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‘Words’ do matter: Apples are not Oranges!

December 7, 2013

Apples (Money) are not the same as Oranges (Currency). This distinction is significant for understanding our monetary system. Today, we do not have a real monetary system. We do not have any real MONEY within our current Digital Currency Markets. The entire WORLD is now functioning under the ‘illusion’ that our Digital money system is real. Why do so many pundits lack this understanding about money? One answer that I think is valid is our use and misuse of WORDS. We call our ‘dollar’ money. In reality, however, our ‘dollar should be called a CURRENCY. Currencies are created AFTER MONEY has emerged from the marketplace. ALL historical money has emerged from a marketplace where BARTER was the foundation. Barter is what starts a monetary system. Who understands?

An Apple is different from an Orange. Words make a difference when we communicate reality!

Within a Barter marketplace we encounter the problem of VALUE. This concept of our Consciousness is what STARTS all exchanges between people. I have produced (let’s say) eggs within a marketplace and you have produced (let’s say) bread. The problem of VALUE immediately emerges within our Consciousness as we desire to make an exchange or trade. What is the VALUE of my eggs (let’s say 1 dozen) and your bread (let’s say 1 loaf). Is this a one for one exchange or not? If we conclude that this exchange is one for one, than we have set a benchmark for others within our marketplace. One dozen eggs = one loaf of bread. As we continue under a Barter economy, however, we encounter more difficult exchanges of VALUE. This is when we start thinking (consciously) about a proxy for VALUE. What could serve as a proxy for VALUE?

A Barter economy reveals the nature of VALUE in exchange. VALUE is the core concept of Capitalism!

A proxy for VALUE is some thing (item) from material reality (nature) that people in the marketplace VIEW as having ‘value’. What could encompass ‘value’? In reality, ‘value’ is a non-material concept of our Consciousness (no thing and no where). Value is immaterial and non-physical. So what can we INVENT that would encompass or contain our internal idea called ‘value’? Let’s look at history to discover this answer. History shows that ‘value’ was viewed as INTRINSIC within certain (select) items from nature. After many trial and error experiences with perishable items of ‘value’ the marketplace CHOSE a unique commodity that was dung up from the ground. The choice from our marketplace (history) were RARE items from the ground. Silver and gold emerged as the best items for containing ‘value’ over time. People chose these items (things) and THEN they became a proxy for ‘value’.

The people in our marketplaces chose silver/gold as their best PROXY of Value. MONEY emerged from this decision! Money emerges to solve the problem of VALUE within a marketplace!

After the marketplace chose Silver (and Gold) as the best items for the exchange of ‘value’…than these items evolved into MONEY. Money emerged from the marketplace (a Barter economy) because people viewed these items as containing INTRINSIC ‘value’. Value was impossible to objectify as it is unobservable and immaterial…but with the invention of a proxy…MONEY emerged (as this substitute for ‘value’). AFTER the invention of MONEY, another concept emerged from our Consciousness called currency. Currency emerged AFTER money and became a ‘tool’ to increase the velocity of monetary transactions within a marketplace. To grow an economy it helps to have BOTH money and currency. Currencies can increase transactions within a marketplace and this result is important for growing an economy and creating WEALTH and PROSPERITY.

Governments (kings, lords, politicians) create CURRENCIES to increase the velocity of transactions within a marketplace. These currencies, however, emerge AFTER the people have chosen their proxy for ‘value’ (MONEY)!

Let’s briefly review again. Words do matter…Apples are not Oranges. Money (in reality) is a material object, thing, item, or commodity from NATURE. After money has been invented politicians, kings, lords, and governments can use the people’s selection of money to increase their wealth and prosperity for their political Kingdom. If people need money for survival and work, then governments or power centers can USE this factor to grow and control their Kingdom’s wealth and to produce their version of prosperity. The various Kingdom’s of our past (for example the Roman, British, and American Kingdoms) have used the ‘tool’ called MONEY for their control and ‘tool’ to manipulate the people and the markets. Today, we have a Centralized system for control and manipulation of the markets. Our Central Banks are this centralized operation for control and manipulation.


Central Banks now RULE over currencies (which most confuse as our ‘money’). The Central Bank of all Central Banks is the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland! This is the CENTER of monetary POWER on planet Earth!

The dangers of a Central control system over money and currency is what select POWER centers desire. Today, Central Banks control our Global Currency operations (I can not call this operation a real SYSTEM, however). Today, we have NO real material MONEY within this global Centralized operation. What we have today are DIGITAL units (called currencies) which the masses of people assume are MONEY. This word game of calling our Digital currency units MONEY confuses the MIND and the CONSCIOUSNESS of thinking people in the marketplace. Most do not discern the DIFFERENCE between money and currency. It’s like calling an Apple by the name Orange. Who can understand what a person is communicating? Words do matter when communicating reality. Apples are not oranges…neither is Money the same as a Currency.

Digital currencies now rule over the world’s commerce. We now live with an electronic (speed of light) operation for trading, speculating, investing, saving, and controlling, and manipulating our global markets!

What we now need in the marketplace are people who desire to UNDERSTAND the real nature of monetary reality. Todays, monetary system is really a non-system. We probably should call it an OPERATION (within the secret rooms of our Central Banks). Today, currencies are created OUT OF NOTHING (the human mind) and then these immaterial/metaphysical units (called dollars, pounds, yen, yuan, rubles, krona, etc.) are TYPED into reality (and appear as virtual images with our computer screens). This OPERATION is not a lasting operation. This operation is not a real SYSTEM. The entire operation is mostly an ILLUSION of our MINDS. Who understands? Who is aware of what is happening today within our controlled and manipulated markets? My sense is that the number of pundits who discern what is happening is very few. I do sense, however, that a growing awareness is emerging within the HARD ASSET communities. Enjoy and pass this missive on to others for consideration! I am:

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