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Danger Ahead: Fed desires to ‘expand’ CENTRALIZATION!

May 23, 2014

Our global monetary system is heading for more ‘centralization’ and macroprudential regulation by our unelected elite…this is unfortunate. The article by resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Paul Kupiec, in yesterday’s WSJ reveals the inner thinking and philosophy of the Fed. The key mind (central planner) behind this centralization model is the unelected elite expert called Daniel Tarullo. Mr. Tarullo desires a banking model which allows our Fed to essentially control and monitor the entire banking system in the United States and also much of the non-bank SIFI’s (systemically important financial institutions). The 10 regulators who make up the Financial Stability Oversight Council…a group which has no Congressional oversight…appears to be working with the Fed on this Centralization Model for our economy. Who is this unelected elite mind behind all this centralization?

The model of Centralization creates more POWER and AUTHORITY at the top so that CONTROL is maximized!

Daniel Tarullo (born November 1952) is a professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center and a member of theBoard of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve Board since January 28, 2009. His areas of specialty are international economic regulation, banking law, and international law. Tarullo served as a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and as a senior fellow at Center for American Progress Center for American Progress.[1] During 2005 he was the chair the Economic Security group of the Princeton Project on National Security. Shortly after he took office, President Barack Obama nominated Tarullo to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. He took office on January 28, 2009, to fill an unexpired term ending January 31, 2022.[2] On 3 January 2014, Daniel Tarullo administered the oath of office to Janet Yellen, as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, as she took office, replacing Ben Bernanke, who joined the Brookings Institution, as a distinguished fellow in residence.[3]

Mr. Tarullo is the key mind behind the Fed’s desire to expand ‘centralization’ over our American/Global economy! The original mind (central planner) behind our Central Bank system was Paul Warburg (1910)!

This entire model of centralization is really quite un-American and it promotes a type of dictatorship over our currency unit (now a ‘unit’ of consciousness). Keep in mind that we do not have any official MONEY today within our Global Economy. The word ‘money’ denotes some item from nature which is physical and composed of matter/energy (like silver/gold coins). After the closing of the gold window in 1971-73 a new global currency system emerged which we generally refer to as the ‘Floating Monetary Regime’. This subjective system (math and numbers) allows our Central Banks to essentially create currencies (now units of consciousness) from their thinking mind. Ben Bernanke, our prior Chairman of the Fed, implemented his QE model (trillions of new currency units) from his thinking mind. Later, a Directive (from Bernanke) was sent to the computer Desk at the New York Federal Reserve Bank for actualization (digitization) of his thinking…also called creating ‘money’ out of thin air! This model is now ubiquitous internationally with Britain, Japan, and the ECB also actualizing their units of consciousness (pound, yen, euro) via this process (operation which we call ‘quantitative easing’). A more realistic name for this operation should be:  official counterfeiting!

I just returned from five weeks of travel in Europe. I visited Sweden and France with brief stops in Monaco, Denmark, Germany, and Italy. I am now convinced that historical Capitalism is winding down and a new global monetary/economic system is emerging. Sweden, for example, is now nearly 100% cashless. I used no cash (paper notes) when in Sweden. Most of the commercial banks in Sweden do not provide paper krona for distribution any longer. All is now digital and electronic. When I tried to exchange a few paper krona for gas, I was told that paper cash is not acceptable. The attendant stated that “we only accept credit cards”. This trend towards a cashless (electronic society) is emerging globally and we all will soon be servants of our Central Banking Authorities. Central authorities prefer currencies which they can control, manipulate, expand, contract via their subjective desires (now called forward guidance). We now need to expand our understanding of our monetary/economic system by using ‘words’ which reflect this reality!

For additional information about this new model of Centralization you can read the article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “The Fed’s Blueprint for Financial Control” by Paul H. Kupiec. Mr Kupiec has held senior positions at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., the International Monetary Fund, and the Federal Reserve Board. Our world is changing rapidly towards a global dictatorship over ‘money’ (really subjective units of consciousness). We now need to expand our vocabulary with new words like subjective, centralization, actualization, digitization, non-physical, consciousness, mind, and metaphysical. The old paradyme of paper notes, physical money, silver coins, gold bars, paper gold, printing of money, and such are now mostly meaningless words which do not reflect today’s reality. Today’s world is digital, electronic, mathematical, subjective, emotional, high frequency, electromagnetic pulses, speed of light transmission, computer manipulated, rigged prices, and unelected elite administrators.

Our planet is mostly governed by those who Control and Create our ‘Money’! Money rules over our planet and today our so-called money is a UNIT of CONSCIOUSNESS (digitized and within Cyberspace)! These units are created, manipulated, and controlled by an elite group of Central Planners who secretly administer their ‘forward guidance’ policies and such from their centrally administered venues. The key global central planner originates from Europe (Basel, Switzerland) and is called the Bank for International Settlements. Another is called the European Central Bank which is located in Frankfort, Germany. Another is the Bank of England in London. Another is the People’s Bank of China. The most influential central planner is probably the U.S. Federal Reserve, the FOMC, and the New York Fed. Follow the MONEY is a good philosophy today. A New World Order is emerging and historical Capitalism is mostly finished! Enjoy the coming Memorial Day Holiday! I am:




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  1. Alan permalink
    May 24, 2014 9:23 am

    If all this electronic money comes into being and is accepted, as it will be, by the populace then what, in your opinion , will become of the PM’s we have so judiciously hoarded over the years.? Once this system takes over there will be little chance or advantage to holding PM’s, as their usefulness will be limited to jewelry and industrial applications. Looks as if they will keep the price of PM’s way low until they can fully implement this cyber-money. Then the ‘controllers’ will own all the PM’s just as they have planned for oh so long. Everyone seems to be able to see the problems unfolding but few, if any, offer any real solutuins ?!?!


    • May 24, 2014 3:05 pm

      There can be no solution until people want serious change. D


    • May 25, 2014 12:29 pm

      Alan: PM should have one last gasp before a new system is installed globally. I would hold on to your PM for now. D


  2. jmadeira permalink
    May 24, 2014 11:22 am

    Good articles on this site!
    When I go to your home page, (ki—om.wo—, I get warnings from Chrome about Malware I can go to this page and have no problems. You may want to check that out!


    • May 24, 2014 3:04 pm

      I have not experienced any issues with viruses to date. WordPress is a reliable source. D


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