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Gold’s price could soon be ‘zero’! Why is this meaningless?

May 28, 2014

Today we have a currency unit which is imaginary in its nature! Our dollar is composed of nothing physical and derives from our ‘consciousness’. Few are aware of this reality! Imaginary ‘money’ is what we live with globally. A former member of the European Central Bank (Mr. Stark) recently said that our monetary system is ‘pure fantasy’. Many other financial pundits are also becoming AWARE of this new reality. When President Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 he set in motion a trend towards today’s virtual/imaginary currencies. Our dollar is now ‘nothing’ (in reality) and this unit is created from the mind of Central bankers. You and I use this imaginary dollar when we buy and sell in today’s markets. Are you AWARE of this reality? Do you discern the difference between your imagination (the dollar) and physical reality (gold)?

Gold ‘price’ will go to ZERO, when our imaginary $$$ (dollar) is no longer legal tender. Think about this! A gold coin and/or gold bar, however, continues to exist and  has barter VALUE (after the collapse)!

At some point down the road (quite soon) we could witness a crash of our imaginary stock markets and this will set in motion a collapse of the entire global monetary system. Most astute financial pundits are now aware of this fate. When our imaginary dollar fully collapses we will witness prices (in $$$) going to zero. Prices of all assets will vanish into ‘thin air’. We ‘price’ all our assets in our imaginary dollar. If this ‘dollar’ ($) becomes worthless and no longer legal tender, then what? An asset (like gold/silver or any other physical commodity) would command a zero PRICE (yet the physical item would remain). Are you aware that all ‘prices’ are really imaginary? Prices are metaphysical ‘numbers’ which we place on our physical goods (commodities). Numbers are derived from one’s ‘consciousness’ (a metaphysical source…also called our ‘mind’). Gold, however, comes from our earth (nature)!

Imaginary ‘money’ works only as long as general confidence prevails. It also works (to a degree) as long as most consumers and investors are unaware of what they are doing and evaluating. Deception works for a while since most people are deceived (unknowingly) and lack an  awareness of what is real and what is imaginary (fantasy). We live in a ‘fantasy’ financial world (as stated by Mr. Stark who was part of the European Central Bank for many years). Mr. Stark’s profile is as follows: Jürgen Stark (born 31 May 1948 in Gau-OdernheimGermany)[1] is a German economist who has been a member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank (ECB) from June 2006, but announced in September 2011 he would resign later that year. Within the Executive Board he is responsible for Economics and for Monetary Analysis and is often referred to as the “chief economist” of the ECB, although this is not his official title. Jurgen is now speaking out about our ‘fantasy’ currency system!

Another aspect of our monetary system which has changed radically in recent years is our legal ownership of our assets, investments, and savings. Are you aware that most of our investments (stocks, bonds, mortgages, treasury securities, ETF’s, etc.) are legally held by the DTCC (Depository Trust and Clearing Corp.). This entity holds the title to our investment securities and most asset classes in the USA (and much of Europe and Asia). The DTCC was established in 1999 and it appears to be a member of our Federal Reserve Banking System (legally a private entity). The DTCC retains custody of some 3.5 million securities issues, worth some $40 trillion. Stocks, etc. held by the DTCC are then retained in another legal entity called Cede & Company. All this means that you and I really don’t OWN any $ assets (savings or investments) when push comes to shove. We are ‘sheeple’! All our monetary assets are under the control and legal ownership of a private entity. What does this mean? What happens to our ‘money’ after the coming crash/collapse?

When our market crashes (probably in 2014/2015) we will all become economic vassals of the private legal entity called the Federal Reserve Banking System. Even our government representatives will be unable to intervene or assist us (as long as Congress allows the Federal Reserve Act to remain a Law). The DTCC is now in control of all our stock certificates, bond certificates, mortgage documents, ETF investments, and any asset denominated in the U.S. Dollar. The only alternative investment which we can choose (as of today) which has NO counterparty risk are physical silver/gold coins, bars, and similar commodities. Gold could go to ZERO (in terms of $ price), but the physical coin or bar would remain in our possession. Gold/Silver are physical items whereas our $ (and all other global currencies) are units of ‘consciousness’ (nothing). Who is aware of these realities?

I recently viewed a video interview which I would suggest you watch. You can access this video interview by clicking on this link: This video provides some shocking evidence (about our markets) which few Americans understand or know. Take the time to view this interview and then check out the details about the DTCC at this link: We all need to become aware of what is happening to our economy and our financial system. Some of this information is shocking to the average consumer (who is mostly unaware of what has transpired in recent years). However, becoming aware will save you from any serious shock or psychological depression when all the current ‘fantasy’ comes unglued in the coming months/years.

We are now living in a ‘fantasy’ monetary regime globally.  The closing of the gold window in 1971-73 helped to create this ‘fantasy’ regime. What has emerged (in recent years) is a global system of Cyber-Currencies which live within ‘virtual’ reality (our computer screens) and which are really ‘imaginary’ in their core nature. You can not hold any of these currencies within your hand as they are now virtual and within cyberspace. The few elite who create new units of these currencies do so merely by ‘typing’ numbers into their Master Computer within the secret walls of their Central Banks. We call this process ‘creating money out of thin air’. Another name for this process is QE (quantitative easing). Another aspect of this operation is ‘fractional reserve banking’ (where commercial banks create a balance sheet for new loans merely by typing numbers  into a virtual bookkeeping document). Our world is going ‘cashless’ and ‘paperless’. Machines control our destiny and our activities. Just look at your Smartphone for evidence!

Our so-called ‘money’ is now merely a unit of consciousness (nothing)! This unit is also called a ‘mental abstraction’. Some refer to our currency system as a ‘floating currency regime’. Others use the words ‘fiat’ currency regime. Whatever words are used, we now need to recognize that all our debts, deficits, savings, investments, and financial derivative instruments are virtual denominations derived from consciousness (and displayed within our virtual computer screens). This means that a financial collapse of all this debt, derivatives, and currencies could develop when sufficient ‘knowledge’ and ‘awareness’ emerges among the trading public. I, personally, expect a coming crash/collapse in either late 2014 and/or 2015. Our Central Banking Authorities will attempt to delay this coming crash/collapse as long as they can. But delay is not solving the issues or the problems. At some point we all need to think about a NEW SYSTEM.

Our world has changed due to the internet and the inter-connectedness of all our people (our global community). We now live with a machine driven economy and a global social communication system (our WWW). This is changing our world and how we live our lives. The old paradyme of borrow and spend has reached a climax (end point). See this link for evidence: Our DEBTS are now unpayable and also unsustainable. Since all our DEBT is really nothing but imaginary digits within the computer screen, we can cancel all this DEBT via a computer DELETE. A delete of all the numbers (called money) cancels and eliminates all this DEBT. We can then start over with a clean slate. The solution to our DEBT is the computer DELETE button. Give this missive some reflection at your convenience. Enjoy this day! I am:

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  1. May 28, 2014 10:14 pm

    so what do we do to prepare for the blow up 2014/2015??


    • May 29, 2014 10:58 am

      I would continue to get wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. The mental game is more important than the goods and services (economics). D


      • hallenberg2005 permalink
        May 29, 2014 4:25 pm

         don, good answer. for 73 years i have searched for meaning, but my quest isn’t as urgent since i discovered centering prayer. now i just let go and grace willing let god enter/fill my space . i really enjoy your articles. i also like martin armstrong, karl denniger(don’t think i spelled his name correctly) and jim willie on the philosophy side  peter kingsley and wendell berry(his motto:what i stand on is what i stand for). so i believe i have answered my question to you. live every day as if it is your last day(as in king lear “ripeness is all”, meaning be prepared for death. set an example for your children. have a garden and back to your point gold and silver have bartering value.  


  2. May 29, 2014 9:05 pm

    I like your response. My response to you is similar. My goal is growing in wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. D


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