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Rulership, Authority, Control, and Democracy! Let’s talk!

March 21, 2014

We live on a planet which currently serves some 7 billion lives (human beings) with food, clothing, shelter, and transportation (the essentials of life). The goal of our global leaders is supposedly to advance ‘freedom’, ‘liberty’, ‘social justice’, and ‘democracy’ for everyone on our planet. How, however, will this be achieved? When will the attempt be made to rule everyone via a unified form of global governance? Who will rule and administer authoritarian policies for our 7 billion human beings (growing to 9 billion in a few short years)? We now live in an interconnected global society where events affect each of us in real-time. The old World of 207 Nation States is disappearing in front of our eyes as the New World of Global Governance and a borderless World emerges.

Global Governance consists of the elite leaders who can exercise Rulership, Authority, and Control over the lives of everyone on our planet. Which leader will emerge as the final Decision-maker when Push comes to Shove? Who will desire to play God when crucial decisions of economic survival occur? Think about this!

Who will be our global dictator for policy decisions when push comes to shove (maintaining our personal political and economic survival)? Have you noticed how and who administered the recent policy decisions for the control over the Crimea? ONE person was responsible for initiating the ‘grab’ of the land which we call the Crimea. When push comes to shove, ONE global leader must act and decide which events are to occur! Think about this! Rulership, Authority, Control is initiated by ONE decision-maker who has MIGHT and GUNS (as a back-up)! All lives on this planet are ruled, governed and controlled by select authoritarian elites who occupy political/economic positions of AUTHORITY! Think about this!

The history of man is a history of rulership, authority, control and MIGHT (guns)! Might makes Right! One authoritarian global leader (Vladimir Putin) made the decision to take control over the CRIMEA and its people! Isn’t this how all land acquisitions are acquired and controlled (based on history)? Doesn’t the view of the ONE with possession of Might (guns) create the Right’s (policies and laws) which follow?

95% of the voters approved loyalty to the Russian government and their control. Was this a democratic decision by the select group of voters? Who decides what is International Law (in reality)?

The person of Vladimir Putin assumed the Authority which resulted in the acquisition of the Crimea land. This ONE leader who had control over a military structure was able to make his decision the Law of the Land. The person of Barrack Obama, who leads our Western Political Empire, claims that the leadership and decision of Mr. Putin was invalid on the issue of acquiring this land grab. So who rules when push comes to shove? Who can interpret International Law for the planet? Isn’t the final ruler and decision-maker (when push comes to shove) the ONE with the Guns and Might? Isn’t this how our World Works? Might makes Right! Think about how our World really works! You and I are really SLAVES of the ruling ELITE. We must adopt a mindset of subservience so the hierarchy of the Elite can RULE and CONTROL us!

From whom does this leader get his Authority, Power, Ideas? Could he be a candidate for the Global Governance and Rulership of planet Earth? Who might be some additional candidates?

Vladimir Putin of Russia RULES (at least within his own MIND) when push comes to shove! This is how our World Works! The Elite rule over the masses (the 7 billion) on our planet!

Without his control over the MILITARY establishment of Russia, could this leader maintain POWER, CONTROL, and RULERSHIP? What does this reveal about ALL governments and political leaders?

Let’s talk about the rhetoric and the concept called Democracy. All our Western leaders claim that their reason for existing is to promote and advance ‘democracy’ and ‘social justice’ for our global citizens. So what, in reality, is DEMOCRACY? What constitutes liberty, freedom, and social justice? Who actually rules this planet under the heading of DEMOCRACY? Does any Nation on our planet (now some 207 sovereign countries) rule under any form of real meaningful DEMOCRACY? Does the United States of American rule its citizens under the definition of democracy espoused in our Declaration of Independence? or the Principles of our Constitution? Are any of the core VALUES within our Declaration or our Constitution being flouted or flaunted today by our Elite leaders? Who ‘interprets’ what is meant by DEMOCRACY?

Many would agree with this definition of ‘democracy’! Others might interpret this concept differently!

Some view a Theocracy (or similar) as equivalent to Democracy! Are they wrong?

Can missiles or drones create Democracy?

What did the American Founders create via the Declaration and the Constitution? Did they desire a ‘democracy’ for America?

If our leaders are chosen by the Money cartel and/or the purchasing power of credit, is this Democracy? Who implements this concept that we call ‘democracy’?

Do leaders who MAKE our laws FOLLOW our laws? Is the Rule of Law a myth and/or fantasy? What do you think? Does the Constitution actually represent a document which governs our Nation today?

Does access to Money and Credit create our elected leaders? Can dollars buy an election? Does capitalism produce Statesmen or Monetary manipulators? What do you think?

Let’s conclude this missive with some alternative Elite who may desire to RULE over all us sheeple. What Shepherd’s are waiting in the wing to rule, control, and implement their concept of DEMOCRACY upon the planetary citizens? We have political shepherds, money cartel shepherds, technology shepherds, and spiritual/religious shepherds. Who might emerge as RULER of the planet under a coming New World Order and Global Governance? Let’s speculate!

Could Barrack Obama, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, or Francis Holland emerge as the Ruler of our planet under a New World Order and Global Governance? Which ONE might want the position?

Could a future American leader and/or Xi Jinping of China emerge as RULER over the planet and the New World Order? What is their inner mindset and ideas for our planet?

Would a Catholic Pope or the Dalai Lama (or equivalent) desire to rule over our 7 billion citizens? Could either or both or similar ‘unite’ the planet under their RULE? What do you think?

Maybe a current/past CENTRAL BANKER might desire to RULE our planet when push comes to shove? Are there any new faces emerging which might desire ONE single digital currency for our planet (say with the name ‘Phoenix’)? With computerization and smart phone developments, we could implement ONE single reserve currency (digital in nature) for our planet and all the 7 billion planetary citizens (today). Imaginary money is coming! Watch as events towards a global digital currency emerges!

Is it time for a female person to RULE over our planetary citizens (now 7 billion and counting)? All the above could qualify in the minds of many for RULERSHIP under a system of Global Governance!

The end game for our politicians, the money cartel, select power brokers, religious promoters, and many educators and philosophers is a New World Order with Global Governance for our planet. All the infrastructure is now in place for this event to happen (in the very near future). All that is necessary is a major financial crash (now global in nature) which would create the need for this transition to occur. We could witness this financial crash by the end of 2015 or possibly even sooner. The underlying fundamentals are in place for this major global event to occur now. All our currencies are now imaginary digits within our interconnected global computerized screens. Our money markets, futures markets, stock markets, and derivative markets are now all GLOBAL electronic markets.

The emerging MODEL for Global Governance of our planet under a New World Order! Can this type of MODEL actually work for our 7 billion planetary citizens? It’s now on the drawing boards!

Herman Van Rompuy, European President, desires Global Governance (as do many others within the European Economic Union)! Who will emerge to RULE at the top of this Hierarchy? Can this type of Authoritarian Rulership work for our planet? Is this ‘democracy’? What do you think? 

How many American Presidents have experienced death and/or an attempt at assassination by revealing ‘truth’ about select power brokers? Andrew Jackson, James Garfield, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy are candidates in my mind. There may be many others!

This Founding Father was rather prescient about power brokers and monetary hegemony in High Places! Would Thomas Jefferson approve of today’s political/economic/monetary machinations and trends?

Digital technology has revolutionized all our markets. Practically all our Financial Exchanges and Clearing Houses are now computerized and electronic. The entire planet is now WIRED for real-time changes towards a NEW WORLD ORDER for our planet. Think about what has transpired in the past 40 years. We started Capitalism with HARD money (silver, copper, gold). We now have metaphysical money which is created out of ‘thin air’ (the consciousness of our Central bankers). All is now electronic and digital! To understand what is now emerging we need to understand the implications of the above issues. Enjoy and pass this missive on to others (for consideration)! I am:

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  1. D Jones permalink
    March 23, 2014 9:12 am

    It is quite clear that the GIG is up!


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