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‘Prices’ are now Decoupling from ‘Wealth’! Why?

February 16, 2014

To understand our markets today we need to think differently. Today, our ‘prices’ are virtual (metaphysical) and our ‘wealth’ is physical (material). To discern what is happening we need to understand the philosophy of Dualism (two realms of reality). We live within TWO realms of reality and most seem unaware of this situation. My ‘consciousness’ is one realm and that which I observe (outside my consciousness) is the other realm. We can think of these TWO realms as opposites. That which ‘exists’ and is outside my consciousness is part of what Science studies (the empirical universe). That which does not exist and which is part of my inner realm (consciousness) is imaginary (non-physical) and needs to be viewed as Metaphysical. Who understands? Let’s dwell deeper into this issue!

Dualism is part of our monetary and economic thinking! Value and Prices are examples of the philosophy of Dualism! 

Historically, ‘wealth’ is that which derives from our physical planet (our natural resources). Wealth includes items like oil, coal, iron, copper, uranium, nickel, lumber, grains, cotton, vegetables, apparel, domestic animals, leather, plastics, concrete, asphalt, and all the goods which get produced from these raw materials. In other words, ‘wealth’ is material/physical and we accumulate these items of wealth for our economy and our lifestyle. My house and car are examples of material wealth which we all need and desire. The purpose of economics is to PRODUCE ‘wealth’. Under our system of Capitalism, however, we distribute ‘wealth’ via a monetary system or regime. Money is the catalyst for creating and distributing ‘wealth’.

After material ‘wealth’ is produced we enter the area called the ‘marketplace’. Within the marketplace we encounter the concepts of ‘value’, ‘money’, ‘currency’, and ‘prices’. All these concepts are metaphysical and derived from our MINDS (also called our consciousness). Our ‘words’ and ‘thoughts’ derive from our CONSCIOUSNESS. We are now within the REALM of the non-physical. Capitalism is based on a belief system (much like a religion) which needs to be understood and digested. Today, let’s think about the concepts of ‘value’ and ‘prices’. VALUE is a concept which emerges in the marketplace when we exchange goods between counterparties. VALUE is subjective and imaginary! There is no such ‘thing’ as VALUE in our outer universe (that which science studies). Keep this reality in your focus!

The concept of VALUE leads to the concept of a STANDARD of VALUE. In time a ‘standard’ of value leads to some item which we select as MONEY. Money then leads to the concept of a CURRENCY (to calculate value). A currency then leads to VALUATION of goods and services within our marketplace. Valuation then leads to PRICES for goods being exchanged and distributed within our marketplace. So what are PRICES today? Why are PRICES decoupling from material WEALTH? One example which illustrates this phenomena is when we think about the PRICE of our personal car or house. How are these PRICES derived and determined in today’s marketplace?

Today, PRICES are derived! What does this mean? We derive PRICES from our CONSCIOUSNESS! Prices do not EXIST as physical items. Prices are derived and then ‘placed’ on items which we sell or exchange. Prices are SUBJECTIVE! Today, PRICES are derived as VIRTUAL numbers within the computer screen. What do we mean by the term VIRTUAL? Virtual means the same as ‘IMAGINARY’. That which is ‘imaginary’ is not physical or material! Look at your computer screen (right now). The words and images which you SEE (in your computer screen) are ‘imaginary’ units of CONSCIOUSNESS. I can not HOLD these images and/or words in my HAND. This means that they are CLOSED to my control and my possession! Let’s continue.

Prices are derived from Consciousness! There are NO objective prices today!

Today, PRICES are created within the VIRTUAL realm of reality (our inner realm of consciousness). We no longer use physical MONEY (silver/gold) to derive prices. Today, we derive PRICES from our THINKING! We THINK up a price and then apply a NUMBER (a currency) to the material GOOD that is being priced. In other words, PRICES are derived from our INNER realm of reality (our Consciousness). Since our currency unit today (our dollar) is metaphysical, all PRICES are also metaphysical. Do you discern this DUALITY? Can you discern that we LIVE within TWO realms of reality? Realm #1 is that which we call the MATERIAL and realm #2 is that which we can call the METAPHYSICAL. A car is physical. My house is physical. But the PRICE of my car/house is metaphysical! Note the difference!

House prices are subjective/emotional/derived! Think of VIRTUAL prices changing within our computer screen! Think of ‘value’ as an inner concept of your consciousness!

Today, our entire world economy is mostly within the COMPUTER SCREEN. We do not have any real MONEY today (silver/gold). What we experience are CURRENCIES (created from consciousness) by our banking cartel. Our credit cards are examples of metaphysical currencies. Our on-line checking and savings accounts are examples of metaphysical currencies. Our IRA and Investment Accounts (our so-called money market accounts) are examples of metaphysical currencies. All the stock market numbers are metaphysical derivations from our metaphysical currencies. Some 96% of all monetary transactions are now metaphysical transactions (within our consciousness). Who is AWARE of what has emerged in recent years? Who understands the internet, digitization, computerization, and information technology?

Think of bits/bytes (ones/zeros) as units of information derived from our INNER consciousness!

Today, I witness a gradual DECOUPLING of our ‘prices’ from our material ‘wealth’. I can witness this reality when I go outside and LOOK at my HOUSE. Where is the VALUE of my house? What is VALUE? It’s all within my MIND (also called my CONSCIOUSNESS). There is no real VALUE or PRICE that is stable/objective today! All is subjective/changing and volatile! Prices should be viewed as decoupled from material reality. We live within a Casino Economy which changes with the emotions of traders, speculators, and investors in real-time (and 24/7). The PRICE of my house will change with the emotions within the greater global marketplace. Central Banks are key to ‘price’ stability! And Central Banks and all banking are now VIRTUAL and within our computer screens. Who understands?

Photon pulses of light now send our invisible currencies from computer to computer in real-time (24/7)!

Digital Dualism creates our PRICES today! All is within the Computer Screen!

Take the time to think about the philosophy of DUALISM. I would suggest that DUALISM is the reality of the marketplace today! We live within TWO realms of reality! Our planet and the people on our planet our real and material. Our Consciousness, however, is a completely different reality! We now need to differentiate these TWO realms of reality. Economics and monetary affairs are understood via the philosophy of DUALISM. Give this issue some serious consideration at your leisure. Enjoy! I am:

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