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World Review (2013) – What Happened and Where are we Going?

December 31, 2013

Let’s review all the categories of life for the year of 2013 so that we can discern reality and coming events! What has happened during 2013 and where are events going in 2014 and after? Let’s review these specific areas for our enlightenment: Economics/Money/Banking, Foreign Policy, Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Human Nature. Each category should help us understand where we stand as of December 31, 2013. Here goes!


2013 has revealed that the Keynesian economic model is finally on its last breath. The policy of creating currencies ‘out of nothing’ and expecting that this will lead to real growth and prosperity is a deceptive myth. All the QE operations of Ben & Company (trillions $$$) has not improved unemployment, the poverty situation, wealth creation, or created stable prices and values for our citizens. What has occurred in 2013 is more debt, continuing deficits, unsustainable entitlement programs, and dysfunctional fiscal policies. The current Bubbles in our stock and bond markets are a consequence of Fed counterfeiting policies and not real growth and prosperity. The entire Keynesian economic model is dysfunctional and leading to a financial crisis of monumental proportions in the near future (possibly in 2014). Today’s virtual/imaginary currencies do not represent reality nor do they represent Money. Our leaders and policymakers are living a fantasy which can not last much longer. The public now gives our Congress 6% approval. Does this represent confidence in our system? I don’t think so! Prepare for major change in 2014 and 2015. The existing economic/monetary/banking model can not lead us to a better World! What do you think?

Foreign Policy and U.S.A. Hegemony

Basically, nothing is working for the Obama Administration and their efforts to create a more peaceful and united global society. The Might makes Right philosophy of the U.S.A. is now on its last legs. With some 800 military bases scattered around the globe, the U.S.A. attempts to create a world of peace and prosperity via Might, Power, and Political Manipulation. The NSA bugging is one example of centralized corruption at the highest level. How can this type of behavior lead to political confidence and unity? The IRS behavior is another example of political corruption at the highest level. Does this behavior lead to confidence in this institution? The Benghazi Affair reveals that centralized control over our military and foreign affairs can not work in today’s real-time internet world. This is another example of foreign policy corruption at the highest level. Our entire policy of Might makes Right can not work in today’s world of instant communication and open transparency. It’s a policy destined for destruction if not changed soon! What is your view?

Science and Objectivity

The entire field of science has not solved any meaningful human problems in 2013. Yes, science has created more opportunities for living longer and enjoying material life with more gadgets and such. But it has not solved the Big Issues of life on this planet. The billions spent to discover the Higgs Boson (supposedly the most minute particle of nature) has not led to any meaningful progress for living human beings. This particle is often called the God Particle, yet God has not been revealed via this discovery. Quantum mechanics and nano technology has created some opportunities in the health and human environment areas but no real breakthroughs for those living in poverty and those who have no upward mobility. Science can help us create material items from Nature, but this area of study is impotent when it comes to the Big Issues of life. The human condition (overall) has not improved significantly in 2013 and is unlikely to improve (via science) significantly in 2014. Science (which assumes objectivity) now needs to reflect on itself and change its model if progress is to occur in 2014 and after! The subjective realities need emphasis going forward! What is your view?

Religion and Spirituality

The big trend in all the Evangelical religions is what is called Eschatology. This trend called ‘The END of the AGE’ theology is growing and expanding as world conditions continue to deteriorate. The big issues for Evangelicals are the Rapture concept, the Anti-Christ concept, the Mark of the Beast concept, and the 2nd Coming concept. These ideas and concepts are now being presented ubiquitously on many of the major internet and media networks. YouTube and Dish TV are purveyors of these messages to a growing global audience. The new Catholic Pope is also supportive of the ideas which lead to a New World Order where unity can be devised via religion, economics, and politics. Islam is promoting their world Caliphate as another option for the global society to consider. All these trends are leading to a growing spirituality but a negative environment for unity and global confidence. Who will ride the White Horse and become the Avatar for these followers within our global religious communities? It doesn’t appear that any real spiritual unity is emerging for 2014 and after! What do you think?

Philosophy and Worldviews

The biggest issue for those who study philosophy and worldviews is the issue of: What is Consciousness? Does my/your Consciousness emerge from our Brain’s as many philosophers espouse or another source? Does Consciousness represent some ‘thing’ which exists within nature (say within the field of Matter/Energy). Can Quantum physics discover this ‘thing’ via their efforts and programs? Just what is Consciousness and has philosophy/science/theology made any progress in this area in 2013? This important area is the key/core to human life and being. Who will discover the ‘nature’ of Consciousness? So far there appears to be minimal progress in the field of Consciousness. There are lots of hypotheses and theories but not much which leads to definitive conclusions. Could the human Mind be part of a Dualistic reality? Is Dualism an area where philosophy, science, and theology should explore? We will need progress in this important area if any of our human problems are to get resolved. Ask yourself, what is Consciousness and Who Am I/You at the Core? Did we evolve from matter/energy as proposed by Darwinian Evolution? Is there a Higher Power and Intelligence at the Core of Consciousness. Maybe 2014 will help resolve this issue! What is your own Worldview on these issues?

Human Nature (Good/Evil)

The final area of interest which affects us all is the subject of Human Nature. Is Human Nature a constant so that past events repeat themselves (via cycles)? Are there Cycles of Human Nature which create similar environments as we have experienced within ‘past’ history? We all have heard of the killing fields of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, etc. Our last World War resulted in some 52 million dead! Will these types of killing events re-emerge in 2014 and after? Is there Good and Evil within Human Nature? Does Politics and Power Centers promote and create this Evil for humanity? Just where does Human Nature derive from? Where does Evil derive from? If Good men do Nothing will Evil prevail and flourish? These are interesting and important questions going forward. Life is much more than earning a currency ($$$) within our Casino financial markets. Life involves difficult issues which derive from our Human Nature. We may need to revisit these past issues of Human Evil to discern the real cause of the above killing fields. Evidence that Human Nature (good/evil) is at work within our global System is everywhere. It may be the Biggest issue of all going forward! Just what is HUMAN NATURE? What is your view?

The above review is meant to create some THINKING within the reader of this missive. Personally, I have NO final answers to any of the above difficult issues. My motive is to promote God’s Kingdom (as the better alternative). I raise the above issues for each of us to contemplate and consider. Life is much more than creating material stuff for our home and garage. There are real inner ISSUES that we must face and resolve! 2014 and after could be a start in a NEW direction while the OLD direction winds down. I don’t THINK that the OLD direction is leading to anything meaningful for mankind as a whole. What do you THINK? The paradox of life is that the QUESTION is often more important than the ANSWER! I am:

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