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Unbelievable: Speaking Money $$$ into reality now possible!

November 24, 2013

The digital technology today, allows us to create computer text from speaking into the computer screen. This means that we can now create our digital dollar by speaking ( via our voice) into the computer screen. We could say that money can be created (today) by our Central Bankers my merely speaking words to an official who operates a computer trading desk. Officials at our Central Banks will likely use this new technology in the near future (if they are not already using it). What a world we live in. Since money is now virtual and imaginary, the human consciousness can speak words into the computer screen to control and manipulate finance within the global markets. All this is made possible because we now have virtual (computer) currencies created by our Central and commercial bankers – out of their consciousness (nothing). Watch this video for enlightenment:

Virtual assistants can create text and images from the spoken word. This means that $$$ money can now be created by speaking into the computer screen. What a great tool for our Central bankers and select finance officials. Money has truly entered a new realm of reality!

To understand today’s technology and the good/evil which it allows our central policymakers, we need to understand the nature of consciousness and also human nature. Personally, I have been doing research on the issue of consciousness for some three years. Science and philosophy has not recognized the full nature of consciousness upon the reality of matter/energy. Our new software and computer technologies, however, are forcing everyone to become aware of their own consciousness. The following video by the BBC is incomplete yet a good starting point for understanding the issues of consciousness. Watch at your convenience and think about this issue on your own. Personally, I am convinced that understanding consciousness is the key to developing a new economic system for this planet. Watch and then derive your own conclusions:

What is the nature of our Consciousness? Science does not know! Why is this important?

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