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Names, Numbers, and Symbols – now our units of ‘money’!

April 7, 2014

What has evolved since the closing of the gold window in 1971 are ‘units’ of consciousness for our ‘money’. Think about this! Money (really should be called ‘currency’) has become imaginary and totally within our consciousness (also called our Mind). This is very interesting. Money used to be a physical thing from nature. When I was a child I used metal coins (made from silver) for most of the money which I exchanged in the marketplace. Today, I use a smart phone and the swipe of a credit card for my purchases. What a change over these past 70 years. Today, electronic currency and computer circulation of this currency is the standard operating procedure. Money has become a digit (unit of information) which we transfer from computer to computer. Money/currency is now ‘created’ OUT OF NOTHING and ‘typed’ into the computer screen. Is this a viable system for our future? What happens when we use ‘imaginary’ subjective money for controlling people and our economy?

Sweden is now eliminating paper currencies and promoting a total digital society for their economy! All of Europe is following this model. Why does this type of system work for a short time period and then crash? Think of the concept of FORCE OR MANDATION! Think also of the ‘subjective’ nature of this system!

Money used to be a tool for the valuation of items within an exchange transaction. I would offer you my product (produced from my private property) and you would provide me with a unit of money (silver or similar) for this exchange. Value for Value was the process and the philosophy. Today, however, our Central Authorities create ‘imaginary’ units of consciousness (names, numbers, symbols) and we use these non-things for our exchange transactions. Why does this work (temporarily) and why is this possible? I would suggest that FORCE and/or mandation is the reason for this process. I/you have ‘NO’ alternative when I exchange my products for yours but to use these virtual/digital/imaginary units as legal tender. Our STATE mandates that I use and that you accept these artificial units as our legal tender for all currency transactions. This means that if you and I were free to exchange our products without this FORCE, we would likely abandon these artificial units of ‘nothing’. Unfortunately, we are not free to choose our most important item for exchanging ‘value’! Our Centralized Authority (the Fed) mandates our use of ‘imaginary’ money!

If the general consuming public (our global citizens) do not protest this mandation of currency use and force, our Centralized Authorities will force this cashless society on the planet (all 7 billion of us) in the near future. Think about the consequences of a system which controls all our buy/sell decisions! Can a growing economy survive with this type of system? What do we all become under this system of force and mandation?

The trend that is emerging is for some Centralized Authority to mandate what will be used for our ‘money’ and then mandate that everyone buy/sell with these units of ‘nothing’. Is this the Capitalism that is emerging for our society and our planet? Today, digital currencies are ubiquitous and everyone who buys/sells/trades/lends/invests/speculates must use the legal tender mandated by our Centralized Authorities. Digital currencies are now mostly mandated globally. All my savings are now in digital form. All my banking is now mostly digital. All my investing and speculating is now mostly digital. The global trading system is now mostly electronic and computer generated. When I buy or sell the transactions are mostly digital transactions. It appears that we have entered a DIGITAL world of currencies which are MANDATED by the STATE for our use. Is this freedom and a free market economy? Who will control this type of system for our planet? Why is our ‘money’ being centralized and manipulated (by unelected bureaucrats and a global banking cartel)? Isn’t this contrary to our American Constitution (Article I, Section 8 & 10)?

Our planet has approximately 7 billion people needing real wealth for their survival. Why did free market Capitalism produce the surpluses which allow for our just-in-time economy and continual growth? Will a mandated system controlled by Centralized Authorities create the surpluses needed for our future needs and growth? The history of Centralized money typically leads to inefficiency and a stifling of growth!

History suggests that an economy which does not allow for real ‘free enterprise’ can not create the surplus productivity which is needed for a growing/consuming world. Today, Capitalism is being replaced with a Global World Authority (the G-20 is the newest group of rulers now making decisions for our world society)! Most of our institutions are now also Global institutions. Examples are the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization, International Tele-communications Union, Bank for International Settlements, World Court of Justice, G-7, G-20, etc. Can a centralized global authority create the economic surplus which a growing world society needs. History suggests that this is unlikely to occur. Individual freedom and private enterprise has been the engine for all our past surpluses. We now witness the death of this free enterprise society. Globalization and digitization of all currencies is the trend for our future. Who is aware of the dangers emerging?

The G-20 (a political authority) is emerging as our global decision-making body (they meet in Washington D.C. this week). Can this type of decision-making body work for economics and our future prosperity? Does Central Planning lead to surplus productivity globally? I don’t think so! History speaks loudly on this issue!

Bucky has a great philosophy! We need to make the existing model of Keynesianism obsolete! Our current model is mostly obsolete and causing distortions, inefficiencies, and manipulations of all market data. Have you noticed how computer algorithms have distorted, suppressed, and manipulated the ‘prices’ of silver/gold recently? Have you noticed the bubbles now brewing in most stock markets? Is this sound economics?

Currently there are 48 million Americans on food stamps and some 92 million under employed! Some 20% of our Global population is living in poverty! Our global debt is in the quadrillions. Does this reveal anything about our current economic model? Isn’t a new economic model and a new philosophy needed (going forward)?

We now need to think about what is emerging globally. Our new internet world is creating the need for real change in how we relate as a global society. Economics is the foundation for human survival. Our current economic model (called Keynesianism) is dying rapidly. This model started back in 1934 and has created global DEBT which can not be repaid. This model has run its course and is now mostly obsolete for our new world of realtime markets. What type of new MODEL is needed for our new world of 7 billion? I think we need to think in terms of DECENTRALIZATION as the #1 concept going forward. Centralization leads to Communism and Collectivism. These philosophies have been tried and found wanting. Both of these philosophies are proven failures. We need a new philosophy (and a new model)for the new millennium which is emerging. With respect to money, we either need NO MONEY or NEW MONEY. What would you prefer? That is my missive for today! I am:

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