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The ‘Nature’ of Money is our Problem today! Deception rules the financial marketplace!

October 15, 2013

Our monetary unit (also called our currency unit) has been corrupted. What we need to understand is the ‘nature’ of our dollar today. Historically, our ‘dollar’ was a physical thing which existed in space/time. The silver coin which was minted in 1792 and continued to be minted as legal tender into the 1960’s is an example of currency that exists in space/time. A gold coin would also be an example of money which exists. The Bernanke dollar, however, is derived from Bernanke’s Consciousness and then typed into cyberspace (the computer screen). This dollar does not exist in space/time. This creates real problems for our markets and for price discovery. Few seem to understand the ‘nature’ of our currency units today!

The ‘nature’ of the Bernanke dollar is our problem. Ben has no existing physical money in storage. He creates imaginary money from his Consciousness for circulation within our global markets. This creates price distortions and price manipulations within our markets. Few are aware of how money emerges from nothing!

Consciousness and Cyberspace (an extension of Consciousness) has created most of our current money units (dollars, pounds, euros, etc.).  The operations of Ben Bernanke, called QE, QE1, QE2, QE3, etc. are examples of money units created from Consciousness and then ‘typed’ in the computer screen for circulation within cyberspace. These units should be viewed as ‘subjective’ and units of nothing physical. Ask Ben where he obtains his QE $ and you might discover that he has no existing units in storage for any of his Quantitative Easing (what I call Counterfeiting) operations. Ben merely ‘thinks’ up imaginary dollars within his Consciousness (also called Mind) and then sends a Directive to the New York Federal Reserve Bank for execution. What is a good name for this behavior?

William (Bill) Dudley is the 2nd most powerful monetary administrator in our World. Does anyone know this person who acts as a permanent member of the FOMC and administers trillions of digital dollars for the Fed?

The CEO at the New York Federal Reserve Bank is William Dudley. William is also the Vice Chairman of the FOMC (the Federal Open Market Committee) and has access to the Fed’s computer systems. Computers store the money units that are ‘typed’ into the computer screen. These new units acquire the ‘name’ of dollars (legal tender) and then get recorded as a liability within the Fed’s computer accounting books. This new liability (new digital dollars) then can be used to purchase ASSETS from dealer banks which are members of the Federal Reserve System. Currently, Ben and Company, ‘types’ into the computer some $85 billion of digital units monthly. All these units should be viewed as ‘imaginary/subjective’ money.

Why are these units ‘imaginary’? The units are derived from Ben’s consciousness (mind) and have no existential reality within space/time. These units can not be held in one’s hand and our five natural senses can not detect these subjective/imaginary units. Can you detect what I am thinking at this moment? Can you detect the words, ideas, or images which I am thinking at this moment? I don’t think so! Every unit which derives from my Consciousness/Mind is private and subjective and beyond anyone’s ability to touch, smell, see, taste, or hear. The five human senses are bi-passed when money is created ‘out of nothing’ (the human Consciousness).

Money units are now beyond our detection via the five senses. Consciousness is a 6th sense and private.

What we need to understand today is the ‘nature’ of our money units. Banksters can create these ‘imaginary’ units because they have this legal ‘authority’. Money, today, derives from human AUTHORITIES who have POWER to influence and manipulate our financial markets with their corrupt operations. Few understand the corruption within our financial markets today. All this is primarily a result of a corrupt monetary unit which emerged since the closing of the gold window in 1971. Money is supposed to be a physical item from NATURE (such as silver/gold or similar). Today, we use subjective money which distorts and manipulates all the global markets. This will continue until people wake-up to this corrupt monetary system and the policies which perpetuate this system.

Paper money now represents only 4% of money in circulation within the Western world. Paper does exist but the ‘numbers’ imprinted on the note are derived from Consciousness. Money symbols rule our planet and banksters rule over money. The common man is a servant of the money cartel! Who understands money…not many?

Wake-up and think about the deceptions and corruption within our global financial non-system. That is my message for today! I am:

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  1. October 28, 2013 12:29 am

    WAKE UP Americans!!! Did we forget we still have choices? Because we are so mired in the immediacy of situations, we don’t often have a “helicopter view” of the economic deception being perpetrated upon us!!! the money by creating a groundswell of necessary change before we reach a full blown “economic collapse”.


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