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The Fed, The Fed, The Fed…who is this character?

September 17, 2013

Practically everyone within finance is talking, writing, and wondering about the entity which we call THE FED. Who is this banking monster and what does this entity do for our economy? Tomorrow there will be extended media attention given to this entity…as the discussion of ‘tapering’ is to be determined by this entity. Let’s learn some details about this confusing and deceptive organization which the media calls THE FED. Watch this movie trailer which will start showing in major cities tomorrow, 9/18/2013:

The Fed building in Washington D.C. This entity is in control of all monetary issues for Americans!

Congressman Ron Paul and others have attempted to ‘audit’ the Fed and its history without any success, why?

Our FED is now a digital organization which creates our digital dollar ‘out of nothing’ (consciousness)!

Let’s start with the name of this banking entity. The official name is The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America. The short name which most everyone uses is THE FED. Let’s ask a few brief questions to clarify what this entity is all about:

1. Who created this entity?  The legal entity was created in 1913 with an act of our Congress called the Federal Reserve Act. Congress created this entity and is responsible for its character and destiny.

2. Why was this entity created?  The purpose of this banking cartel was to administer our National monetary system, fund our government’s spending via debt securities, and to manipulate marketplace prices and asset values (often called price stabilization) so that economic growth could develop for Americans and the World.

3. Who runs this entity operationally? There are 12 members of a committee called the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) who are operationally in control of this entity. The single most powerful person (who has control over this Committee operationally) is called the Chairman of the FED. Currently, this Chairman is Ben Shalom Bernanke.

4. Why was the FED established as an ‘independent’ entity legally? The reality of being ‘independent’ was viewed as extremely important to those who devised the legislation for this entity. The idea was that ‘independent’ administrators could accomplish more for our economy than our elected members of Congress.

5. Is this entity (legally) a Constitutional entity? Most students of the legislation (the Federal Reserve Act of 1913) which authorized THE FED would conclude that our Constitution was circumvented when this legal entity was created by our Congress in 1913. Our Constitution states quite clearly that our Congress is responsible for creating our money units and regulating the value thereof. This responsibility is contained in Article I, Section 8, of our Constitution. There has been no legislation (an Amendment) to our Constitution which would legally allow a money cartel of elite bankers to create and administer our monetary/economic system.

6. Why is mostly ONE person in control (operationally) of our currency unit (the dollar)? A history of the operational committee (the FOMC) which administers our money system is a history of mostly ‘group think’. This ‘group think’ which occurs within this Committee allows mostly the views of the Chairman (and his select members) to obtain operational control over all important policy-making and administrative decisions. These past 6 years we have all witnessed the power and control which this one person has exercised over our monetary/economic system. Those who follow the money (created by Ben Shalom Bernanke) called QE (quantitative easing) have noticed how this one person has become the dictator over monetary policy for our Nation and most of the World.

7. Did our Founding Fathers desire that an entity such as our current FED exercise control and administration over our monetary system? Absolutely Not! Our Founding Fathers of money desired that America have a decentralized system of money creation where most economic power would rest with the American people. Our Founding Fathers created a ‘free’ market system where power over money was decentralized (silver/gold were chosen to assure this decentralization). The idea of one dictator over money creation (a Ben Bernanke type) emerging who could dominate monetary issues was anathema to the philosophy of our Founders (especially Thomas Jefferson) .

Mostly one person, the Chairman of the FED, has operational control and power over all American monetary issues! Money from ‘nothing’ is the modus operandi of this legal entity! Watch:

What we now need to recognize is that an ‘unconstitutional’ legal entity has emerged from the Congressional legislation of 1913. This ‘unconstitutional’ entity is what we call THE FED. Our FED is a centralized entity and is mostly controlled (operationally) by a banking cartel which now functions internationally. This money cartel is made up of all the Central Banks on this planet along with the Bank of Central Banks which we call the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) in Basel, Switzerland. What is now emerging globally is a centralized monstrosity for the entire planet which we can call the NWO (NEW WORLD ORDER) with a central digital currency for the entire planet. This emerging entity has been part and parcel of the philosophy of select elites who desire to RULE our Planet. Think about what is now emerging globally! I am:

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