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Centralization, Cashlessness, Computerization, Control, Globalization!

January 2, 2014

Our financial system is now mostly a ‘Cashless’ system which operates via Central Control and is driven by electronic signals initiated by a few select elites! Our World has changed from the vision of our Founding Fathers to a New Vision…imposed from those in select positions of POWER. Few Americans have any understanding of what is happening within the monetary centers of Power. Unelected elites are now in charge of the entire Global Monetary System and individual Freedom and Free Markets are disappearing rapidly.

Digitization has allowed the elite to centralize money creation and administer finance for everyone!

Within the next two years all trade and investing will be digital/electronic and most people will be servants of a Centralized Global Bureaucracy (where computers and select elites Control our economic survival). Yes, our World has changed and will continue to change as our Unelected Elites RULE our planet and the 7 billion citizens. The following websites are a must review to understand what has happened and is happening! Check these out at your leisure to discern these realities! The changes are subtle and deceptive as most of human nature is gullible, fearful, and sheeple at the core! Very few understand what is emerging! Most citizens fear to understand!

Biometrics and computerization are changing our world and changing how we relate to finance and economics! Our planet is now a real-time marketplace of machine driven algorithms!

These are the websites which will reveal this New Vision which is being imposed upon humanity. All is being done with the assumption that this is GOOD for our society and will lead to peace, security, and a better world. To my way of thinking, this is pure myth, hypocrisy, and subtle deception! We are heading for a Global Dictatorship of the entire planet! Money rules and money (now digits within the computer screen) will act as the catalyst for this coming change! Who wants to understand and learn?

Check out these websites to discern how computerization, digitization, and globalization is changing our planet (in front of our eyes):

1. (this was mandated and imposed with no choice by the electorate)

2. (this Central Bank dominates global finance using a digital currency called the ‘dollar’. High frequency computers on the 9th floor of this building manipulates markets at will daily)

3. (all Central Banks are Governed from Basel, Switzerland and so are we…indirectly)

4. (this Central Bank is independent of the American electorate and governs finance via a Committee with One Chairman who rules over this Committee)

5. (this elite organization coordinates its policy with those who rule over Global economics)

6. (a few elite within this Department coordinate with the global elite to administer finance for our planet. Computer manipulation of our digital currencies is now part of their policy)

7. (this organization works with the other Global elites to assure that collective polices are implemented based on the elite’s plan and vision)

8. (this organization is part of the plan and vision to create Globalization under the control of the elite)

9. (these elite help to administer the plan and vision of those who rule our planet)

10. (this bureaucracy and centralized entity works with the American elite to coordinate the plan and vision of the elite to create our New World Order)

11. (500 million citizens are governed by these elites…now some 28 countries)

12. (this centralized, computerized, and digitized organization rules over some 1.4 billion citizens with merely a few select elite in control)

Since MONEY (really currencies) RULE over all mankind, centralization of currencies allows the unelected elite to RULE over our planet. Today, elections mean little as the money cartel rules and these elite do not need to appeal to the electorate for their actions/policies. Who are a few of these elite which I have discovered from my research? I will name a few for your consideration. I am sure that this list is incomplete as many elite have no public history which is transparent.

Jacob Lew replaced Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary USA. All our Social Security payments are now a Direct deposit from the Lew computer in Washington D.C.  Mr. Lew and Xi Jinping of China can influence financial trends and directions for all of us!

These elite, however, are currently in the news and media for all of us to follow: Ben Shalom Bernanke (USA), Janet Louise Yellen (USA), Jacob Jack Lew (USA), William C. Dudley (USA), Mario Draghi (Europe), Mark Carney (England), Sir Jon Cunliffe (England), Jens Weidman (Germany), Zhou Xiaochuan (China), Christine Lagarde (France/IMF), Wolfgang Schuable (Germany) and Max Bachus (USA). I am sure there are many billionaires who also have major influence upon monetary issues for our planet. Rulership under Capitalism are those with MONEY and CURRENCIES. Those of us with no money of substance are unlikely to have much influence on trends, philosophy, or policy.


William (Bill) Dudley is Vice Chairman of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) and also manages the trading room at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Bill is one of the unelected elite named above. His influence has major implications for all our Global markets!

Janet Louise Yellen will soon be another elite policymaker who will determine the fate of our monetary system! Centralization and Computerization allows the Fed to create our currency (dollar) out of ‘nothing’ (her and the FOMC’s committee’s consciousness).

Let’s summarize and conclude this missive. What has evolved over the past 40 plus years is a financial system which has been Centralized and Digitized. This has allowed a few elite Central Bankers, Finance Ministers, and Treasury Secretary’s to Govern all of us. Few of these elite are voluntarily elected by the citizens. In fact, Central Banks are set up as Independent entities to avoid the influence and input of the citizens. This means that we are really SLAVES of the money cartel rulers. Most do not understand this reality as economic conditions have been favorable for the many.

This mindset has permeated our rulers over money/currency for the past 400 years! The Bank of England started in 1694 and has had major influence over American finance since our founding!

This situation will soon change, however, and then we will understand how money/currency rules this planet. The American Empire which was blessed with the World Reserve Currency (dollar) is changing rapidly. The current plan and vision is for the elite to Centralize the entire financial system and then administer a New World Order for our planet. You and I become SLAVES of this Centralized Administration. To buy/sell we will need the Digital Currency which the elite create. Who understands? Who has discerned what is now happening on our planet? Take some time to review the above websites and learn from the elite what they are saying, doing, and implementing! Enjoy the New Year (now 2014). I am:

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  1. January 3, 2014 8:40 am

    Interesting! What is your opinion concerning Bitcoin?


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