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Capitalism is now a ‘rigged’ and ‘manipulated’ System!

December 12, 2013

The vast majority of pundits who have been trading our virtual markets are now of the view that all these markets are RIGGED. CBS and Amanda Lang created this video on December 9, 2013, exposing our ‘rigged’ markets. Watch: I have observed the rigged and manipulated markets for some 5 years. The most obvious markets to discern all this rigging are the silver/gold markets. I recently ordered two silver coins from the GovMint and was told that there is a backlog for obtaining these silver coins. I now must wait until late February for my delivery. Also the cost of these coins is some $9 over the spot price plus another $7 for delivery. The demand is so strong that buyers do not hesitate to pay these premiums. What is the problem with our markets which has led to all this rigging?

Today’s markets are machine driven and most trading is done via software and algorithmic programs!

For me, I am convinced that all this rigging is built into these markets because we do not have any real MONEY today. What we have today are virtual digits as our currency units and these units have no tie to nature or our physical reality. Today’s currencies are much like the symbols I am now typing to compose this missive (no thing digits). We do not have a real monetary system today. To understand this reality we need to differentiate between ‘money’ and ‘currency’. Money derives from nature and is material/physical. Currencies are political creations which emerge from the consciousness of select elite policymakers. Today’s currencies are really ‘imaginary’ as they are merely images within our computer screen. This type of currency can not fulfill any of the functions of money.

This is a partial view of the trading room at the New York Federal Reserve Bank (transparency has not been allowed)! QE operations are implemented on the 9th floor at 33 Liberty Street, N.Y.

Money must fulfill the functions of: standard of value and store of value in addition to the functions of a medium of exchange and unit of account. The most important function of any money unit is that it must be chosen by the marketplace and it must be a ‘standard’ of value that the marketplace recognizes. To save and/or store value over time, money must be physical and outside our consciousness and outside the computer screen. Virtual currencies (unbacked and non-convertible into a physical commodity) are worthless as a standard of value or a store of value. Today, we have algorithms and computer programs executing most of our trading in real-time. Human beings are divorced from the process of valuation in real-time. This process leads to the rigging and manipulation of our markets.

William C. Dudley is Vice Chairman of the FOMC and the key policymaker for implementing QE operations at the N.Y. Federal Reserve building!

The above video shows and demonstrates that select trading firms (such as Goldman Sachs) are involved in this rigging and manipulation. And the biggest and most dynamic rigging is being done by our private Fed. The trading room of our private Fed consists of the computer desk (9th floor) at the New York Federal Reserve Bank on 33 Liberty Street. This trading room has multiple high-speed computers for trading and manipulating our real-time markets. You can witness this 9th floor trading room at: Notice that computers and traders occupy the room and are active in the official manipulation and the rigging of our markets. There is no real transparency of this trading room and this leads to some speculation about what they are doing. As information emerges, however, we can determine that the Fed’s asset purchases (called QE) are a major part of the process of manipulation.

N.Y. Fed building at 33 Liberty Street, N.Y. Some 80 floors beneath the street level is the gold vault!

Today, many within the silver/gold markets have the view that our private Fed is involved in the rigging of ‘prices’ within the real-time silver/gold markets. Today, the ‘price’ of spot silver declined some 4.3% within minutes on the New York Exchange. The demand for the physical metal is growing and strong…yet the ‘price’ of silver is manipulated DOWN by some trader or algorithm. Many think that J.P. Morgan Chase is involved in the rigging of the silver price. Others think that this rigging could start with the trading desk on the 9th floor of the N.Y. Fed building on Liberty Street. It makes sense that the official FOMC policymakers do not desire the spot price of gold or silver reach its real-time market value. If this were to happen, it would suggest that our virtual/imaginary dollar is less than creditable.

All the real-time markets are now virtual markets and subject to manipulation and rigging! The problem is that our currency is not physical and valuations can not be stabilized. This is not Capitalism! The entire system is mostly unconstitutional!

Yes, Capitalism is now a ‘rigged’ non-system. This means that a huge market collapse is developing. Our stock and bond markets are now virtual markets (within the computer screen). This type of market is unstable and it will collapse when ‘confidence’ collapses. My sense is that a ‘confidence’ issue will develop sometime in late 2013 or early 2014. The signs of this situation are now developing as more traders recognize that our machine driven markets are very unstable. Watch the markets in the coming days and weeks. Today’s markets can change rapidly as we now trade at near the speed of light. Also, algorithms can be set to sell this market short when traders lose confidence. Watch and beware of rapid change and volatility going forward. I am:

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