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Max Keiser reveals ‘truth’ about J.P. Morgan and more! Watch!

September 16, 2013

Watch this video from RT Media (9/12/13) with Max Keiser and his presentation on the issues of gold/silver manipulation and much more:

The corruption within Wall Street is exposed by Max!

Max Keiser reveals how silver and gold are manipulated by global banks such as J. P. Morgan Chase! This video was recorded on 9/12/13 and was obtained from the website. A must watch!

If you desire info on the silver/gold manipulations by J. P. Morgan, et al you can fast forward the video to the 12:30 time point (the first 12:30 minutes are mostly views on our political situations). Max interviews Turd Ferguson, TF Metals, on the short positions of silver and the coming explosive price increases that are coming in gold and silver (as the corruption within our banking system gets exposed). We could witness the beginning of these explosive price increases within the next 30-45 days. Now may be a great time to purchase your positions in silver, gold, mining stocks, and such ETFs as SLV and GLD. We could witness many bullion banks changing their trading positions from ‘short’ to ‘long’ in the next 30-45 days. This could start an explosive (manipulated) upward price increase in the ‘spot prices’ of silver and gold.

The silver ‘spot price’ is currently $21.95 as of 9/16/13. The gold spot is $1315. 70. These prices are most likely near a bottom for 2013. Both gold and silver should start a run towards their previous highs and then surpass these highs in 2014. Keep in mind that any increases should be viewed as manipulated increases, however! There is no free market in gold or silver today. All is manipulated and machine driven. Volatility is ubiquitous!

TF Metals and Turd Ferguson provide us with an overview of our financial situation as of 9/11/2013. You can watch this video at: Message: Now is the time to get prepared for the coming collapse in the global markets. I agree with Turd that now is the time to ignore the main media pundits and start thinking for yourself. The primary media presenters have no interest in telling you the deeper realities of the markets.

In conclusion, we can summarize our financial situation as follows:

1. Most prices of core commodities, stocks, and derivatives are manipulated (to some degree) via programmed algorithms and HFT computers. This is mostly done in real-time (daily). Computer trading can accomplish this manipulation. For updates on algorithmic trading and why machines now control our markets go to YouTube and plug-in the words ‘algorithmic trading’.

2. The Central Banks (mostly our Fed, the Bank of England, and the BIS) dislike any upward price momentum for silver and gold. Global financial stability could be affected if historical gold and silver prices were to explode to the upside. This means that these prices must be manipulated within a range acceptable to these elite Authorities. With today’s machine driven markets and the control which a select few have over our markets, this price suppression is sound policy for these elites.

3. Manipulation of Au and Ag prices is easy and efficient for a Central Bank trading desk and/or their Proxies since our money units today are digital and created from consciousness (out of the mindset of these elites). There is no physical limitation which prevents new currency units from being arbitrarily created. A stroke of an electronic computer key can initiate a naked short sale to suppress these prices in real-time. Near zero interest rates (for an elite proxy bank or hedge fund) allows these entities the option to manipulate prices for their immediate gain.

4. The desire for many wise investors to hedge a collapse of our imaginary financial system will likely create a situation (soon) where all the physical silver and gold will be removed from bullion bank warehouses and stored separately to avoid the ‘paper’ (digital) system of phantom trading of gold and silver (now so prevalent). Updates on this situation is available at:

5. We could be near the END of price suppression of Au and Ag as practically every pundit who understands our manipulated markets is exposing the daily manipulations. Apparently, J. P. Morgan’s trading desk is now going ‘long’ on their gold positions. If this is true, we could witness an explosion UP in the manipulated gold price soon. Go to: for updates on all the manipulations and price suppression schemes. Click the Broadcast Tab (far right).

Keep watching our manipulated markets for further signs of the coming collapse of our imaginary global markets. The reality of a major collapse is obvious to those of us who are current on all these monetary events. For you who are not current, keep visiting my blog for regular updates: I am:

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  1. jeff permalink
    June 11, 2014 7:57 am

    Never read so much confusing smoke in my life. To prove my point, just do a “find” on the word “weight”. Nothing comes up. Too much preoccupation with the word “dollar”. If you don’t like dollars, use weight. Weight is what needs the focus here


    • June 11, 2014 12:48 pm

      Jeff: I don’t know what you mean by using ‘weight’. Our dollar has no ‘weight’. D


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