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Math: 1 + 2 = 3 (Then Ask: Can ‘Imaginary’ Numbers Work as MONEY)?

October 14, 2013

When I was in fourth grade in Roseau, Minnesota (1952), my teacher said that the chalk on the blackboard exists but the ‘numbers’ she was writing (1 +  2 = 3) were ‘imaginary’. Was my fourth grade teacher correct? Are the numbers derived from our Consciousness and then chalked on a blackboard actually ‘imaginary’ (derived from our metaphysical Consciousness)? The logic of numbers tends to work for accounting purposes…but can mere ‘imaginary’ numbers work for our MONEY and trading? Personally, I don’t think so! My teacher in 1952 was correct, ‘numbers’ are derived from one’s Consciousness (mind) and ‘numbers’ have no material existence in space/time. Today, our entire global financial/accounting system is nothing but ‘imaginary’ numbers. This means that all our debt and currencies are really within our Consciousness or our Extended Consciousness (cyberspace) and not within observable Space/time. Let’s explore this reality for greater insight.

My 4th grade teacher said that chalk on the blackboard exists but ‘numbers’ are imaginary! Was she correct? We can also say that ‘names’, ‘numbers’, and ‘word symbols’ do not exist.

Within Science we use numbers (math) as a tool for calculation and for logic. How far (in distance) is it from our planet Earth to the Sun? Numbers reveal that this distance is approximately 93 million miles. But where did this calculation derive from? I would suggest that this calculation was made by a scientist who used his Consciousness (mind) to discern and calculate this distance. The ‘numbers’ (93,000,000) were merely a tool (internal logic) for deriving a mathematical result. The ‘numbers’ do not EXIST in space/time but they are useful for calculations and logic. Numbers, however, should not be used for our currency units (such as $1.00 and multiples thereof) because a mere ‘number’ has zero physical existence and zero ‘value’. The real purpose of money (currency units) is to measure ‘value’. Think about the purpose of money! Think about exchanging ‘value’ for ‘value’!

The purpose of trade is to exchange ‘value’ for ‘value’. Money (currency units) are supposed to help us measure ‘value’ and also be an item that is perceived as containing ‘value’. Do digital units (typed into the computer) fulfill this purpose? Does funny money from our QE operations fulfill the purposes of money (i.e., measuring ‘value’)?

When we exchange items of ‘value’ (such as a barrel of oil) we desire some ‘thing’ as a counter exchange that has substance and existence to honor that this exchange was fair. Would you (within a barter environment at your current location) exchange a barrel of oil for a mere ‘number’ derived from my mind (consciousness). I don’t think you would entertain this exchange in the real world or even view it as logical. Your common sense would reject this type of trade. So why are trades and exchanges now being done globally via mere ‘numbers’ (called index currencies)?

All our digital currencies are mere ‘numbers’ within the computer screen today (with zero value). Where did these virtual numbers come from? I could obtain currency numbers from my banker if he/she desired to make me an unsecured loan. I could also obtain virtual ‘numbers’ from my credit card if my credit was viewed by bankers as creditable. The reason that ‘numbers’ work for a time is that these ‘numbers’ are mandated by our governments (and their Central Banking Policies). Force and law require us to use these ‘numbers’ for our trading, buying, selling, and most money transactions. The law of governments (called legal tender laws) has forced these ‘imaginary’ numbers upon us.

A banker today (if a member of the Federal Reserve System) can create virtual ‘numbers’ within my computer account by merely ‘typing’ into my account ‘numbers’ (representing a loan). This loan could then be viewed on the accounting books (within the computer) as both an ‘asset’ and a ‘liability’. The loan amount (numbers) can be viewed as representing a real ‘asset’ and the numbers created can be viewed as a real ‘liability’ (within our consciousness). Is this process sound when the virtual unit (number) recorded is ‘imaginary’ and derived from the banker’s MIND? Numbers (math) can be viewed as a system of logic within a context of accounting rules. But let’s think about the ‘origin’ of numbers and also the ‘purpose’ of MONEY units. How can we rely on mere mental numbers (1 + 2 = 3) to solve the problem of valuation of real assets so that the ‘price’ derived is stable over time and representative of ‘value’? I don’t think this is possible with imaginary (subjective) math and numbers.

Are cardinal ‘numbers’ real THINGS which exist within space/time? OR are these ‘numbers’ imaginary units derived from my/your Consciousness (mind)?

Historically, MONEY has always been some physical/material item from nature (say a silver coin that is viewed as having some intrinsic value on its own). This silver coin (and multiples thereof)…is generally viewed as containing some ‘value’. This means that these coins can be exchanged for (say) a barrel of oil that is also viewed as containing some ‘value’. This value for value exchange is then viewed as fair, logical, and meaningful for both parties to an exchange (trade). The historical purpose of money units (or currency units) is to represent a fair ‘value’ exchange between counterparties to this exchange (trade). If a silver coin has (say) 371.25 grains of pure Ag within the coin, then I can ‘name’ this coin (a dollar) and then calculate a ‘price’ for a barrel of oil with this coin. The ‘price’ (a result of calculation) is a result of mathematical logic and the coin is a real thing which exists in space/time as the measuring tool (for value). Oil is then exchanged on the basis of ‘value’ for ‘value’. This was historical Capitalism.

Today we trade funny money (computer digits which derive from typing numbers into a computer) for real/material goods from China and many other countries. Is any of this fair and honorable? Are we so exceptional and special that we can avoid the laws of morality and economic law (fairness in trading with our counterparties)?

The origin and history of money shows that people in a marketplace want to exchange ‘value’ for ‘value’ in a fair and logical process. Value for Value can only be accomplished when I give you an equivalent item of ‘value’ for the item I am receiving. The calculation of ‘price’ via ‘numbers’ (math) is useful and meaningful as long as the item being used for measurement of ‘value’ is an item which exists in space/time (and is viewed as containing ‘value’). Historically, gold/silver have been viewed as containing some ‘value’ (we have called this intrinsic value).

If I use merely a subjective/mental ‘number’ to calculate ‘price’ and this ‘price’ is then suppose to represent the ‘value’ of a real item (say a barrel of oil), how can this be a fair and logical measurement.  If I give a seller merely my ‘imaginary’ set of numbers derived from my internal subjective logic how does this fulfill the exchange of VALUE? Think about what we are doing globally to the rest of the World. Today, we trade funny money (which has zero ‘value’) for real material wealth with NO shame! The units given decline in purchasing power as we multiply the units in circulation. Think about what our Central Bank is currently doing with their QE operations! How is this affecting our counterparties?

Is God a God of logic and fairness for all people’s or just for AMERICA? Maybe JUDGEMENT is coming for America as our counterparties (China, et al) find new alternatives for getting real ‘value’ for ‘value’.

Today, America transmits digital units (called dollars) to China via the electronic computer and then China sends us real material goods (check out your local Wal-Mart store) which were produced from the hard labor of their Chinese citizens. Our retail stores obtain these real material goods and American consumers purchase these real goods with more ‘imaginary’ numbers (credit cards and such) so that products get consumed. Is any of this fair and logical for countries like China? What about Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, etc., etc.?

China currently has some 3 trillion of our digital units (called virtual dollars) in their computer screen (also called surplus reserves) and we have real material goods within our retail stores from this transfer. America exchanges ‘imaginary’ money (created out of nothing) for real material goods from a major counterparty (China). And this has been occurring continually since the closing of the gold window in 1971. How can this be a fair ‘value’ for ‘value’ exchange? How can this continue going forward?

China has had no option to exchange these digital units (transferred to them) for goods of equivalent ‘value’ (say our manufactured products or our gold supply). As China saves their ‘imaginary’ digital units (photon images within their computer screen), America proceeds to exploit this relationship with additional funny money units created by our Central Bank called QE. This artificial process of creating more digital currency units helps to distort real-time value exchanges (prices) and make the surplus dollars held by China worth less in purchasing power. How can China ever receive a real equivalent exchange of ‘value’ (goods for goods) when America has the means to purchase Chinese goods with funny money (created from the Consciousness of Bernanke, et al)?

Is China aware of the Ponzi game that America is playing with their money units and their currency (called the dollar). What about all the other Nations who exchange goods for our funny money? Does America feel no ‘shame’ for this economic behavior? Yes, America does lots of good in many areas, but does bad economic behavior help our image with all these counterparties? Isn’t fair trade and exchange one of the most important aspects of national morality?

America transfers digital units of ‘funny money’ for real material goods from global counterparties. Is any of this fair and logical? Why is America able to purchase real material wealth (from China, et al) with units of funny money (mere digits typed into the computer by our Central Bank and transferred to our Treasury for their virtual bonds)? Why has our image as a Nation deteriorated since the closing of the gold window in 1971?

The United States of America is the Big Kahuna on this planet and we exploit our status unfairly. Is America attempting to RULE the planet and create a New World Order for their personal benefit? Is America so exceptional that they can exploit others to maintain their own standard of living without a fair exchange of ‘value’. America’s balance of trade has been negative since 1976. What does this reveal to the World? Why is this relationship with the other Nations of the World unfair and exploitative? Why do many of the wise (select foreign Nations) now desire for America to trade on an equal basis without favoritism? Why is there such hatred towards America and their CONTROL over world economic/monetary issues? Is JUDGMENT coming for America in the near future as a result of this kind of behavior?

The ‘signs’ of Judgment are present for those with ‘eyes’ to discern. America is not exceptional or special when our behavior is exploitative and unfair. Wake-up and prepare for Judgment (executed by our counterparties) in the near future!

The mindset of many American leaders and much of the public is that America is exceptional and special. Is this a valid view of today’s reality? Why should America be any more exceptional or special than (say) the people of China? Who do we think we are? My sense is that America is heading for JUDGMENT (administered by our counterparties). Our days of ‘blessings’ could soon be over. The opposite of ‘blessings’ could be on the horizon and emerging soon. We need to think about our own political/economic/monetary behavior going forward. This means that we will need to change our SYSTEM and develop a NEW MODEL for ourselves and the world (to restore economic morality). The sooner we recognize what is happening to us the better. We need to CHANGE our view of ourselves. This means that we need to view ourselves as part of the PROBLEM…not some exceptional/special Nation which is above JUDGEMENT.

Finally, we can discern a fair exchange when we barter goods for goods. Each counterparty must exercise judgment at the time of the exchange (trade). The final result is then fair and acceptable to both parties. When we introduce ‘money’ into the exchange process, we need to think about the nature of this ‘money’. Does the money unit (say our dollar) contain any VALUE? Does the ‘name’ Dollar have some meaning in relation to VALUE. Historically, the American dollar was a Silver Coin with real silver within the coin. This was then perceived as a coin with VALUE. What a difference today…as we trade mostly with ‘imaginary’ numbers (called virtual currency units). These ‘imaginary’ currency units contain ZERO ‘value’ and ZERO ‘substance’. This is our problem and few seem aware! That is my sense of our situation today! I am:

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