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Ben Bernanke’s Comments reveal his Inner Philosophy!

January 3, 2014

Today, our Fed Chairman spoke about the issue of an audit of the Fed by the GAO. CNBC media presented Ben’s views this afternoon on my TV during a question and answer session with select economists. Ben claims that the Fed is audited all the time and the only purpose for an additional Audit bill (which some members of Congress have proposed) is to audit the FOMC decisions (what he calls Monetary Policy). This he does not want to allow! Monetary Policy, he implies, must remain private/secret and exempt from real-time audits!

Why should one policymaker have so much POWER over the lives of Americans and yet remain independent from the voice and the voting power of these PEOPLE? Does this make any sense? Is this Constitutional? Are American values represented within the ‘halls’ of this private entity?

Let’s think about Ben’s philosophy. He implied that an audit of his Monetary Policy would create a situation where our Congress could second guess the decisions of the FOMC (mostly himself) on interest rate policy and other policies (presumably policies like QE). His concern was that this action would infringe on the Independence of the Fed and its functions/operations. Let’s think about what he is saying and thinking! Does it make any sense? Why is he so fearful of real-time transparency and an Audit (of FOMC decision-making) by our GAO?

The reality of our Constitution is that our Congress is supposed to be regulating our money supply and also the ‘value’ of our monetary unit. This is in accordance with Article I, Section 8, of our Constitution (supposedly the Law of our Republic). What Ben desires is total Independence from an overview of his Monetary Policy and any Real-time transparency of this policy. This, to me, is an example of Unconstitutional thinking by Mr. Bernanke. Apparently, he can not discern his own philosophical position based on the wording within our Constitution!

The idea that our currency (today merely a virtual/imaginary unit of nothing) should be created and manipulated by a select group of unelected banksters (secretly and privately) demonstrates this Unconstitutional thinking which permeates the halls of the private Federal Reserve. Why should the most important ingredient of American prosperity and material well-being (their money/currency) be limited to a private/secret non-transparent decision-making group (which is not subjected to the will of the American electorate)?

Keep in mind that our economic SURVIVAL depends on the decisions of this private entity. Does our Constitution desire that OUR money/currency be controlled, administered, manipulated and created by unelected elites who have no real-time/transparent audit by representatives of the American people? What kind of thinking and philosophy is this? Who can discern the mindset of these banksters who desire their own Empire of Rulership over the common American citizen?

Can anyone discern the Unconstitutionality of this thinking and philosophy? To me, these elite policymakers are WAY beyond any ‘checks and balances’ which our Constitution was supposed to impose upon our governmental system. Where is the ‘voice’ of the American people in all this? Why can’t the voting American people have the most important ingredient of their material lives be under the Laws of our Constitution? Does any of this make any sense? Why aren’t there more citizens upset about this unholy institution and their manipulating operations?

What has emerged via the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (now 100 plus years) is a system where POWER has been centralized in a body of unelected bureaucrats who have no real connection (or communication) with the American people. Ben Bernanke’s mindset is representative of an elite policymaker who desires to RULE over the many with NO real transparency and oversight by the American people.

Would any of our Founding Fathers (who created our ‘checks and balances’ and the Laws of our Republic) support this mindset of Ben Shalom Bernanke? I know that Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Andrew Jackson would not support this mindset. History shows that there are countless others who would not agree with Ben’s philosophy. Where does this leave the American people going forward? Must we continue to support this Unconstitutional entity?

The current policy of our Unconstitutional Fed is to coordinate a supra macro-prudential policy of Global proportions with the most dominant Central Banks on our planet for the purpose of creating their version of stability for those whom they represent (the elite of this world). When will the American people become aware of this Unconstitutional organization and put some pressure on our elected representatives to abolish the Federal Reserve Act of 1913?

American values and the values of those who administer this illegal entity are directly opposed. The Dictatorship of Monetary Policy is what the elite desire. Monetary policy RULES this planet and few seem to discern this reality! Why should MONEY be exempt from the voters who must live under the RULE of these MASTERS? Isn’t it time to discern what is now happening with our money/currency?  Think about the diametrically opposed VALUES of those within the MONEY EMPIRE (select elites) as compared to those who must LIVE under this independent/private EMPIRE! Am I the only voice crying in the wilderness about this issue? I am:

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