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The Silver ‘Price’ – bracketed between $19 and $24 for 9 months!

January 9, 2014

The below chart of silver seems to support my premise that the ‘price’ (of silver) is controlled and bracketed by someone! Who might be behind this ‘price’ bracketing? Is manipulation real or not? Let’s explore!1 Year Close

The physical demand for silver has been steadily growing over the past 9 months yet the ‘price’ has not reflected this demand. Does this evidence suggest that the ‘price’ of silver (and also gold) is bracketed and/or manipulated by an Algorithm or by a Trader strategy? It seems unreal that the silver ‘price’ has not experienced much more volatility given that the supply of silver is limited (with many dealers experiencing delays from our Mint’s) and demand growing globally. What is happening within our manipulated markets to cause this situation? Can anyone discern?

Now let’s review a similar chart for the gold ‘price’. Is gold (the price) also being bracketed by an Algorithm or similar? Why this control (of price) and lack of real-time volatility?

The gold ‘price’ has ranged between $1460 and $1200 for most of the past 9 month period. The supply of gold has been declining as miners put their projects on hold and foreigners continue to accumulate new supplies of gold. This is again a strange event to understand. Why would ‘price’ decline as demand grows? Common sense would suggest just the opposite. Is is possible that the gold ‘price’ is also bracketed and/or manipulated by some Source? Could the Fed and/or the Exchange Stabilization Fund (trading desks) be active with this bracketing? The mystery continues as no-one seems able to reveal/track the computer trading which is occurring. Which computer(s) trading desk could be manipulating these ‘prices’? My personal sense is that manipulation is happening!

There is a growing awareness that our computer driven markets are less than representative of free markets. Today, some 70% of trading volume results from Algorithmic trading. Our computers are buying/selling and executing trading strategies to affect asset ‘prices’. Our Fed desires that our imaginary digital dollar ($$$) continue as the reserve currency of the world. It does make some sense that these officials in high positions of authority would desire that silver/gold (historical money) NOT become a growing alternative currency. Can ‘prices’ of these metals be manipulated with our current trading strategies? I would suggest, YES! An Algorithm could be the culprit if official sources desired that these ‘prices’ be held down (bracketed). Who could be executing this Algorithm? That is the 64,000 $ question!

Check out this link for articles on MARKET manipulation: My sense is that Capitalism is over and done unless we can get to the SOURCE of all this manipulation and change our Casino markets so that they reflect historical Capitalism. Are the money cabals desiring that our markets crash so that a NWO (New World Order) can emerge? The mysteries continue! Enjoy! I am:

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