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The ‘Wealth Transfer’ needs to begin: Buy Gold and Silver Coins Now!

November 7, 2013

Our current system of ‘funny money’ has created unbelievable distortions in the prices and values of all asset sectors in recent years. These distortions are a result of using ‘imaginary’ digits (virtual units) as our money units. Central Banks and commercial Bankers under our fractional reserve monetary system can create new virtual money units from their CONSCIOUSNESS (imagination). This process distorts all ‘values’ in the marketplace and creates wealth for those in privileged relationships with our banksters. Now is the time for a global WEALTH TRANSFER from these banksters to the general public. This can occur if enough traders and retail investors purchase physical Gold and Silver Coins (preferably one ounce coins). Gold and Silver are constitutional money units. Virtual digits are technically worthless units of nothing which benefit special interest groups and not our general ECONOMY.

Silver and Gold coins can be held in your hand. Virtual/digital units can not be held nor can they be accessed without your computer screen. Think about this difference when you buy your coins! Also, think about what is Constitutional MONEY based upon Article I, Section 8 and 10, of our Constitution!

A global ‘wealth transfer’ from those who now control all our digital ‘funny money’ to those who desire a new monetary system based upon sound fundamental principles needs to occur. This transfer of wealth can begin if all the physical gold and silver supply can get into the ‘right’ hands. The ‘right’ hands are those who recognize that our current virtual (digital) funny money is a corrupt and distorting system which must be changed. Are you AWARE that a cartel of Central Banksters (merely a handful of unelected administrators) are RULING over all money on this planet? Today’s money is mostly ‘imaginary’ and ‘virtual’ (within our computer screens). These units of nothing are created ‘out of nothing’…the minds of select unelected policymakers within select Central Banks. Does this sound like a viable and principled monetary system?

Do some of your own research into how our money is created today and who controls the entire system. Then ask yourself:  Is this a sound system for our planet and the 7 billion people who need to survive economically? Ask yourself these questions:  What is our ‘dollar’ today…in reality? What are all the fiat digital currencies today…in reality? Who administers these virtual/digital units and how are they created? Who gets access to these units after a Central Banker creates these units via QE (quantitative easing)? How are these units affecting our stock, bond, and currency markets? Why is there currently a huge ‘bubble’ in our stock and bond markets? Why are leaders in foreign nations (Brazil, China, Russia, etc.) complaining about the QE operations of our leading Central Banker, Ben Shalom Bernanke? Is the American dollar (now a virtual/digital unit) official legal tender (based on our legal/constitutional history)?

Finally, why have the gold and silver markets been manipulated and corrupted by trading strategies administered by select official trading desks (computer driven manipulations)? What is a ‘naked short’ transaction? Why have these ‘naked short’ trading strategies driven down gold and silver prices to levels which no longer reflect the historical forces of SUPPLY and DEMAND? Why are China, Russia, and other leading nations now purchasing huge supplies of gold and silver for their future use (to bolster their currency value and improve their status as a potential world reserve currency)? We need to understand what is happening in the greater financial markets! Our SYSTEM is mostly corrupt and few seem to understand who/where/what/why this corruption leads? Now is the time to get yourself informed and knowledgeable about all these issues. The low prices of silver/gold make today the time to BUY!

BUY gold and silver coins (preferably the one ounce silver eagles and similar) as your STORE of VALUE going forward. Silver and Gold do EXIST (they are physical matter/energy created within our greater planetary universe). Virtual digits are created from the MIND and/or CONSCIOUSNESS of select central banksters who RULE this planet with their policies and manipulations. Do you want a better SYSTEM? Do you want a PRINCIPLED SYSTEM? Do you want a system which increases real physical WEALTH and creates real work/jobs for those who are seeking work and jobs? If your answer is YES, than you need to act by buying physical silver and gold coins NOW. DO NOT buy virtual/digital units (also called ‘paper’ silver/gold). Buy actual physical coins and then TAKE POSSESSION of these coins.

Those who have the GOLD, when our current system collapses will MAKE the RULES (after the collapse)! That is my personal view and perspective. For additional views you can visit all the websites which appear when you GOOGLE silver/gold websites. Some of my personal favorites can be accessed at my blog site (under the links tab). If you desire a Global ONE WORLD CENTRAL BANK for the entire planet (with a few select unelected administrators at the helm), then you need not follow any of the philosophy presented in this missive or similar blog sites. My personal philosophy prevents me from supporting a One World Centralized Monetary System for our planet. Enjoy and watch the ‘funny money’ stock markets as they start their COLLAPSE into money heaven (in the not too distant future)! I am:

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  1. November 10, 2013 7:14 pm

    What is your price for a one ounce silver eagle coin? I would like to buy some. D



  1. 'Wealth Transfer' needs to begin: Buy Gold and Silver Coins Now! | Gold Coins

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