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Computer strategies slam SILVER price some 6%!

September 12, 2013

The days of free markets where supply and demand set prices are now over! Today we have computer strategies which control and manipulate prices irrespective of supply and demand. This reality is obvious when watching the silver prices from day-to-day. Take a look at the chart below for September 12, 2013. Follow the green line below:

The Silver Price was slammed down after the opening of the markets some 6% in total (9/12/13). This price reduction is totally a result of computer trading strategies (algorithms and such) and desires (by select trading desks) to slam the price via naked shorts or similar strategies. Demand for silver has been increasing worldwide, yet the digital computer price gets slammed. Why are markets now so different from prior periods?

One reason why markets are so different is the concept we call the Algorithm. Our currency unit today is a ‘number’ or ‘digit’ in the computer screen. This type of money system allows math formulae to dominate the ‘pricing’ of items that are traded. A commodity like gold or silver represents historical money. The central authorities do not desire that ‘confidence’ in these historical monies be given any momentum. They can control the ‘prices’ today within our digital cyberspace markets via algorithms and similar HFT trading strategies.

What we need to understand is the nature of our MONEY today. I find few traders and market pundits who understand our money system. What we have today (as a result of our computer technologies) is a new digital system of currencies and trading. Our digital system has evolved (mostly these past 15 years) into a global computer driven trading system. This system operates with math formulae, algorithms, and casino type trading strategies. Today, a select Central Bank, Dealer Bank, or Hedge Fund can use trading strategies to pump up and/or slam prices by using trading strategies like a ‘put’, ‘short’, ‘naked short’, or a programed ‘algorithm’. These strategies can slam the price of a commodity like gold, silver, oil, copper, or similar items simply via a programmed computer strategy.

Our digital cyberspace money (currencies) are ‘imaginary’ units created from Consciousness. Who understands that our money today is ‘imaginary’ and within our ‘consciousness’. Money has evolved into a no-thing (metaphysical) unit which does not EXIST within our physical/material UNIVERSE. Try find or discover that which does not EXIST!

The one person who probably understands our current metaphysical monetary system is Ben Shalom Bernanke. Ben seems to understand our monetary non-system and he is very effective at manipulating this non-system for the benefit of those in power and control. Ben realizes that our dollar is a digit within the computer screen which emerges from his FOMC committee and his directives. We have watched Ben in operation now for some 6 years and everyone seems to like this dictator over our dollar and its value. It’s too bad that Ben will soon be stepping down from his elevated perch at the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America. I think many would like him to retain this position! I would think, however, that Ben may continue to serve us on the Board of Governor’s. We will see in January, 2014.

Ben Shalom Bernanke has done a yeoman’s job at the Fed with his QE (counterfeiting) policies! Where would we be today without these operations of Ben called QE, QE1, QE2, QE3, and QE4?

If you desire to understand our current non-system better, please don’t hesitate to review my blog for further articles and insight into today’s casino markets. I am:

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