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Ninety-Six (96%) of all ‘money’ transactions now in CYBERSPACE!

September 6, 2013

What is ‘cyberspace’ and why is our ‘money’ now mostly a metaphor (unreal and metaphysical)? Since the 1980’s with the advent of computers and digitization, our money units have evolved into no-thing units within ‘cyberspace’. Today, some 96% of all money transactions are within ‘cyberspace’ and mostly invisible to the average consumer/investor. If you look at your computer screen (now) you will witness my missive as words and symbols. These words and symbols are merely an extension of my inner consciousness (my ‘mind’). This same situation has developed for our worldwide financial system. Money has become a ‘name’, ‘number’, and ‘symbol’. These metaphysical units are circulated and transmitted from computer to computer. This is CYBERSPACE! Let’s define ‘cyberspace’ for more clarity:

Cyberspace can be viewed as an ‘extension’ of the human mind (a virtual experience).  It also can be interpreted as an experience with the computer screen or between multi-computer screens.

Cyberspace:  A metaphor for describing the non-physical terrain created by computer systems. Online systems, for example, create a cyberspace within which people can communicate with one another (via e-mail), do research, or simply window shop. Like physical space, cyberspace contains objects (files, mail messages, graphics, etc.) and different modes of transportation and delivery. Unlike real space, though, exploring cyberspace does not require any physical movement other than pressing keys on a keyboard or moving a mouse.

Cyberspace:  A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts… A graphic representation of data abstracted from the banks of every computer in the human system. Unthinkable complexity. Lines of light ranged in the nonspace of the mind, clusters and constellations of data. Like city lights, receding.

Cyberspace:  Cyberspace describes the flow of digital data through the network of interconnected computers: it is at once not “real”, since one could not spatially locate it as a tangible object, and clearly “real” in its effects. Secondly, cyberspace is the site of computer-mediated communication (CMC), in which online relationships and alternative forms of online identity were enacted, raising important questions about the social psychology of internet use, the relationship between “online” and “offline” forms of life and interaction, and the relationship between the “real” and the virtual.

Basically, we can say that ‘cyberspace’ is an experience which we have when we turn-on our Smartphone, Laptop, or Computer. This experience is actually similar to an extension of our MIND or CONSCIOUSNESS (into the computer screen) with no physical factors involved. The computer screen becomes part of our ‘inner’ WORLD. Cyberspace does not EXIST in physical reality. Cyberspace could be viewed as spiritual/inner/metaphysical in nature. When I turn off my computer I am turning off my experience with you and whoever reads this missive. The messages, however, can be internalized and knowledge and meaning can develop from the experience.

A humorous picture of cyberspace which conveys its metaphysical reality!

Today, our money, debt, stocks, bonds, derivatives, currencies, etc. are ALL mostly within CYBERSPACE (this invisible, non-physical, metaphorical space). This means that 96% of all money transactions now reside within a CLOSED paradigm of metaphysical ‘space’. Banksters are the real administrators of this ‘closed’ space of digits, light pulses, and invisible frequencies. What a change from our original Jeffersonian model of an OPEN monetary system. Thomas Jefferson created an ‘open’ system which existed within PHYSICAL/observable spacetime. Silver and gold were the objects which existed within spacetime (an ‘open’ environment) and which were then chosen as units for trade, exchange, investing, and saving.

We can experience cyberspace within our computer screens as we communicate in spacetime reality!

Historically, we lived with physical money units (which existed) and anyone could discover silver or gold (via panning, digging, or mining) and then convert these precious metals (discoveries) into minted coins for our legal tender. This was an OPEN system for everyone to participate in and where confidence emerged from hard work and human effort. Today, we live with a CLOSED system where banksters control some 96% of all monetary transactions. Control and administration is accomplished via digitization of currency units by select bankster administrators. Select authorities now add and subtract digital money units via merely pressing computer keys. Who is aware of this change in our monetary system?

All Central Banks (what I call Banksters) now digitize money via the computer (merely pressing computer keys).

We witness this change via the manipulations done by our Chairman of the Federal Reserve System (called QE). Only this ONE person (with committee approval) can order the input of new money units into Cyberspace via a master computer at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Only Ben Bernanke has the authority (with his FOMC committee approval) to order new money units into circulation via digitization (what we call QE). To date our FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) with mostly Ben Bernanke at the helm have digitized mult–trillions of metaphorical currency units into our invisible monetary economy. Trillions of units (called ‘dollars’) have emerged into the computer screens of our worldwide electronic markets (cyberspace) for further manipulation of ‘prices’ and ‘values’ of accounting book ASSETS.

Digitization of new money units starts with the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC).

Who is aware of what is now developing for our Global Financial Non-System? Our money has evolved into NOTHING and is located NOWHERE (within our physical spacetime universe). Who can discover, pan, dig, mine…a metaphorical dollar? Who can reach within the computer screen and touch, hold, or observe the mental abstraction which we call our ‘dollar’? What is money today when select authorities can create invisible units from their consciousness and then digitize these units via pressing computer keys. Where does this lead our Nation and the World going forward? Can non-physical money fulfill the functions which money must accomplish? Personally, I don’t think so!

Historically, money creation was an ‘open’ process where anyone could pan for silver and/or gold and then have an authorized  mint create coins for the market. This was the open system which Thomas Jefferson and our First Congress created via the Coinage Act of 1792. This then was embedded within our Constitution as Article I, Section 8. Today, we have a ‘closed’ system where only select banksters can create (digitize) our currency units.

I just noticed (on my TV) that Christina Romer, Professor of Economics at University of California, was on CNBC. Her perception is much different from mine. She is very positive about our Fed and states that this organization is a model of democracy. From her perspective, she views Janet Yellon as exceptionally qualified for administering the 2014 Fed…and she views the Fed and the FOMC as an open and democratic institution. Perception and understanding is different for each person when it comes to finance and economics. Personally, I see the Fed and all Central Banking institutions as mostly corrupt operations. Certainly, our founding Father of money, Thomas Jefferson, would probably agree with my perception! We now live with a ‘closed’ system of money creation whereas T.J. created an ‘open’ system. Quite a difference in perspective emerges from how one views reality!

In conclusion, we now live with some 96% of money transactions being within cyberspace. Virtual reality and mental abstractions have replaced observable/physical/spacetime reality. Banksters have taken over our monetary system and created a ‘closed loop’ system which only allows these banksters to administer the system. All this is totally detrimental to our personal freedoms and leads eventually to a ONE WORLD ELECTRONIC SYSTEM for the planet. Few seem to recognize the trends now in motion. We need to understand all the changes which have evolved these past 15 years and then internalize the consequences which will develop as a result of this ‘closed’ system. Money rules our planet and those in control of the money system (now mostly banksters) will determine our FUTURE! I am:

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