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Our ‘Digital Dollar’ should be viewed as Unconstitutional!

November 26, 2013

The vast majority of Americans seem to think that our ‘dollar’ is a physical thing from nature. If I ask a typical American at the coffee bar the question, what is a ‘dollar’, I might get the answer that it is a paper note or a metal coin (as we all have some of these paper notes and/or coins in our purse or billfold). This answer, however, does not get to the core of the question. In reality, we now transact business with mostly a ‘digital dollar’. This ‘dollar’ is non-physical and can only be seen within our computer screen. This ‘dollar’ (now a virtual unit) is produced by typing a number (digit) into the computer screen and then transferring this unit via electronic means to another person or entity. The unit comes into reality by typing (into the computer screen) or by the spoken word (into the computer screen). Is this ‘dollar’ official legal tender? Is this ‘dollar’ allowed by our Constitution? I don’t think so!

Today’s currency (our dollar) has not been tested in our court of law (as being official legal tender) and most of our representatives in our Congress seem totally unaware the our current digital ‘dollar’ is unconstitutional. Our Constitution has given the power of money creation to our Congress. Congress has delegated this power to a private corporation called the Federal Reserve System. Today, our Federal Reserve System is creating our currency unit (the dollar) ‘out of nothing’ and our dollar appears within the computer screen after it is typed or spoken into the computer screen. As Americans we all use mostly the digital dollar today for all our money transactions. The historical paper note and the metal coin which was called our ‘dollar’ is now only some 4% of all money transactions. Who is aware of this?

To summarize, our ‘dollar’ today is a no-thing unit and it is created from the Consciousness of a group of banksters at the Federal Reserve Bank (we can call it our fourth branch of our unconstitutional government). Money is not supposed to be created ‘out of nothing’ and our ‘dollar’ is not suppose to be ‘imaginary’, ‘virtual’, or ‘digital’ (without our Congress passing legislation which allows this unit). To date, we are creating and using a money unit that should be illegal tender and it should be unconstitutional. That is my missive for today. Think about this and ask your Congressman the question:  What is our Dollar today? Enjoy! I am:

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