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How ‘I’ Might Manipulate the Prices of Silver/Gold (my algorithmic ‘fixing’)!

December 28, 2013

With today’s computer technology and speed of light transactions, it is easy to manipulate and bracket the ‘price’ of a commodity like silver/gold within our futures markets. Watch this video on Algorithmic trading which now represents some 75% of all trading in our markets. This video reveals the new technology now driving our global markets! Who understands?

This image is typical of a trading room today. Notice the technology. This image could represent the ESF or a similar entity which desires to manipulate and/or control PRICES within a market environment!

The key to keeping the ‘price’ within a bracketed range (say $19 – $21 for silver and $1100 to $1300 for gold) is a trading strategy which uses mathematical algorithms and a FUND which has access to sufficient $ to execute this strategy. I do not need to trade as a human trader for this event to happen. I can design my algorithm (software) to execute my program automatically. Watch the above video and notice the uncanny precision which is now possible for key traders within our Central Banking institutions (say the New York Federal Reserve Trading Desk) and/or the trading desk at the Exchange Stabilization Fund (administer by our Treasury Department).

Can anyone bring some transparency to the above financial entity? Who operates this ESF entity?

These select trading desks can now use ALGORITHMS to solve their trading goals just as efficiently as the large Hedge Funds or the Commercial Banks (J.P. Morgan, et al) which use HFT computers (co-location and low latency) to  execute their in-house trading. Think about our new computer driven technologies…which have developed exponentially since the Financial Crisis of 2008. Today, some 70% plus (some say 75%) of trading volume derives from ALGORITHMIC trading. What are these algorithms and who are behind their use? Algorithms are merely math executed formulae which allow a trader to create a strategy which executes trades AUTOMATICALLY and consistently (with no human input).

Some 70 – 75% of all trading volume is now the result of Algorithms. Is this the trend for our future? Who understands? 

Today, a secret FUND like the ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund) can operate in secret and use funds ($$$) funneled from the New York Federal Reserve Bank (or similar) to manipulate PRICES at will. What is this ESF organization and WHO is behind this entity? Some call the ESF the Dirty Slush Fund, others call it the Plunge Protection Team, and some infer that it runs the Fed and all dollar related issues on a Global Scale. Who knows?

Who can bring some transparency to this entity? James Turk has the following missive on his website: GATA has this info on the ESF (new): Is it now time to understand how POWERS at the highest levels are involved with the rigging and manipulation of our ELECTRONIC markets? When the markets CRASH (in the near future) there may be only a very select FEW who have the information to reveal the core underlying TRUTH. Do some thinking on your own. Enjoy the Holidays! I am:

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