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G-20 being ‘groomed’ for Global Governance!

February 21, 2014

Tomorrow the G-20 Finance ministers and Central bankers will meet in Sydney, Australia to coordinate macro-economic policy for our planet. Janet Yellen and Jacob Lew will represent the United States during this two day meeting of the elite. The G-20 consists of the new group of world leaders who will likely govern our planet in the coming months and years (during our transition to a New World Order). The G-20 Summit was created as a response both to the financial crisis of 2007–2010 and to a growing recognition that key emerging countries were not adequately included in the core of global economic discussion and governance. The G-20 Summits of heads of state and government were held in addition to the G-20 Meetings of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, who continued to meet to prepare the leaders’ summit and implement their decisions. You can visit the G-20 website at:

The location for 2014 G-20 Finance and Central Bankers meeting, Sydney, Australia!

In addition to the 20 top Political Leaders (making up some 85% of global GNP) we now have the 20 top Central Bankers (from these elite nations) also meeting to create our New World Order and Global Governance for our planet. All this has emerged since the financial crisis of 2008. Recently, the concept of 20 elite nations has expanded to include such new groups as the C-20 (promoting civil society goals), the B-20 (reforming global business institutions), L-20 (coordinating labor and global trade unions), T-20 (academic ‘think tanks’ who desire global governance and global economic institutions), and the Y-20 (a forum of the young leaders who buy into the G-20 program and global governance). A great overview of the emerging concepts of Global Governance can be viewed at: This young lady has the jargon and charisma…which might create followers for a New World Order for our planet. Watch!

Young Ambassadors Society for Global Governance (! 

It is obvious, to me, that the trend towards a New World Order and Global Governance is now well entrenched (among the world leaders and those who rule our International Institutions). Some 500 delegates will meet in Sydney tomorrow and Sunday and then another 4000 delegates will meet in Brisbane in November for the key political decisions of the G-20. The G-20 is our new Global Governance Group which will likely make decisions and policies which will lead our world into some form of Centrally Controlled Political and Monetary System and a Global Digital Currency (after the coming market collapse and deflationary depression which is now emerging rapidly). All the major global institutions now have bought into the agenda of the G-20 and their elite leaders (the IMF, WB, WTO, FSB, UN, BIS, ECU, etc.). Socialism is emerging rapidly for our planet and we soon may have a small group of elite ruling over the entire planet and the 7 billion slaves (citizens). It’s all happening right on schedule and in front of our eyes!

Rulership (Global Governance) could center in Basel, Switzerland as this is the location of the BIS and the FSB!

Can a select elite really RULE our planet? Is this DREAM realistic? 

Another powerful institution which has recently (2009) emerged with Global Governance on their agenda is the Financial Stability Board. The FSB represents the G-20 leaders’ first major international institutional innovation. Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Tim Geithner, has described it as “in effect, a fourth pillar” of the architecture of global economic governance. The FSB has been assigned a number of important tasks, working alongside the IMF, World Bank, and WTO. Chairman of the board is the Canadian Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England.[8] . See:  (for details about the FSB and the membership). For details about this new and powerful entity you can also visit their website at:

The Financial Stability Board could lead to a Global Centralized Financial System in near future!

Governor of Bank of England (Mark Carney) is current Chairman of the Financial Stability Board!

Will anyone of us slaves (the 7 billion global citizens) have a chance to VOTE on any of these new institutions and plans which are now planned for us and our planet? I would suggest, NO! We are not part of the elite who rule this planet. We do not control the MONEY or the POLITICAL decision-making for this planet. We are the ruled…not the rulers! Those with big brains must rule us as they know what is best for us. We must adopt and follow the agenda as it is created and implemented! Let’s meet just a few of our Global Rulers and get to know their images.

The G-20 (you can update the images after the coming Summit in Brisbane in November 2014)!

G-20 Finance Ministers and Central Bankers who control the money on our planet!

G-20 policy-makers who create our rules, laws, and regulations!

Well known Central Bankers (Japan, ECB, USA)!

The BIS (Bank for International Settlements), Basel, Switzerland (location of FSB and Global Finance)!

All the trends are now leading to a New World Order and Global Governance for our planet. This will likely be imposed upon the citizens of this planet in the near future. A form of democracy may be allowed AFTER the system is installed by the elite. A Global digital currency will likely be the ‘glue’ which holds the system together and forces all planetary citizens to use this currency for their economic survival. Digitization of all currencies are now mostly complete and mobile electronic devices are now ubiquitous globally. A trend in motion is likely to continue…until it ends! Personally, I don’t think that select elites, operating within select power centers, can make this type of system work for our planet. I do sense that the elite will attempt to force this system upon mankind, however. Watch and then make your own decision! Enjoy! I am:

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  1. March 10, 2014 11:15 am

    I can see why people say that they couldn’t stop reading your newest ideas . All of us in the center have decided that what is posted here needs to be shared by all.


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