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The Emerging ‘Tower of Babel’! It’s Happening NOW!

March 26, 2014

Human nature does not really change over time. Man (now and during prior periods) desires to rule over man and create their dream of a One World Government for our planet. The ‘name’ used by the elite for ‘unity’ and ‘peace’ is ‘democracy’! The elite desire ‘democracy’ for everyone on our planet (pursuant to their definition). In the time period of 2000 B.C., political leaders (Nimrod, et al) desired to create a physical TOWER reaching to the heavens to generate ‘unity’ among the populace (a similar concept to the elite’s ‘democracy’ of today). This physical TOWER was constructed in the area of Babylon (today’s Iraq) and everyone was mostly of ONE single language at that time. Some historians say this TOWER (built from mud and water) reached a height of around 8000 feet (1.3 miles). The leader for this project was a man called Nimrod. His arrogance and hubris led him to desire this towering image for his Kingdom. Are we now (today) creating another Tower of Babel for our planet? Is our ‘human nature’ desiring a similar outcome today? Let’s review and think about what is happening in today’s interconnected world! Who is the Nimrod of today?

The European Parliament in Strasbourg is a modern Tower of Babel. The tower of the Louise Weiss Building (shown above), although it looks unfinished, was designed with the expressed purpose of resembling the tower of Babel. What does this tell us about ‘human nature’?

What actually caused the attempt at ‘unity’ (among the human race back in 2000 B.C.) was a common language. Today, we have another common language called ENGLISH. All political events are now mostly expressed and created using the ENGLISH language as the common communication tool. This common factor is producing another attempt at WORLD hegemony via the model of a One World Government (now forming over in Europe). The European Union (now 28 countries) is growing and desiring Global Governance for our planet. Our current American politicians are buying into the concept of a global world administered by select elites (political and financial). We witness this evolution as we observe all the International Institutions emerging. The one obvious example of our New World Government is the institution we call the UNITED NATIONS. This institution, which originated in 1945 via efforts of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his advisors, could be viewed as another attempt at a Tower of Babel for our planet. The goal today is WORLD ‘peace’ and ‘unity’ among all Nations (with ‘democracy’ for everyone)! Has the United Nations been successful over the past 69 years? How much additional ‘time’ is needed?

The United Nations (New York) assumes that ‘unity’ and ‘peace’ among all Nations can be accomplished by the elite politicians who make decisions within this Institution! This Tower of Babel was started in 1945 and after 69 years our ‘unity’ and ‘peace’ has not emerged! Why? Can man create ‘unity’ and ‘peace’ via their strategies of Might, Force, Guns, and Control? Are slogan’s like ‘democracy’ leading to unity and peace?

Will continued efforts to force change via the same ‘failed’ strategies eventually create our New WORLD of Unity and Peace? Will today’s leaders be any more successful than the leaders in 2000 B.C. (i.e., Nimrod, et al)? Personally, I don’t think so! I witness zero evidence of man’s success to RULE man and create this environment called DEMOCRACY for everyone! First of all, what is ‘democracy’ (in reality)? Does anyone witness this reality today? Is there any evidence that ‘democracy’ is emerging for each individual person? If ‘democracy’ is suppose to lead to individual Freedom and Liberty (for everyone), then have the elite produced this outcome? Democracy (freedom among and for the elite) may be emerging…but is it emerging for the masses of common people (now some 7 billion on our planet). Personally, I see no concrete evidence that this is developing!

Of the 7 billion people on our planet, some 1.4 billion are living in poverty (20% of our global population). Most of these live in Developing Nations. With all the Natural Resources within our earth, why is poverty growing in 2014? Some 12% of Americans now live in poverty! After 69 years of United Nations rule, the major issues of humanity have not improved. Will a World Government change this trend? 

The current goal of the elite is called Global Governance. The elite desire International Law and International Control over our money, finance, beliefs, laws, and our INTERNET. We witness this as we observe our current International Institutions. We now have these International Institutions (among others) governing our planet today:  International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization, International Tele-Communications Union, European Economic Community, Bank for International Settlements, International Court of Justice, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Federal Reserve Banking System, and the International Labor Organization, etc. Global Governance is now here! What must emerge in the coming years is a formal recognition that our WORLD is governed by select elite for the benefit of everyone. All 7 billion on this planet need to bow to the coming New World Order and the New Tower of Babel (centered in Europe).

Global Finance summit (Globalization is here)! World Government is here! Who voted for this regime?

The above is a great image of Global Governance in action today! Notice that this venue is all about the elite and their goals and desires. Who (among the common man) has voted for this type of Governance for our planet? Who wants to vote for these global administrators? Who really makes the ‘key’ decisions? Human Nature (among the elite) seems to desire Centralization of Power, Laws, Finance, Politics, Science, Communication, and Religion! All this is done in the ‘name’ of an emerging Democracy (for everyone). 

Most of our education is now focused upon Globalization, Interconnectedness, and International Governance Issues! We live on ONE planet where man desires to RULE and CONTROL the issues! A modern Tower of Babel is emerging as we watch events happen in real-time! Why is this happening?

Our planet (revolving around our Sun) can be visualized from the perspective of outer space! Who should RULE this small planet which appears to be the only planet with human life? 

This Politician (Mr. Adolf Hitler) desired to RULE our planet (during his day)! Who might be the NEXT candidate for Global Rulership today? Which politician is emerging on the global stage?

Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin also desired Global Governance for our planet! Have their ideas worked? Has the United Nations (the idea of FDR) created a unified and peaceful global society? Did the philosophy of Communism create peace and unity for the Russian society?

Vladimir Lenin desired Communism for Russia and eventually the entire planet! Did any of his ideas prevail and create a better society for his people? Why does political Power and Control eventually lead to disappointment for the common people? Who really desires to be RULED by another man?

The Ayatollah and many non-Western leaders view America and the West as the real problem for humanity! Are they wrong? Is America the Great Satan and Israel the Little Satan? What do you think? Why does America have some 800 military bases scattered all around our planet (now in 130 countries)? What is the goal of American political leaders (our elite)? Why is ‘democracy’ touted as their final solution?

Some Global Governance organizations which are now growing in importance are: The Global Governance Institute (, the Global Governance Watch (, The World Health Organization (, the International Monetary Fund (, the G-20 summits (,  and the Council on Foreign Relations ( Yes, Global Governance is HERE! All that is needed today is a CENTRALIZATION of all these organizations and institutions so that a select group of ELITE (eventually ONE person) can manage, control, and administer all the ‘crucial’ policies for our planet (economic, legal, cultural, financial, educational, political, agricultural, environmental, religious, and philosophical). All the ‘eggs’ are now in the basket for this evolution to occur. Human Nature has not changed since the days of the Tower of Babel. Leaders are now emerging for the purpose of implementing our SLAVERY (called ‘democracy’ for everyone). Watch and THINK (for yourself) to discern what is emerging in real-time! Watch Europe and their efforts to create our New World Order!

Who actually confused the languages of the people so that they had to disperse to all parts of our planet? Could this SOURCE do a similar event today? Could a similar (or complementary) event develop in our time which might prevent the New Tower of Babel from becoming a Reality?

Yes, the ingredients for a new TOWER of BABEL are here! The slogan for this New Babel is DEMOCRACY (for everyone)! The masses of people can not discern that they are becoming political and economic SLAVES of select elites and their international institutions. The masses can not discern what is emerging in front of their EYES in real-time! Human Nature does have a ‘dark’ side and all the elite desire to cover-up this reality! Those in authority and power are not exempt from Human Nature and this ‘dark’ side behavior is emerging. Adolf Hitler appeared like a leader of ‘light’ and ‘justice’ in the 1930’s and 40’s (to many). So did Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, and the Ayatollah Khomeini. History reveals that the positive ‘intentions’ of leaders does not lead to a positive END for humanity. What we now need is WISDOM and understanding! After some 6000 years of human history, WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING are needed today! Think for yourself on all these issues. The above is merely MY POINT OF VIEW (my perspective on events and issues)! Enjoy! I am:

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