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Few financial pundits understand today’s markets! Watch this video!

November 10, 2013

We live in a computer/machine driven financial casino for our trading and investing today. The new terms to understand are Quants, Algorithms, High Frequency Trading, Big data, Central Bank Trading Desks, Short Selling, Naked Short Selling, Virtual Currencies, and Secret Codes for manipulating the prices of select commodities. None of these trading strategies and financial systems have much relevance to real economics or wealth creation for our global economy. All this (our global Casino Financial System) has evolved in just the past few decades as our computer driven technology has advanced and virtual/digital reality has become ubiquitous. We live in a new world of global interconnectedness and speed of light transmission of data. What complexity and confusion has emerged in just the past 20 years. Watch this 50 minute video for some of the details of how, why, what, and who!

The above video was just released this past week and provides a unique look into this new and secret world of finance and trading. All of finance and investing has become a form of casino speculation and machine driven manipulations. Some 70% of all the volume within our Western stock markets are now the result of HFT and Algorithmic trading. Machines drive the currency markets, futures trading, government/retail investing, and all the derivative speculations. This has evolved mostly within the past 20 years and has now become a Casino/betting/speculating/manipulating real-time financial circus. Wealth creation has taken a back-seat to Casino type gambling, speculation, and manipulation. Watch the video for some enlightenment…which less than 1% of the investing community understands!

Any informed investor today (if aware of what has evolved) would flee this type of market for the temporary safety of real physical wealth. Real physical wealth is what economics is all about. Real ‘wealth’ would include land, buildings, farm products, machinery, physical technology items, and historical currencies like silver, gold, copper, art, etc. What has evolved these past 20 or so years can not last much longer as the distortions and manipulations are reaching HYPER-levels within our globally Centralized System. Our speed of light markets create prices which fluctuate within milliseconds as high frequency computer trading changes these prices in real-time. New trading strategies make sound planning and investing impossible in today’s markets. Who can discern the ‘mindset’ of a computer program operating via secret codes (also call ‘algorithms)? Who understands the ‘mindset’ of ‘Quants’ and ‘Algo Programmers’ who plan and implement these trading strategies? Who knows what our Centralized and mostly Secret financial policymakers are THINKING?

The markets today are being set up for a great and historic ‘crash’ down the road. All that is necessary (for this ‘crash’ to occur) is a ‘black swan’ event which sets off the machine driven dominos. A flash crash of historic proportions is currently developing as I write this missive. Who will initiate this historic and global event for all of us to witness? Will it be a Central Bank trading desk? Will it be a Algo Trader using HFT strategies (at some venue on our planet)? Will it be a Proprietary Trader at one of our huge TBTF banking trading desks (say, J.P. Morgan’s trading desks and/or Goldman Sachs trading desks)? It is impossible to predict, yet the eventual event seems destined to happen in the not too distant future. Watch the above video for understanding about how our Casino/Computer driven markets operate. Then learn about all the changes which have evolved (these past 20 years) which created this Casino driven global market. Enjoy the search! I think you will find this video enlightening!  I am:

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