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Which comes ‘first’ – the Individual or the State?

March 16, 2014

There is only one Nation on our planet which was founded on the principle that the ‘individual’ comes before the ‘state’. This Nation is America. Our Founding Fathers desired that each ‘individual’ be given the opportunity to achieve their potential within an environment of Freedom. The American Declaration of Independence and the Articles within our Constitution provided for a Nation where each ‘individual’ could pursue their dream of becoming their own person. All the other Nations on this planet were founded on the principle that the STATE is supreme and the INDIVIDUAL is subservient. When push comes to shove, the STATE wins over the INDIVIDUAL and this is obvious when we think of Nations within Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Middle East, China, etc. America was/is unique!

The desire of our Founders was liberty for the individual…not collectivism/government by the elite!

So what does it mean to place the INDIVIDUAL prior to the STATE? Our Founding Fathers felt that this meant limited (minimal) Government and a representative Congress which had a mindset of servanthood. Our first leaders seemed to represent this mindset. George Washington did not desire to impose his values upon the Nation. Thomas Jefferson had a similar mindset and so did many other leaders during our first 100 years of existence. It wasn’t until the period during the First World War where the mindset of servanthood was abandoned for a new mindset of Progressivism (where Centralization was adopted). Woodrow Wilson could be one good example of this change in mindset as he supported the concept of a League of Nations.  President Woodrow Wilson had been a driving force behind the League’s formation and strongly influenced the form it took, but the US Senate voted not to join on 19 November 1919.[169]

This image represents the principle of putting the INDIVIDUAL prior to the STATE! The ‘individual’ is supreme within the American value system!

Another setback which hindered the principle of putting the INDIVIDUAL prior to the STATE was the Second World War and the formation of the United Nations in 1945. Our Congress had the wisdom to refrain from joining Wilson’s League of Nations, but they bowed to the wishes of Franklin D. Roosevelt after the War. The name “United Nations”, coined by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt was first used in the Declaration by United Nations of 1 January 1942, during the Second World War, when representatives of 26 nations pledged their Governments to continue fighting together against the Axis Powers. Where America went wrong IMO was to bow to the collectivist mindset of centralization to resolve ongoing problems and issues of people’s on our planet. America abandoned the wisdom of our Founding Fathers when they agreed to collectivist policies of the elite and their ideas of global governance by the elite.

President Wilson set the tone towards collectivism with his concept of a League of Nations and his agreement to create the Federal Reserve Act of 1913!

Today, we are witnessing the failed polices of the elite in so many areas of governance. The elite have been unable to resolve our National and/or Global economic issues. They have been unable to resolve the political conflicts among the many unique Nations on our planet. And they have been unable to resolve the issues of global peace/freedom for our planet and its now 7 billion citizens. The entire philosophy of centralization and collectivism has failed for the elite establishment and their set of global institutions. Neither the League of Nations nor the United Nations has created what the planners and schemers desired for our planet. We are now in a condition of retreat and collapse from all the elite utopian dreams. Our World has no real peace, no real freedom for the individual, and no real solutions for our ongoing problems! Where is all this leading going forward?

The philosophy of the elite is leading to an economic/political COLLAPSE and global CHAOS for our World! The trend is endemic and beyond resolution!

What American’s need to understand is that our leaders have abandoned our Founding principles of putting the INDIVIDUAL prior to the STATE. The attempt of our elite has been to create a New World Order OF and FOR the elite. This is now well entrenched within the mindset of the elite. We witness this mindset within the Obama Administration, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Federal Reserve Board, the International Monetary Fund, and the many other global organizations. The failed philosophy of the elite is being carried to it final destiny…total COLLAPSE of our economic system and our political institutions. The process is now well entrenched and the outcome is DETERMINED. We now need to prepare for the NEW WORLD ORDER (chaos and a mindset of denial of reality by our elite leaders). Who is willing to admit that the last 100 years of elite administration has been a failure, mistake, and a philosophical fallacy?

Think about this history so that you can understand the destructive events soon coming! I am:

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