the account for MANIPULATING THE MARKETS. The official language which was used by Ben and his Central Bank were the words ASSET PURCHASES. But what are ‘asset purchases’ meant to accomplish? These so-called ‘asset purchases’ ($trillions) were meant to manipulate interest rates, prices, and asset values within the greater financial markets. This policy of Ben’s and his FOMC committee (now under the control of Janet Yellen, et al) has created additional manipulations within our greater financial markets. What are these manipulations?

What has emerged mostly since the QE manipulations is a trading system where high-speed computers further manipulate asset prices and values within our greater financial markets. The obvious manipulations are now noticed mostly within the gold/silver markets. By using high-speed computers, algorithms, and other trading gimmicks…traders can now manipulate gold/silver prices via their trading platforms. All this is done via trading strategies such as ‘naked shorts’, ‘options’, and ‘derivative contracts’ which allow phantom transactions to occur within the computer screen to affect market PRICES. The manipulations have become so obvious and ubiquitous that the forces of supply/demand can not overcome these computer manipulations (all now in realtime). Most of our Exchanges are now electronic exchanges. The human ‘open outcry’ system of trading and creating price discovery has been mostly eliminated in favor of our electronic exchanges. This electronic market is ideal for realtime manipulations and trading gimmicks!

In conclusion, I can state firmly that our financial markets are now operating within a CLOSED SYSTEM which we witness within our computer screens. This system is virtual and totally within CYBERSPACE. We now live with a system which manipulates trading, investing, lending, buying, and selling within all global markets. Our so-called ‘money’ is created OUT OF NOTHING and our CENTRAL BANKSTERS have become the authorities for all this MANIPULATION. Our entire global market is now RIGGED by central computers within the closed doors of our global CENTRAL BANKS. Who understands? I would suggest FEW! We now need to collapse this rigged and imaginary system so we can start anew. We need to get the message to our AUTHORITIES (political and financial) that this rigged, imaginary, manipulated system is not for AMERICANS. Start to think for yourself and quit accepting the words of the controlled media. Most financial information is deceptive and false at the core! That is my message and missive! I am:



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