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‘Consciousness’ creates our Space/time Universe!

March 27, 2014

Before matter and energy there was CONSCIOUSNESS! Before objects in space there was INTELLIGENCE! The ‘names’ that we give objects in space reveal that human ‘consciousness’ precedes these objects. In today’s Wall Street Journal there was an article stating that scientists had discovered an object in the far extreme areas of our Solar system. This object is some 288 miles in diameter and orbits our Sun in an elliptical orbit (similar to all our other 8 planets). This object was given the ‘name’ BIDEN (a play on the name of our Vice President). So what does this process which we call SCIENCE reveal about science? When I look up into the day sky I witness objects like ‘clouds’ and a huge yellow ball called ‘sun’. When I look up into the sky at night I witness many objects (some with unique ‘names’ like Betelgeuse, Sirius, Moon, Venus, Mars, Big Dipper, Orion, etc.). Where did all these ‘names’ derive from? Did not these ‘names’ derive from the CONSCIOUSNESS of man? Let’s think about this concept that we call CONSCIOUSNESS! What is it? Where is it?

What Science now claims is that objects (matter) can be reduced to vibrational frequencies (energy). Consciousness, however, is our life force (spirit) which reveals what we observe with our eyes in the day/night sky! The object recently discovered called BIDEN reveals that ‘consciousness’ precedes ‘matter’! A specific person (scientist) thought up the ‘name’ for this object! The ‘name’ was derived from ‘consciousness’! All objects in our sky have ‘names’ derived from human consciousness! Think about this!

‘Awareness’ and ‘realization’ is a function of an enlightened ‘consciousness’! Yes, ‘reality’ is subjective at the core! We can change our perspective of ‘reality’ as we become AWARE and CONSCIOUS! Truth results from one’s perspective and changes with a new Awareness! All ‘math’ (numbers) are subjective derivations from man’s ‘consciousness’! This means that scientific ‘reality’ is also subjective at its core!

The above statement appears false! Consciousness should not be viewed as a ‘thing’ which exists. In reality, my/your ‘consciousness’ is spirit (a non-thing). To understand reality, science needs to understand the philosophy of Dualism! Plato and Descartes proposed the philosophy of Dualism!

All the objects within our Solar System have been given ‘names’. Names are not ‘things’. Names derive from a person’s ‘consciousness’. Who gave our planets the ‘names’ that we witness above? Did not ‘names’ come from human ‘consciousness’? The recent discovery of the object in our outer Solar System was given the ‘name’…Biden. Where did this ‘name’ come from? Did not a conscious person choose this ‘name’?

This similar philosophy of Dualism is relevant for understanding our monetary system. The ‘name’ for our proxy for ‘value’ (under Capitalism) is Money. Money then becomes some object (thing) from nature which is perceived as containing ‘value’. The most desired item for Money has been the element we call SILVER. Silver is composed of matter/energy. The ‘name’ , however, is derived from human consciousness. This element from nature can be called by various ‘names’ and has been throughout history. The ‘name’ ,however, is not the underlying ‘thing’ (element).

The element above has 47 protons and electrons (matter) and 61 neutrons (matter). This element was discovered by human consciousness around 2000 B.C. It was desired as ‘money’ and a ‘currency’ some 5000 years prior to today!

The many names of SILVER:  1. Argentum / Argyros (most Italic languages, Celtic languages, Greek)
2. Silubr / Sirebro (Germanic, Slavic and Baltic languages) 3. Plata (Spanish and Portuguese) 4. Sim (Aromanian) silver (via Greek “asimi”, silver).5. Hopea (Uralic languages: Finnish and Estonian) 6. Gümüş (Altaic languages)Also Hungarian? 7. Noqrra (Pashtu, Tajik) 8. Silver (English)

Silver is the only element after which a country is named (Argentina > argentum). The history of silver goes back to the beginning of man’s consciousness. Abraham viewed silver and gold as the best items for trade and exchange (money). Today, we have no real physical MONEY. All our physical MONEY (gold/silver) is a store of value and is not being exchanged in the greater global marketplace. What we use today for exchange and trade are DIGITAL currencies. These currencies (called ‘dollar’, ‘pound’, ‘yen’, ‘euro’, ‘krona’, etc.) are UNITS of Consciousness. This means that these units are not composed of MATTER/ENERGY and ,therefore, they do not exist as physical ‘things’ or ‘objects’. I call these units…’imaginary’!

Today’s currencies are symbols, names, and numbers (metaphysical units of consciousness). They are created from the consciousness of Central Bankers by typing numbers into a computer screen. This type of money is really NOT money! The symbols vanish into monetary heaven during a major crash, deflation, or book write-off. The units have no long-term ‘STORE of Value’ as they do not exist in Nature!

This lady has the Power and Authority to create our ‘digital’ dollar by having the unit typed into the computer screen. This is accomplished by a decision from her CONSCIOUSNESS. We call this process: creation out of ‘thin air’ or QE! Other Central Banks can do similar! This reality (of currency from Consciousness) is not understood by most financial pundits. Most view our currencies as physical items from Nature! The lingo of the market is: paper money and printing of money!

These paper notes are now being replaced with Digital Units (units derived from typing numbers into the computer screen). Paper is part of matter/energy. The ‘numbers’, ‘names’, and ‘symbols’,however, are derived from Consciousness! Few financial pundits have desired to understand consciousness and this may be why they think in terms of the old paradyme where ‘paper’ and ‘printing’ were SOP.

Today, only some 4% of all currency transactions are done using paper notes and coins. The transition to Digital currency units started in the 1980’s and became ubiquitous in the 1990’s and after. Today, Western nations use Digital currency units for some 96% of all exchange transactions. These units are really metaphysical or imaginary in nature as they disappear during a major deflation or crash of the markets. Money needs to be physical and our Constitution provides for silver and gold as our money. President Nixon closed the ‘gold window’ in 1971 causing a transition to our current metaphysical currencies. Many call our current model of finance by the name Keynesianism. This model of finance (based on math and numbers) is mostly illusionary and imaginary in its nature.

When deflation occurs and values crash in our global marketplace, these digital currencies will vanish back into our consciousness (our metaphysical mind) and disappear. Paper notes are composed of matter/energy, however, digital units are pulses of light sent via the computer to another computer. When the electrical power is turned off, these currencies vanish into the internet cloud. They can also disappear into ‘nothingness’ if our political leaders declare that the units are no longer ‘legal tender’. As of today, all the markets appear sound and solid (on the surface). But, when our stock markets crash we enter a whole new situation. Values decline and currencies vanish into monetary heaven (our inner consciousness). Get ready for some major change in the very near future. Stay alert and prepare for change! I am:

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