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Perspectives from Vancouver Investment Conference!

January 21, 2014

The Vancouver Investment Conference on January 19-20, 2014, attracted some 12,000 attendee’s. The crowds came to listen to diverse group of financial pundits who had strong views about our hard asset markets and the overall global economy. This was my fourth visit to this conference and following are a few of the perspectives which were presented and which I attended:

1. Mike Maloney (  Our economy is heading for a real depression as all financial transactions are now manipulated. The Fed is a fraud and a Ponzi scheme.

2. Jeff Clark (Casey Research): Miners are cutting back and drilling projects have declined substantially.

3. Bill Murphy and Chris Powell ( An algorithmic attack created the recent flash crash in gold. Western Central Banks are manipulating the prices of gold and also silver. Comment:  These guys have a message to share! Why are the mining companies avoiding the issue of price suppression by our Central Banks? Why the fear from the Miners?

4. Michael Berry (Discovery Investing): Deflation coming. QE is not working. Silver/Gold now at a bottom.

5. Greg McCoach (Mining Speculator): Think outside the box. Iraq and Afghanistan have major supplies of metals and minerals. Mexico is still a good place to invest.

6. Danielle Park (Juggling Dynamite): Follow the money cycles. Dis-inflation and then Deflation coming.

7. Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante): Time for truth. Get your financial assets out of Western countries. I may not be back in 2015 as the entire system could collapse within the next year.

8. Peter Schiff (Euro Pacific Capital): Don’t believe all the hype within the major media. The financial crisis is not over!

9. David Morgan ( Silver is definitely at a bottom now. Also gold.

The attendance at this conference was larger than most expected. My estimate of 12,000 may be on the low side. The crowds are now purchasing physical silver and gold coins and many are now leery of the ETF’s and Derivative contracts. I tried to purchase a 1 ounce silver maple but they were all gone. Someone or many had purchased the entire supply. I ended up buying a 1 ounce silver panda in lieu. The general message of most of the speakers was that the bottom was near or complete for the prices of silver and gold. Now is the time to accumulate physical coins and bullion as the price-fixing, manipulation, and corruption is reaching a crescendo within the hard asset media. The game is changing and the manipulators are being identified.

There was a general sense that the bulk of the gold supply is going from the West to the East. China is now the largest producer of gold and also the biggest buyer of gold. China is not allowing any of their domestic production to be exported. At some point in 2014 or 2015, all the physical gold will be in strong hands and a new price discovery mechanism will emerge. This could happen in 2014. This means that prices for gold and silver will bottom soon and then increase substantially. We could witness this change in direction some time in 2014. A good website to watch for updates on what is happening is the GATA website. Go to: Another great website for updates on these issues is:

My personal sense is that 2014 will create a major change in the direction for most investing. The stock markets are now in bubble territory. The bond markets are in bubble territory. The derivative markets are in bubble territory. The most under rated sector for investment is the silver/gold market. Mining companies are at 10 year lows. The entire industry is declining and the supply of precious metals is dwindling relative to demand. The next huge bubble could develop within the silver/gold sector (after the bubbles in the stock, bond, and derivative markets collapse). Watch and observe. Enjoy! I am:

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  1. Richard Vermeulen permalink
    January 22, 2014 8:22 am

    Some better, at least mostly, news about value and need for gold and silver in the article below. I am not interested in selling any silver, in fact I may buy a little more if the opportunity presents itself. Price of silver may be down but availability is still tight. Apparently many people believe current prices represent the bottom and thus is a good opportunity to buy.

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