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Imagine: A Trading Desk located on the Moon!

January 31, 2014

One small step for man and one giant leap for mankind! Remember these words from 1969? Man has been on the Moon and ‘words’ from man (Neil Armstrong) have been sent from this location to our Earth via the electro-magnetic spectrum. Today, we have the technology to establish a trading desk on the Moon. What is a trading desk? It could be a Smart Phone (which I could have in my possession) with sufficient power to accept and send photon frequencies from the Moon to our Planet. Are you aware that we now use the electro-magnetic spectrum and invisible electro-frequencies as our units of ‘money’? Yes, most of our money today (really currencies) are now produced with ones/zeros (also called bits/bytes). These units of information are transmitted via invisible frequencies which travel at the speed of light (via photon pulses). What a world we live in today!

Imagine a Smart Phone (trading desk) on our Moon with the capability to trade silver/gold/stocks/derivatives! I could manipulate gold/silver prices from the Moon!

Today, we have satellites and transmission systems for sending electro-magnetic frequencies (at the speed of light) from one location on earth to another location on earth and also to locations above our earth. I could trade currencies, stocks, bonds, commodities, and financial derivatives from the earth station above our earth and even from our Moon (if we desired to do this). I could access my computer account (my on-line account) which is located on earth via my Smart Phone, Tablet, or Desk Computer which could be located practically anywhere on or off our planet. What a great system we now have for sending and receiving information (now in digital format). What advantages we have for creating currencies and circulating currencies (now mostly digital units) from one recipient to another. It’s all done via photon pulses and the electro-magnetic spectrum.

File:United States Frequency Allocations Chart 2011 - The Radio Spectrum.pdf

Invisible waves and rays of electro-frequencies allow communication in real-time via mobile devices! Communication via our international world-wide web has expanded our vision for a global society (also called the New World Order)!

Today, a company like Google can receive units of currencies (dollars and such) from the ‘click’ of a computer mouse button. This is called ‘advertising’ revenue. Revenue ($$$) is earned from people ‘clicking’ their mouse button on images within the computer screen (advertising images). Other companies like Visa, Master Card, and American Express can receive billions of currency units ($$$) just from the ‘swipe’ of a plastic card when a purchase or a financial transaction is made. Our electro-magnetic spectrum (mostly invisible waves and rays of energy) allow these sources of revenue to occur. If our FCC (Federal Communication Commission) wants to allocate spectrum (a special frequency) to a specific company then this entity has a type of monopoly over all competition at least for a time period.

Global transfer of bits/bytes (ones and zeros) via wireless technologies is our new economic/financial model! I can now locate my trading desk any place on our planet to trade and manipulate the markets! Would it be possible to locate my computer desk on the Moon and trade on Earth? I think so!

What we need to recognize is that our World has changed dramatically as a result of new technologies and our new monetary/trading system. Today, money is really a bit/byte of information (ones and zeros) which are created merely by ‘typing’ numbers into the computer screen. Traders now merely ‘trade’ numbers (called currencies) and assume that each unique number symbol has a unique ‘name’. The ‘name’ DOLLAR has the symbol of $1.00. This symbol and number is imaginary, yet we use this imaginary number ($1.00) to ‘price’ all our goods and services within our economy. What a unique and internal system (now being experienced within our CONSCIOUSNESS). Who understands that we now have imaginary ‘money’ and we trade ‘imaginary’ units of nothing to create our PRICES. Does this sound like Adam Smith’s (free market) economics?


This chart was obtained from the website of Paul Craig Roberts: What a message! Can anyone with an open mind assume that manipulation is NOT occurring?

Today, we have a trading room on the 9th floor of the New York Federal Reserve Building (33 Liberty Street) which is quite effective (my assumption) in their manipulations of interest rates, asset values, currency rates, stock prices, and silver/gold prices. Why does this trading room (managed by our Fed and specifically by William C. Dudley, Vice Chairman of the FOMC) desire that our silver/gold prices and our stock market be manipulated daily? Have you noticed all the daily manipulations of silver/gold prices which occur precisely between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. daily at the Comex in New York? Have you noticed the QE manipulations which pumped up our stock market by some 30% in 2013?

Notice the price slam (the blue line) on the NYMEX precisely after opening. This has become a daily slam ritual via algorithms (most likely by trading desks on the 9th floor of the New York Fed Building). 

All this is now possible (again my assumption) as the USA probably has NO GOLD (the physical stuff) in their possession and under their ownership (it more than likely has been leased out and sold into the global markets since the closing of the gold window in 1971). The price of silver and gold are slammed daily so that the ‘price’ is maintained within algorithmic brackets (preprogrammed ranges) to give the public and the trading community the sediment of negativity and a desire to sell their gold/silver holdings. What a farce (illegal corruption by our unelected money rulers and manipulators) and yet the gold/silver mining companies seem totally ‘unaware’ of all this daily manipulation. The financial pundits seem totally ‘unaware’ that any manipulation is occurring daily by the ‘invisible’ trading room on the 9th floor of the N.Y. Fed.

This picture (another assumption) could be of the 9th floor of NY Fed. Brian Sack (front and center) was manager of the Desk prior to resigning/leaving! Picture obtained from Google Images!

I have been to various hard asset investment conferences these past five years and most of their media has no desire to expose all this manipulation and corruption (exceptions are GATA and a few OTHERS at King World News). The heavy weight gold bug at (Mr. Moriarty) has emailed me and scolded me for writing about this manipulation and the ‘naked short’ selling which is occurring (now daily). He views his gold/silver trading as a zero sum game (with ‘naked shorts’ as a myth within the futures markets) and he desires that traders be educated on his version of reality. You can witness my blog (written after communicating with Mr. Moriarty) via my internet website. His view on manipulation may be typical of many others who do not want to rock the boat within the gold/silver trading community. Have you changed your MIND, Bob? Is current evidence supporting a contrary viewpoint?

Website of The site of Bob Moriarty and Company! Check it out!

For some of the best history and current info on our manipulated markets go to the website of Paul Craig Roberts, Economist and prior Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury. Mr. Roberts, IMO, has it right! Go to: for a current missive on these issues and our manipulated markets. Yes, I could trade currencies, stocks, commodities, and financial derivatives from a location on the MOON today. All this is now possible given our new trading technologies and the expansion of our electro-magnetic spectrum for transferring and circulating digital information. We now live in a DIGITAL world and our DOLLAR has become mostly digital and imaginary! Who understands??? I am:

P.S. This image shows our new global technology and the one small planet we call Earth! Now with some 7 billion human beings on the surface! Notice the technology and the nature of our real-time communication system!

Planet Earth surrounded by communication technology!

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