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Who ‘Slammed’ the Gold price on January 6, 2014?

January 7, 2014

The WSJ article on January 7 states that a surge in trading at 10:14 a.m. EST slammed gold prices by $33 in less than a minute. This surge triggered a trading halt on the N.Y. Comex. It appears that some 1.1 million troy ounces (equivalent) was traded (some 4,200 futures contracts) within one second. The article said that humans can not execute this type of trade (pointing to an algorithmic trade via the computer as the culprit). This is precisely what I have been stating for some 2 years in my blog. Electronic trading has taken over our markets and algorithms can now execute trades (timed to a price target). If gold or silver reaches a pre-programmed price level than a trade can be executed (called a ‘naked short’) to drive the PRICE down in milliseconds. Our speed of light trading strategies allow a given trader to execute this type of ‘naked short’ to bracket the price of silver/gold within a pre-programmed range!

Who is authorizing the slamming of the Gold price? It appears that some trading DESK is using an Algorithm or similar to slam the price at specific times/levels!

Today, January 7, the price of silver was slammed in a similar manner within seconds. The silver PRICE dropped immediately some 40 cents on the electronic markets (over 2%). This ‘slamming’ of the silver/gold PRICE is now ubiquitous and there is a TRADING DESK which is responsible for this SLAMMING. Let’s speculate on WHO has authorized this slamming (now happening almost every trading day). My sense is that we now can drill down to THREE official candidates which are most likely responsible for this illegal activity. The #1 candidate is likely our Treasury Secretary, Jacob (Jack) Lew. The trading desk which may have been authorized to execute the slamming strategy could be at the office of the Exchange Stabilization Fund.

Most likely Jack and his advisors do not desire for gold or silver PRICES to escalate as this would imply that our Digital/Imaginary DOLLAR could collapse due to a lack of investor/trader Confidence. These officials most likely desire that our Digital/Electronic DOLLAR be viewed as stable and strong. A real and consistent SURGE in the prices of silver and/or gold would be anathema to their official goals and strategies. With today’s trading strategies (such as the ‘naked short’ strategy) a trading desk with sufficient digital dollars could use an ALGORITHM to slam these prices at pre-programmed price levels. It’s all math and formulae today and our high-speed computers can execute these types of trades daily in real-time. Notice that the slam (of the gold price on Jan. 6) took place precisely at 10:14 a.m. EST. Take a look at the silver chart below for a similar slam

Notice the green line and the electronic SLAM of the silver price on January 7, 2014. Is this representative of a change in Supply/Demand? I don’t think so! It’s pure MANIPULATION!

The #2 candidate who might have been authorized to SLAM silver/gold prices via pre-programmed ALGORITHMS or similar would be William (Bill) Dudley at the New York Federal Reserve building. The N.Y. Fed as a large trading room on the 9th floor of the building on Liberty Street (guarded by armed police when desired). Bill oversees the trading DESK (now a high-speed computer) for the Fed’s System Open Market Account. Bill and his colleagues could have authorization from the Fed Chairman (our candidate #3) to slam gold/silver prices per his discretion so that Confidence in these historical currencies/money are hated by traders/investors/public. Who can have confidence in silver or gold if the PRICE is continually slammed and manipulated so that the PRICE does not represent what happens within normal Supply/Demand markets? Could this be the mindset of officials within our unconstitutional Federal Reserve? Personally, I think that both Ben Shalom Bernanke and/or William C. Dudley (Chairman and Vice Chairman of our FOMC) could be likely candidates for this PRICE manipulation! It makes sense to me!

This administrator (also Vice Chairman of the FOMC) could be involved with slamming the gold/silver prices! Bill oversees the Trading Desk for our private Federal Reserve organization!

Does our historical gold supply still exist within the Fort Knox facility in Kentucky (as many are led to believe)? The WSJ article on January 7 claims that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) has stated that all the American gold supply, of some 8,133 metric tons, is supposedly stored at the Fed and the U.S. Mint. This would mean that there is NO gold at Fort Knox. Is this possible and accurate? Could it also be possible that all our gold has been leased into the global markets and then sold so that NONE currently exists? Could America be WITHOUT any stored gold supply? This would create a greater reason for our official dictators to desire a LOW and manipulated PRICE for gold/silver on the global markets! Without an AUDIT of our Fed and the facility at FORT KNOX who would know what is real and what is imaginary? We really do have a confusing and mysterious situation within all our markets today…don’t we?

Does America have any Gold stored at Fort Knox? The IMF now states that our 8,133 metric tons of Au are stored at vaults within the Fed and the U.S. Mint? Is any of this accurate? Why not allow an Audit to discern the truth?

Take the time to pick up a copy of the Wall Street Journal for January 7, 2014, and read the articles in the MARKETS section of the paper. It appears, to me, that we have a host of shenanigans happening within our markets that only a few officials in HIGH positions of authority are cognizant of and understand. That is my missive for today! I am:

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