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And ‘the Word’ was made Money! How our Fed has operated since its origin!

December 20, 2013

Our Federal Reserve Banking System (now 100 years and counting) is based mostly upon psychological deception and a play on ‘words’. Our Fed has no ‘money’ or ‘currency’ of its own, yet a digital currency unit (called the dollar) emerges from the thinking (words) of its Chairman and Committee. The WORDS (within the consciousness of select policymakers) manufacture what we call ‘money’ (units of ‘nothing’)…which then gets actualized within a computer screen by ‘typing’ numbers into the on-line System Open Market Account (SOMA). The magic of ‘money creation’ is beyond the comprehension of most Americans. Who understands what really keeps our financial system afloat? Thomas Jefferson would turn over in his grave if he was aware of today’s banking operations!

For some history about our Fed, let’s go back to the origin of Fed money and our currency to understand the DECEPTIONS which we now live with. The one MIND behind the origin of our Federal Reserve Act (who was most influential in getting a Central Bank established) was a German emigrant by the name of Paul Moritz Warburg. Mr. Warburg attended the secret cabal of six banksters and one American politician at Jekyll Island (off the coast of Georgia) in November of 1910. This so-called ’10 day duck hunting trip’ started the drive towards what we now call our Federal Reserve Banking System. Notice the secrecy and clandestine behavior of the historical schemers who devised this centralized institution.

Banksters (Paul Warburg, et al) and politicians (Nelson Aldrich/Woodrow Wilson) created the Federal Reserve System on 12/23/1913! One hundred years of operation are now here! Do Americans understand any of this history? Read for a brief overview!

At the time (1910), Mr. Warburg was not even an American citizen yet his knowledge and insight into central banking made him influential with some of our most powerful politicians (primarily Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich). Mr. Warburg had arrived from Germany in 1902 and did not receive his naturalization papers until 1911. So the most influential ‘mind’, and banking intellectual, behind the central bank scheme was a person who was a non-American. Who understands this important history? Who has even heard of this German emigrant who later became a member of the first Board of Directors of our Fed and then a director of the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) until his death in 1932? It’s really amazing how key characters with special insight can capture attention and recognition of our politicians (when monetary issues are at hand).

This book does a good job in describing the history of our Fed and the characters who were involved!

Mr. Paul Warburg desired that America create a Centralized banking philosophy much like that which he had experienced over in Europe (Germany, Britain, etc.). Later his son, James Paul Warburg, claimed that his philosophical goal was a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT for our planet), Both Paul and James Warburg had a philosophy totally contrary to that of our founding Father of money, Thomas Jefferson.  The entire idea of a centralized authoritarian bank was viewed with disdain by T.J. and many other Americans who understood money and banking. Power, however, does tend to corrupt, doesn’t it?

Both Paul and James Warburg, evidently, were not fully aware that our Constitution was supposed to be the LAW of the Land and our Constitution provided for Congress to exercise control over our money and money creation (Article I, Section 8 and 10). Paul Warburg, after his trip to Jekyll Island in November, 1910, was able to secure the complicit support of a Congressman called Senator Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich for his new banking scheme. Check out: This history is the key to understanding why our current dictatorship over our currency and money has occurred and why Americans are now financial slaves of this centralized banking system.

Senator Aldrich (pictured above) was the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee (a Republican, whose daughter was married to John D. Rockefeller, Jr.). Mr. Aldrich and Mr. Paul Warburg became philosophical buddies while at Jekyll Island (the secret conclave for devising the new centralized banking scheme). Nelson and Paul (along with four banksters from J.P. Morgan, Banker’s Trust, National City Bank, and one assistant secretary of our Treasury) devised the wording and philosophy which later became the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This Ponzi scheme, fraudulent psychology, accounting trickery, and unconstitutional legislation was not given any real transparency (for the American people to digest) and the Act was passed (the evening of December 23, 1913) while most of your Congressmen were home for the Christmas Holidays. What a ‘ram’ job for this key financial legislation!

The psychological deception of these schemers was based on the idea that a ‘symbol’, a ‘name’ and a ‘number’ (units of consciousness) could be viewed as real physical ‘things’ which EXIST in spacetime. For example:  the ‘name’ of our currency unit (called the Dollar) was viewed as a real thing (and outside one’s mind). The ‘symbol’ of our dollar $ was viewed as a real thing. The ‘number’ which emerges from our thinking (after the symbol $) 1.00 was viewed as a real thing. Psychologically, these non-things, which are actually IMAGINARY (and not real things which exist), were viewed ‘as that which they are not’. Notice the deception! Names, Symbols, and Numbers were viewed as real entities (rather than the imaginary units which they really were). All this thinking is really psychological deception (upon the Constitution and the American people)!

The vast majority of people in our marketplace (99.9%) have no idea that these word symbols, names, and numbers are metaphysical/spiritual phenomena and not real things which exist. Paul Warburg, however, was a descendant from the tribe of Judah (part of a culture which we call ‘the Chosen People’) and he most likely understood that the core reality (words, symbols, and concepts) are really metaphysical phenomena (items from the MIND). This gave him a distinct advantage over the deceived masses (sometimes called the goyim by various tribes from Judah). Deception derives from psychology and via various types of ‘plays’ on words. Our politicians (some of them) are masters at this form of deception! Beware of word deceptions from the elite who occupy positions of Authority!

The MEDIA can promote ideas of deception for those who are not discerning and aware!

Word games deceive the unaware and the vast majority of mankind. This stems from the lack of knowing about WHO WE REALLY ARE (as human beings). The Chosen People, however, have insight that few others seem to discern. This provides these Chosen Ones with insight which can lead to sound logic (and benefits for humanity) and also insight which can lead to DECEPTION. If I can get you to buy into deceptive logic and word games, then I can create a vast collective deception (a delusional accounting/monetary system) which only I (the initiator) can fully discern and understand. Reality (what we call real-time events) are NOW events. Deceivers, however, generally try to avoid the reality of NOW! They may enunciate ideas of a past/future to deceive the unaware (and avoid the NOW)!

The idea that accounting labels create sound logic is the oldest deception of banksters. Thomas Jefferson appeared to be quite aware of these deceptions and this may be why he disliked centralized banking institutions. For example: If I can get you to THINK that a symbol/number $1.00 can serve two roles (both and ASSET and a LIABILITY simultaneously), then I can set up accounting logic which could deceive my motives. This logic then leads to the deception that a currency and its off-set (Asset and Liability) are real and sound logic (irrespective of the fact that these units are imaginary and not within observable reality). If you buy into this accounting logic (which appears real and sound on the surface) then I can set up my new accounting system for my new Central Bank on this premise!  I can create a check book with a zero balance (call the units which I create a Liability) and then purchase debt instruments from another entity (and call this an Asset). Many may not discern the deception within this accounting logic! It’s really a scheme to establish a Central Bank with zero money and zero currency!

Thomas Jefferson established sound logic for our money/currency system with the Coinage Act of 1792. His logic was real and practical as he differentiated between that which EXISTS (physically/materially) and that which does NOT exist but derives from the human MIND (i.e., silver and the name we call ‘dollar’). As human beings we live in TWO worlds or realms (even though the vast majority of mankind…probably some 99.9%…THINK that there is only ONE realm) that which is outside one’s MIND. This lack of understanding (of who we are at the core) creates the possibility for real-time deception…of those who DO NOT know who they really ARE as human beings. Money has historically been physical and outside one’s MIND. Currency, however, is derived from our inner MIND (consciousness). Note this difference! Jefferson seemed to understand this reality as he defined our currency in terms of silver. He differentiated between money and currency! What a discerning and intelligent founding Father! See:

In reality, I am NOT my body/brain (as the vast majority of science and educators espouse). In reality, I actually have a metaphysical MIND or CONSCIOUSNESS which transcends that which we observe with our five senses. WHO, however, understands this? Who is AWARE that we (you and I) are not physical/material beings at the CORE (our inner being)? The Chosen People seem to understood this REALITY. This provides these Chosen Ones a HUGE advantage (psychologically) over the vast majority of mankind who, generally, lack this understanding. There is a REASON why those who descended from the tribe of Judah are psychologically advantaged (on many monetary issues and many other issues)! This advantage can be used for ‘good’ and also for ‘ill’ (and has been over our history)! Click here: Discern the advantage of the Chosen People!

The great philosopher Lord Russell, also called Bertrand Russell, stated thatWe all have a tendency to think that the world must conform to our prejudices. The opposite view involves some effort of thought, and most people would die sooner than think – in fact they do so”. Many students of human nature have observed that the vast majority of mankind (99.9%) HATES to think on their own (independently). This reality of human nature allows the FEW who do think to RULE over the masses of mankind. The masses of mankind are often viewed as lemmings (also called sheep) by those who think they understand reality and human nature. Followers of  these guru’s often fit into the realm of lemmings/sheep as they buy into the deceptions and rhetoric of these deceptive leaders!

Russell, who understood mathematics better than most, also said:  “Pure mathematics consists entirely of assertions to the effect that, if such and such a proposition is true of anything, then such and such another proposition is true of that thing. It is essential not to discuss whether the first proposition is really true, and not to mention what the anything is, of which it is supposed to be true … If our hypothesis is about anything, and not about some one or more particular things, then our deductions constitute mathematics. Thus mathematics may be defined as the subject in which we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true. People who have been puzzled by the beginnings of mathematics will, I hope, find comfort in this definition, and will probably agree that it is accurate”. Is Lord Russell revealing an important truth with this statement?

What Russell and Warburg recognized is that mathematical logic can deceive and fool most thinking people. We assume that 1 + 2 = 3 and  2 + 2 = 4; however, in reality this is merely an assumption of the MIND. Numbers are really IMAGINARY (units of our MINDS) and not part of our outer reality. This means that we should not THINK of numbers, symbols, and words as part of nature (physical/material reality). Also, numbers and math can be massaged and manipulated so as to deceive rather than enlighten (even though the math can be correct). These mathematical units (1,2,3, etc.) are derived phenomena from our inner CONSCIOUSNESS and should not be viewed as ‘absolute’ or ‘objective’ in logic or principle. Deception can derive from mathematical logic. Book keeping and accounting books are one example!

Ben Bernanke is probably fully aware that his QE dollars (abstract numbers) are created from his CONSCIOUSNESS (and then typed into the computer screen at the New York Fed)…yet the vast majority of traders, investors, lenders, and consumers are totally UNAWARE of this reality! Ben creates his monetary symbols and names ($1.00 and multiples thereof) from his MIND…which we also call OUT OF NOTHING (the MIND is not a physical THING). Who, however, understands this reality (probably only a few of the Chosen People and a Few philosophers who desire to THINK on their own). The vast majority of mankind tend to follow a Shepherd/Guru who has rhetorical skills and deceptive words (but who appears real to the many)! Math can be equally deceptive as numbers ‘appear’ so objective and real (2 + 2 = 4)…but is this logic always valid for our monetary bookkeeping?

What is QE? Who thinks up the QE dollars? Who types the numbers into the computer? What on-line checking accounts benefit? Where do the QE dollars circulate after origination? What are the consequences? Does official counterfeiting lead to real growth and wealth creation for our economy?

What I witness today is gross DECEPTION and false logic within our global markets (which is also ubiquitous within economics, politics, science, education, and religion). Let’s now summarize just a few of these gross deceptions and then conclude this missive:

1. Today, our currencies (created by our Central Banks) are IMAGINARY units of ‘nothing’. We can also call these currencies VIRTUAL. We can also call these currencies DIGITAL. Look outside your venue (right now) and see if you can discover, find, locate, or observe any of these imaginary currencies (dollar, yen, pound, krona, euro, etc.). Then look at your computer screen and your IRA or 401K accounts. Notice the symbols and numbers which are supposed to denote real money. Do they, in reality? I don’t think so! What we witness in our virtual/computer accounts are units of ‘nothing’! These virtual accounts are pure mental deceptions (extensions of our consciousness) and will VANISH when the authorities desire for them to vanish. Deception rules over the masses of mankind! Thinking is difficult and scary for the masses. Most human beings seem to prefer deception over real-time reality (that which we experience in the NOW)!

2. Today, we live with a digital currency unit (called dollar) which should be viewed as illegal (this virtual unit emerges from nothing). The definition of legal tender provided on the website of our Bureau of Engraving and Printing says that legal tender is: 31 USC 5103. Legal Tender United States coins and currency (including Federal Reserve Notes and circulating notes of Federal Reserve Banks and National banks) are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues. This definition does not include Bernanke’s digital unit which is ‘typed’ into the computer screen. This means that our Fed is really creating currency (called ‘dollars’) but these units are really not equal to historical legal tender.

 3. In reality, this QE operation of Ben & Company should be viewed as a form of official counterfeiting. You and I can not create currency from our thinking mind (words). Yet, this is what Ben and Company (the FOMC) are doing. Calling the operation ‘quantitative easing’ or ‘asset purchases’ is a play on words which deceives the public and most others who lack an understanding of what is actually happening in real-time. Do any of our Congress men and Congress women understand what is happening at our opaque and clandestine FED? Why is our FED separated from real-time oversight of our elected representatives? Think about this!

4. All our DEBT today is imaginary/virtual and stored within the computer screen as photon digits. This DEBT can not be repaid as the $trillions now owed are beyond the ability of our economy to repay and service. Our total DEBT (public and private) today is over $67 trillion and if we include the unfunded obligations our DEBT how exceeds $188 trillion. Check out this website for current data on this issue: When we include all the unpayable derivatives outstanding within the marketplace our DEBT exceeds $1 quadrillion. Who understands?

5. Our stock market is supposed to be representative of our real material wealth and the growth occurring within our economy. Does today’s market reflect these realities? I don’t think so! Today’s stock market has decoupled itself from real wealth creation (that which emerges from our natural resources as material wealth). The ‘numbers’ that we witness within our virtual indices on the screen are not reflective of what is actually happening in the field. Money is supposed to reflect the material ‘value’ being created. Today, we do not have any real material MONEY. All the digits within the computer screens are not reflective of the real material wealth that emerges from our private industries. This decoupling of ‘numbers’ from real ‘wealth’ is due to the fact that we have NO money today to measure our real material wealth. Money, historically, has been silver/gold. Currency (our digital/virtual dollar) is not a real measure of our material wealth…nor is this unit MONEY! Deception emerges from a false model of economics which we call Keynesianism.

6. Due to our false model of economics and our digital currencies (globally) the entire structure of finance and money has been distorted. The purpose of economics is to create new wealth for our society. Money is supposed to measure the growth in this wealth. This is not happening within today’s global markets. What we witness today are unpayable DEBT and DEFICITS everywhere. The economic model (which we call Keynesianism) has become invalid for our current global marketplace. Debt has become the main problem and our inability to service this continuing DEBT is now evident. At some point we need to liquidate all this debt from our accounting records. This can only be done by allowing the markets to deflate and eliminate all the unpayable debt obligations (now some $1 plus quadrillion). Deceptions, however, continue to surface as economists and politicians continue to present false logic so that the real events are kicked down the road. The day of reckoning, however, is now at hand!

7. Our bubble stock markets (now global and electronic) are actually markets that are totally within our computer screens (in Cyberspace). The numbers we witness within our computer screens are merely photon vibrations (units of light with no mass or matter). How can these units of light (photon images) be viewed as meaningful units of money? How deceived can one get? Why do not people discern that these virtual/digital/imaginary units have no meaningful significance for creating global wealth and prosperity? It boggles the mind that more people have no understanding of money and its history. Thomas Jefferson defined silver as our money. He then defined our dollar as units of silver. Who, however, understands?

Thomas Jefferson chose Silver (Ag) as our Money and the word Dollar ($1.00) as our Currency! Compare this to Bernanke’s QE dollar (???) from his inner Consciousness!

Do some research on your own on the above issues. 2014 could provide some lessons on many of the issues presented above. Check out various websites for more info. A few to consider: and Enjoy the Holidays! I am:

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