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The ‘CHICKEN’ comes before the ‘egg’! Why?

March 1, 2014

I am proposing a NEW Model of Reality! Let’s talk about how I (we) live our lives on this planet. Let’s think about how we all make our decisions in our global marketplace. If we ‘fry’ up all the eggs on our planet (say for breakfast), then what is our ongoing problem? Don’t we need the whole ‘chicken’ for the production of new ‘eggs’? How can ‘eggs’ emerge without there first being a CHICKEN? The chicken and egg conundrum has been part of philosophy for most of our history. The entire theory of macro-evolution is based upon the idea of a ‘past’ and the idea that the ‘part’ comes before the ‘whole’. Let’s explore what is reality and why this education (called Macro-evolution) is mostly deception (fanciful imagination)! This missive also applies to concepts like ‘money’!

If NOW (this moment) is reality, then the Chicken comes prior to the egg!

What is ‘time’? Why is the concept of ‘past’ a NOW memory (and NOT a ‘thing’ which exists independently) ! Reality is always a NOW experience from birth to death!

Our Western science likes to propose that the ‘past’ is real (it exists) and that human beings have evolved from the part to the whole (inorganic matter to a living cell). Science also proposes that conscious life emerged from non-life (contrary to all our experience on this planet). Is any of this reality as we live it? Has mankind experienced millions and billions of years on this planet? Is any of this reality or is it myth? Let’s think about the concept of ‘time’ and the ‘past’. If ‘time’ is a concept of CONSCIOUSNESS…and consciousness started with civilized man (say the Sumerian civilization) around 4000 B.C. then would not ‘time’ start with a conscious decision derived from conscious man? What meaning would ‘time’ and the ‘past’ have if there were no CONSCIOUS beings on the planet? Think about this!

As I (we) move in space (earth spins and revolves) seasons change! Time emerges from this change! Time was probably invented by the Sumerians and/or the Egyptians to create order! Time (for conscious human beings) is always a NOW experience! There is no ‘past’ or ‘future’!

First of all, I (we) live our lives continually in the NOW moment. Life is lived as ‘successive moments of now’ (always). In reality there is no such thing as the PAST. Think about this! The idea of a PAST is a deception! In reality, we always live our lives in the PRESENT moment (also called ‘today’, or ‘now’). So what is this idea of a PAST? This idea really emerges from our NOW memories. It is my MEMORY (within each moment of NOW) in which a PAST is visualized (and conceptualized). In reality, however, I live my life in the NOW (continually) but I also have a memory within the ‘now’ which produces the idea of a PAST. Our education on the concept of TIME is also mostly a deception. Let’s think about this concept that we call TIME! Why are concepts like ‘past’ and ‘future’ a deception of our subjective CONSCIOUSNESS!

The idea of ‘time’ emerged from watching the movement of our planet (and our bodies) in relation to outer objects (like stars and our Sun). In other words, MOTION gives us a conception (deception) of TIME. Motion, however, is NOT ‘time’. Motion is motion and all is relative to other objects within my consciousness. I conclude (deduce) that there is MOTION from observing the Sun passing over the horizon from east to west. I then ‘invent’ (subsequently) the idea of TIME from this motion. Later I can call this ‘motion’ by the name DAY. Day 1, day 2, day 3, etc. So what is TIME really? In reality, I would suggest that ‘time’ is merely a deception (or conception) of MOTION in space. Units of ‘motion’ allows me to conceptualize ‘change’…and this ‘change’ can be conceptualized as TIME. In reality, however, there is NO SUCH THING as ‘time’ within our outer Universe. Time, in reality, is totally internal and totally within my/your CONSCIOUSNESS! What does this mean for us as we LIVE our lives on this planet? Let’s explore!

Motion creates the ‘illusion’ of time! Time, however, is imaginary (an internal concept)! Time is within our Consciousness! Time is not some ‘thing’ which we can discover scientifically!

My ‘motion’ around our Sun is NOT ‘time’! Motion and Time are not the same! Time derives from my Consciousness whereas Motion is outside my Consciousness! Note the difference!

What this means is that there is really ‘no’ PAST and there is ‘no’ such ‘thing’ as TIME (existing within our outer Universe). In reality, I (you) live our lives as ‘successive’ moments of NOW (always)…from morning until the next morning and from day-to-day! The idea of a YESTERDAY or a PAST is really a deception of our conscious MIND! We live our lives in the NOW and/or the PRESENT MOMENT and/or TODAY…ALWAYS. Think about this reality! We experience life as successive moments of ‘today’ (now)!

Our Consciousness produces the reality of the ‘present moment’ (continually) as our experience of reality! Try to escape the ‘present moment’! I can not!

Our lives are like the concept of ‘real-time’! Today, we witness our ability to communicate in REAL-TIME…24/7. We can communicate using our Smart Phones from New York to Tokyo, from San Francisco to London, or from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Our speed of light communication (via our electro-magnetic spectrum) is equivalent to living in the NOW continually (bodily and also consciously)! The concept called REAL-TIME is similar to NOW TIME! Our world is now a world of real-time and global (instantaneous) communication! Our monetary system is a good example of this reality! We can trade via our computers 24/7 today!

NOW is always the ‘time’ (within our Consciousness)! We live our lives in the NOW (continually)!

As I type this missive I am typing continuously in the Now Moment. When I think about a prior moment, I always THINK in the Now Moment (about the prior moment). There is no ‘past’ or ‘future’ within our Now Consciousness! Consciousness is always an experience of the Now…the Present Moment…or the Today Moment! TIME (past and future) has been a deception of our MINDS. Life is lived in the present, now, or today (always and continually)! When we trade, invest, lend, borrow, or make monetary decisions we do so in the present. Our thinking about some future speculation is done within the present moment. Concepts like the ‘time value of money’ have no real meaning today! Who can live in the ‘past’ or the ‘future’? Who can discern what is imaginary and within each subjective mind? Why do we now need to THINK differently in our global internet AGE!

From birth to death human beings live (consciously) in the Now Moment (always)! Give this some reflection! Consciousness is not a ‘thing’! Consciousness is a Now Experience (continually)!

People come before Money and the Chicken comes before the egg. People invent Money to solve the riddle of Value (another subjective and internal concept of our conscious Mind). Since my birth in 1943, I have lived my life continually in the NOW. That which we call the PAST is really nothing but a subjective visualization of a prior event (a memory). The prior event was a Now Event at the moment it was experienced. My memory of a prior event is also a Now Experience (always). Who can escape the Now Moment? Who can Live (bodily) in the Past? Who can live (bodily) in the Future? I would suggest NO ONE! If I live in the present moment (continually), then I would suggest that you do likewise! Think about the reality of HOW we LIVE our LIVES (consciously)! My answer is: Successive Moments of Now (always and continually)! Give this philosophy some attention and consideration!

People ‘invent’ Money and Money creates Bubbles! Human Nature is slow to Change! What we now need is a NEW Model of reality based on the reality of: successive moments of Now!

To conclude this missive, I would suggest that the Chicken does really come prior to the egg (for those who live in the NOW). People come prior to Money (when we think about its origin). Today, we need to view our World as a ‘whole’ entity (the entire planet). The ‘part’ (a single nation/state) does not encompass the Whole (our planet). We need to SEE our planet as the home for ALL its 7 billion inhabitants (one family). Natural Resources must now be shared! People must come prior to Money and Material objects! Consciousness must be viewed as prior to the body/brain! I am not my body/brain and I would suggest that you are also similar!

My brain is activated by ‘consciousness’! What is ‘consciousness’? I/you ARE consciousness! Consciousness is not a ‘thing’ (which exists per science). Consciousness is metaphysical!

We now need a NEW SYSTEM or MODEL for our planet with new principles and new conceptions of reality! What is now emerging is a real-time marketplace for everyone! Reality is NOW and Successive Moments of Now! Historical Capitalism is mostly over! The ‘time value of money’ is mostly over! The Keynesian Model of economic reality is mostly over! Give these concepts some reflection at your leisure. Enjoy! I am:

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