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Report from: Silver Summit – Spokane, Washington!

October 26, 2013

If the ‘dollar’ goes to ZERO, than what? What is the ‘price’ of a silver coin if this happens? This was the question I asked Jeff Berwick and the panel at the Silver Summit, Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013. Jeff had previously presented the idea that our ‘dollar’ was heading for ZERO along with all the other fiat currencies. This was Jeff’s answer:  When (if) the ‘dollar’ goes to ZERO the price of a 1 ounce silver coin is ‘it’s weight’, i.e. 1 ounce of silver. What was Jeff presenting and implying with this answer? Personally, I’m not sure if Jeff is fully aware of the philosophical implications which result from his ‘correct’ answer to my question. Jeff’s additional presentation on Friday, Oct. 25th was entitled ‘The End Of The Monetary System As We Know It’. This presentation was probably the most realistic presentation at the Silver Summit. Congratulations Jeff for the most real presentation IMO (and many others)! Visit Jeff’s website at:

The Annual Silver Summit held at the Davenport Hotel, Spokane, Washington!

Bill Murphy, of GATA, describing all the manipulations in the silver/gold markets by our (less than transparent) Central Authorities!

All the presentations at the Silver Summit were meaningful and thoughtful presentations. I especially liked the presentations by Greg McCoach, Bix Weir, Bill Murphy, and David Morgan. Greg envisions storm clouds emerging as a result of our dysfunctional government and their unconstitutional policies. Bix outlined huge corruptions and manipulations of ‘prices’ as a result of computer trading of phantom silver contracts (called the paper market). Bill Murphy and his organization called GATA (visit website at: has documented numerous manipulations of silver and gold prices by our less than transparent Central Authorities. David Morgan predicted that the price of a one ounce unit of silver in 2013 (one year from today) will be $30 (it’s currently $22.50). He also explained that a ‘collapse’ of our monetary system does not mean that the buildings, cars, houses, etc. will collapse (only the monetary numbers system will collapse)…all real physical ‘wealth’ will continue as we witness today.

David, also called Mr. Silver, explained that a ‘collapse’ does not mean that buildings will be destroyed (as the word ‘collapse’ might imply to some)!

All these presenters seem to recognize that serious financial ‘storm clouds’ are emerging which will change our behavior in the not too distant future. Jeff Berwick seemed especially surprised that the whole ‘house of cards’ has not already collapsed. His advice for the ‘dollar’ wealthy is to get out of ‘Dodge’ (have a 2nd passport available) and give some thought to Galt’s Gulch, his new residential development which he is building in the country of Chile. He envisions America as becoming a Fascist State with police and security officials roaming the streets to maintain control over the unaware and befuddled citizens. His many real-life examples (from his extensive travels) did make his words seem real to the audience in attendance.

Jeff Berwick explains why the ‘dollar’ is heading for ZERO along with all the other fiat (imaginary) currencies! Jeff is also creating a new retirement community in Chile:

Basically, the message of the Silver Summit is quite simple: we live with fake ‘funny money’ as our currency units and these units can not last as trading units much longer. China, Brazil, Russia, and a host of other countries are becoming aware of the Ponzi trading game which American’s and the British (mostly) have foisted upon the world. A de-Americanization is now being proposed by China and others so that fairness and equity can re-emerge in the global trading markets. The removal of our ‘dollar’ as the Reserve Currency for the World is destined to happen in the near future. This means that America’s advantage of consuming more than they are producing (and creating ‘imaginary’ money units for all their over-consumption) will be removed in the near future. Value for Value trading will then start changing the advantages which the Bretton Woods Monetary Agreement gave to the Dollar and to all Americans (and also to the British financial/banking institutions).

Financial Armageddon is predicted not only by secular thinkers like above. John Hagee senses this event also!

Get yourself ready for a financial collapse of global proportions in the near future as a cleansing of the financial system ensues. This cleansing will take many years and much mental consternation will develop as the Western World realizes that all there special financial advantages will be removed from the marketplace. To understand why these changes must happen, you can visit my website and a host of other websites which deal with these financial issues. Financial Armageddon is around the corner and those who are unaware may find these events difficult to deal with. Those who are aware and are prepared, however, can weather the coming financial/political storm. Good luck and Watch the virtual ‘funny money’ stock markets for signs re: when the Game is Over! I am:

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