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Why did Thomas Jefferson ‘define’ our Dollar?

January 17, 2014

Today our ‘dollar’ is a phantom unit as it has no definition in terms of matter/mass. Thomas Jefferson realized that a ‘dollar’ with no definition is a ‘phantom’ dollar (a word, name, symbol). To give meaning to the ‘name’ that we call ‘dollar’, Thomas Jefferson (with approval from our First Congress) ‘defined’ our currency unit as 371.25 grains of silver. Think about this! If the word (name) ‘dollar’ was a real item of matter/mass, then there would be no need to ‘define’ our dollar (a dollar would exist within space/time…our physical universe).  But our ‘dollar’ does not exist within space/time! T.J. understood that silver was a metal which existed within space/time and that it was composed of matter (physical stuff). This decision made our ‘dollar’ a physical thing which existed. Why is this important when we think about currencies and money today? Why did T.J. want the word ‘dollar’ defined precisely in terms of physical stuff?

This image represents Thomas Jefferson and his philosophy of defining our dollar in terms of silver (an item composed of matter/mass)! What is a ‘dollar’ with no definition (it’s just a ‘name’)? Where do our Central Bankers get their currency units today? What is Consciousness? Do currency units have any meaning if they are ‘imaginary’? Can ‘imaginary’ (phantom) currencies create a growing Capitalistic market going forward?

Today, we have the Bernanke QE dollar and various other Central Bank currencies which are really phantom creations (pound, euro, ruble, krona, etc.). Ben Bernanke has no real physical money (within his possession) for his QE creations. So where does Ben get his QE dollars? Think about this! Where does Ben get his ‘phantom’ dollars which he uses to purchase ASSETS (mortgage assets and government assets)? He has no in-house storage for these ‘phantom’ dollars within the Fed System. Yet he has created trillions ($$$) of these phantom ‘dollars’ for select beneficiaries. How does he manage this operation which we call QE (quantitative easing)? Does anyone understand? Do any of our Congress person’s understand?

What we need to comprehend is that our currency unit today (called the ‘dollar’) is really a ‘phantom’ unit derived from the inner MIND or CONSCIOUSNESS of Ben and other Central Bankers and their Committee’s. This unit which we call the ‘dollar’ does not exist within our space/time universe. It’s pure metaphysical stuff! This means that all ‘values’ are also being expressed as phantom results (volatile values of imagination within our global markets). Value has always been a phantom concept but now we also have our currency unit as a phantom unit. This means that we buy/sell/trade/etc. using ‘phantom’ units resulting in phantom transactions.

Ask yourself this question: where do the $85 billion of monthly QE dollars originate from? Why is the Fed Balance Sheet now over $4 trillion and growing? Where did these dollar units derive from? Ben has NO physical silver dollars (per the definition within the Coinage Act of 1792)! Also, he is NOT ‘printing’ any physical notes via the Bureau of Engraving and Printing! So, how does the Balance Sheet of the Fed increase by trillions given no physical currency units (anywhere)?

All our so-called DEBT is also really phantom debt (stored digits within the computer screen). Another word for phantom would be IMAGINARY. Since our currency unit is now just ‘typed’ into the computer screen, our monetary transactions are now mostly VIRTUAL transactions. Who understands? All our trading is now mostly the trading of phantom products (ETF’s, Forex Currencies, Derivatives, Paper Gold, etc.). All this has emerged mostly since the closing of the Gold Window in 1971. Our trading and investment world has become a market of mostly phantom ‘prices’ and ‘values’ (expressed within our electronic virtual computer screens). Does MONEY have any meaning given that we now trade/value with phantom currencies? What do you think? Does the ‘value’ of your HOUSE have any meaning?

The ‘prices’ which we experience in our computer screens (say for silver/gold) are really phantom ‘prices’. The silver/gold products are real/physical but the unit measuring ‘value’ is phantom (also called imaginary). This means that the ‘price’ of a silver coin or a gold coin could go to ZERO (in terms of our phantom dollars) and yet the coins would remain real as a tool for barter. Gold and silver were chosen as our initial MONEY for a reason. Today, however, our ‘currency’ unit has been divorced from anything physical and we can witness this as we trade/buy/sell/ and click our mouse for our speculative trading transactions. All ‘prices’ are changing within milliseconds on our real-time computer screens. We can not access (physically possess) any of these trading transactions as they are now part of VIRTUAL reality (electronic images within our computer screens). All is stored within Cyberspace (now called the CLOUD). Who understands?

Yes, Thomas Jefferson understood that MONEY needed to be physical and that our CURRENCY unit needed to be DEFINED in terms of something physical. This is precisely what initially happened and you can read about this in the Coinage Act of 1792. Goggle it! Enjoy and think about the nature of our currency today. It’s mostly all a phantom (imaginary) environment! I am:

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  1. January 18, 2014 12:00 pm

    Excellent overview.


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