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Money $$$ is Imaginary today – What does this mean?

November 20, 2013

The secular mind is unable (it seems) to discern the nature of our money today. What has happened in recent years is a transition of our money from a physical thing to a unit of consciousness. To understand money one must understand consciousness. Consciousness is ‘spirit’ and ‘spirit’ does not exist within space/time (our outer Universe). This means that all the virtual symbols now traded as money are imaginary spiritual phenomena (derived from the consciousness of banksters). Who understands this situation? Why is a physical one ounce silver coin heading for zero (in terms of price)? The reason is that we are measuring the ‘value’ of this coin with a ‘spiritual’ money symbol called the dollar which does not exist. To understand this issue more thoroughly you can watch this video on the nature of consciousness:

Consciousness is spirit. Spirit is not part of our physical/material world. Who understands?

What is happening today in our global markets is historical. Traders are using math and formulae to create all our ‘prices’ for goods and services. This means that ‘prices’ are really spiritual phenomena and are part of our consciousness (not material reality). Historically, money has been a physical ‘thing’ which exists in space/time. A paper note or a silver coin is an example of money which exists. Our mathematical symbols ($$$) which we use for money today are in a different realm of reality from a paper note or a silver coin. This means that we need to understand the ‘nature’ of money as it is created and used in today’s markets. The secular mind seems unable to discern this spiritual ‘nature’. As I watch the prices of my silver/gold go up and then down, down, down, I ask why? Why would the ‘price’ of a one ounce coin of pure silver go down from $48/ounce to $19/ounce. What is happening and why?

A one ounce silver coin is physical/material. It has NO consciousness. Prices today are derived from consciousness not from physical money units. Who understands?

Watch this video and think about the nature of consciousness: Science has not understood the nature of consciousness. A spiritual person who separates the material world from his own consciousness will understand this phenomena. The philosophy of Dualism is how we all think and act. Dualism proposes that we live within TWO realms of reality (the outer and the inner). Our inner world is spiritual and this is what we label as our consciousness. We are spiritual beings living in the present moment. Evidence of our spiritual nature is our WORDS and our SYMBOLS. The word ‘dollar’ and the symbol ‘1.00’ are examples of spiritual phenomena. Since we are now living within a world of the ‘spirit’ we could see the price of silver go to zero at some future date. We could also witness the price of a one ounce silver coin go to $200 or more prior to it going to ZERO.

Watch the above video and give this missive some serious thought. We are living a new world today and the secular mind is probably not going to discern what I am writing in this missive. I am:

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