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Our New York Fed initiates most financial manipulations – meet some of the manipulators!

December 14, 2013

Who is behind that price manipulations of silver and gold? Read this missive for some insight!

The above link provides solid evidence which implicates our own Federal Reserve System (our Board of governors and their administrative staff) as the source of most financial manipulation. The only Federal Reserve Bank with active traders, who begin their global intelligence gathering as early as 4:30 a.m., is the New York Federal Reserve Bank’s trading room. This trading room, located on the 9th floor of the N.Y. Fed building, 33 Liberty Street, is the real source of our Global Casino Capitalism (which today has evolved into rigged markets and rigged/manipulated prices). The real source of our corrupt Wall Street operations starts at 33 Liberty Street in New York City. The history of this operation goes all the way back to 1924.

The Trading Desk at the New York Fed Has Speed Dials to Wall Street Firms and Bloomberg Terminals. Global surveilance of the markets starts at 4:30 a.m. and continues until 6:30 p.m. What is their mission?

Prior to computers, the trading floor at the N.Y. Fed looked like this! Today the room is full of HFT computers! Manipulation was minimal prior to our computer age. Today, it is ubiquitous!

Let’s meet some of the current traders and administrators who operate this secret global intelligence gathering. Today, there are some 60 traders acting on behalf of the staff at the New York Fed. Their assignment is to gather global intelligence on the bond, equity, and derivative markets (the silver/gold markets would be included). They then monitor the prices and actions within these global markets so that they can influence outcomes, prices, and market behavior. This corruption is mostly secret as the full details of what is occurring at the New York Fed trading room has not been made public. Gradually, however, more leaks are developing from prior staff personnel and new investigative journalists, like Pam Martens (the author of the above article).

Simon Potter already wields enormous and non-transparent power in financial markets. Potter is head of the Markets Group which oversees a sprawling trading operation at the New York Fed. Of the 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks, only the New York Fed has a trading floor rivaling that of Goldman Sachs. Potter is also Manager of the System Open Market Account (SOMA) at the New York Fed. According to the Fed’s web site, SOMA operations are designed to influence bank reserves, money market conditions, and monetary aggregates.

The Division of Monetary Affairs is responsible for research and analysis to support the Board and the Federal Open Market Committee in the conduct of monetary policy, especially in the areas of finance, money and banking, and monetary policy design and implementation. The Division also provides expertise on open market operations, discount window policy, and reserve markets. William English is the current Director who administers information about markets (to members of the FOMC) via 15 minute phone calls twice daily.

The centralized nature of this private group (really a cartel) of global financial manipulators…who meet mostly in secret is at the heart of our corrupt financial markets. I don’t think any of these operations would be viewed as constitutional if full details of their operations were known…and I don’t think that many Americans are aware of these manipulators and what is occurring behind closed doors. The President of the New York Fed is William C. Dudley. William is also the Vice Chairman of the powerful secret policymaking group called the Federal Open Market Committee. Working for Bill and currently in charge of the Fed’s trading room is Simon Potter, Manager. Simon appears to report to William English who is the current Director of the Division of Monetary Affairs. Mr. English reports directly to the Reserve Bank Presidents via teleconference calls daily. Details about the trading floor are at:

William C. Dudley (CEO of the N.Y. Fed) has multiple roles within our private Fed operation. Pam Martens reports, that the New York Fed itself is helping to fuel suspicions about what’s going on within its cloistered walls at 33 Liberty Street in lower Manhattan. Of the 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks, the New York Fed is the only institution with a trading floor and highly sophisticated trading platforms. But despite multiple requests, the New York Fed will not provide a photo of the full trading area. Photos of its gold vault and currency vault are on-line, but photos of the trading area is off-limits, for unspecified reasons.

The New York Fed is the only one of the 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks to have a Wall Street-syle trading floor with Bloomberg terminals and speed dials to the biggest firms on Wall Street. Since 1935, all open market operations of the entire Federal Reserve system have been carried out by the New York Fed. On its website, the New York Fed explains its unique role as the central bank’s central bank: It is the sole manager of the System Open Market Account (SOMA) and sole regional bank engaged in open market operations; it is “responsible for intervening in foreign exchange markets to achieve dollar exchange rate policy objectives.” It stores “monetary gold for foreign central banks, government and international agencies.”

Members of the Board (Federal Reserve)

Photo of Ben S. Bernanke
Ben S. Bernanke
Photo of Vice Chair Janet L. Yellen
Janet L. Yellen
Vice Chair
Photo of Daniel K. Tarullo
Daniel K. Tarullo
Photo of Sarah Bloom Raskin
Sarah Bloom Raskin
Image of Governor Jeremy C. Stein
Jeremy C. Stein
Photo of Governor Jerome H. Powell
Jerome H. Powell

All the above (nice people if out of power) are part of the centralized Federal Reserve System which has corrupted American Capitalism and all the Global Financial Markets!

The above policymakers (manipulators of our financial markets) are mostly unknown to all Americans. Few Americans even understand how our financial markets work. None of the above Americans are elected by the American people…yet they RULE over all of us via their positions of power and influence. Money rules our Nation and our Planet. Thomas Jefferson warned us about a concentration of money powers in the hands of central bankers. The end result of this type of centralized system is corruption, manipulation, and hubris. We now can witness the wisdom of our prime founder of our monetary system (Thomas Jefferson). He warned Americans of the dangers of monetary powers when centralized (corruption emerges gradually)!

Gradually, we are learning that all our financial markets (today) are rigged and manipulated by a select group of elite personnel. Most is done behind closed doors with no public transparency. The real corruption of our financial markets needs to be revealed and those who maintain positions of authority need to be exposed. This missive is a minor start in this direction. Check out the above websites and do some research on your own. We need to expose the manipulators if we desire to clean out the corruption and mis-management. MONEY RULES OUR PLANET…follow the money to discern political/financial reality. I am:


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