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Confronting Syria – is military ‘might’ the right answer?

August 31, 2013

The traditional solution for Nations (in conflict) is to confront a perceived enemy with overwhelming might (guns) and then claim VICTORY if guns produce temporary success for the victor. But is this strategy one that promotes lasting peace and resolves future conflicts? Does killing my/your enemy and then claiming ‘victory’ work in today’s world of diverse ideologies and beliefs? What would be accomplished by sending in hundreds of cruise missiles into the country of Syria and then destroying the air control centers, planes, buildings, fuel depots, electrical grids, and Syria’s military personnel (who occupy these facilities)? Is this an intelligent strategy for a Nation like America which has a tradition of doing what is morally and ethically proper (generally)? Personally, I do not think that bombing Syria and destroying their infrastructure will solve anything! All this will do is create a bigger conflict with more hatred and animosity (against the USA) from people everywhere! let’s review some details for my/your consideration on this issue.

Barrels of assumed chemical weapons in Syria. Did Bashar Al-Assad order the use of these chemicals on August 21, 2013? Why and How? What is the ‘hard’ evidence for the world to witness? Show us!

Secretary Kerry said the following to justify a military response on the issue of chemical weapons in Syria:  Kerry said that “if a thug and a murderer like Bashar al-Assad can gas thousands of his own people with impunity,” it would set a bad example for others, such as Iran, Hezbollah and North Korea. – See more at:

The geographical area of Syria is not our problem! Specific leaders who ordered the chemical weapons to be used are the problem! Who were these leader(s) and why did they act in this manner? What is the specific hard evidence? Show the world! To date I have not seen what I call ‘hard’ evidence (only verbal assurances)!

America’s military ‘might’ is awesome and can destroy physical structures and people in the area of attack…but is this a wise and ethical response from our Nation in today’s world of instant awareness (our WWW)? Will our ‘might’ make the problem (chemical weapons) disappear? I don’t think so!

President Obama represents America and President Assad represents Syria. Does killing Assad or destroying his military assets solve the issue of chemical weapons (long-term)? Can America claim ‘victory’ via our Guns and Weapons (on this issue or others) and solve the issues of conflict between nations?

Is Secretary Kerry adopting a wise and meaningful philosophy by asking Americans to support a military solution for a decision-making conflict between world leaders? He claims to have hard evidence for his viewpoint and his wisdom of retribution against Assad (who he calls a thug)…but where is this hard evidence for the world to witness?

My first sense is that we need to differentiate between the geographical area called Syria and the official authorities who ordered the killing of hundreds of Syrian citizens via chemical weapons. Let’s first of all discover and identify the specific officials who ordered this massacre. Who specifically ordered and allowed these chemical weapons to be used and why? Are we absolutely positive (with near 100% assurance) that Bashar Assad did this? If so, we need evidence (via the internet) that convinces me and those who desire this evidence. To date, I have no convincing evidence that Bashar Assad ordered this horrible event. To send in bombs, cruise missiles, explosives and such without absolute assurance that Assad was the perpetrator is not considered wise by this writer. And even if Assad was the perpetrator of this horrible event, I would not support a policy of ‘might’ makes right to resolve this issue. Might makes right is NOT a viable solution in today’s internet society. All this would accomplish is a temporary ‘feeling’ of victory and then the consequences would develop for months and years.

Was Bashar Al-Assad the leader who ordered the chemical weapons to be used? What is the hard evidence which would convince me? And if the evidence points with near 100% assurance to Assad, is a solution of bombing and cruise missiles the wise response? How would this response solve anything long-term?

A U.S.A. aircraft carrier with operational power to destroy Syrian military assets and more! Might makes right has been the philosophy of America in recent years! Is this strategy going to work in today’s world?

America’s foreign policy is based on military might, awesome power, and control over our opponents! America has some 800 military bases around our planet for their mission of ruling the planet and promoting ‘democracy’. Will this mentality create a world of peace, liberty, and happiness for our planet? Personally, I don’t view this policy as a policy of wisdom! Can power, might, control, and weapons produce the results outlined in our Declaration?

The United Nations (formed in 1945 and located along New York harbor, USA) was designed to solve issues of global conflict. This dream of FDR and others has not worked to date. Will a World Government solve mankind’s problems and disagreements? Can a one world military strongman resolve issues of the human spirit? I don’t see it!

The U.N. Security Council (15 members) is supposed to rule on issues of international conflict! The problem is that this body of leaders can not agree on much! This leaves a Super Power like America to administer punishment when Nations disagree. America is the sole Super Power on our planet as of today! What is our goal in this internet age of information? Can America govern the planet via their strategies?

The days of killing our enemy with a spirit of self-righteousness (i.e., a spirit of ‘I am right’ and ‘you are wrong’) so that our Nation can claim a temporary victory does not seem like a policy of wisdom. Wisdom says that we need to confront the leaders of Syria with real tangible evidence (if we have it) and then appeal to the world community for a resolution based on this evidence. The larger community of thinkers can then review the evidence and provide wise and non-military ideas for resolution of the problem. I think that Assad and his people would respect the will of the greater world community and their wisdom so that appropriate action could emerge. What we need today is more wisdom in resolving difficult issues of international conflicts and disagreements. Guns and Military MIGHT are unlikely to resolve this issue or any future issue of this nature. Give this missive some reflection at your convenience! I am:

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  1. September 3, 2013 2:56 pm

    The situation in Syria is problematic. I agree, hard evidence should be presented (I like transperancy). Letting Congress participate in the decision to strike against Syria is smart/right (I assume Congress will be presented real evidence). Still, UN is the proper place for solving this kind of questions.It is most important that all leaders contribute to make UN an efficient organisation. Remember, no decision is also a decision 😉


    • September 3, 2013 5:14 pm

      Personally, I think that we have no hard evidence as of today. Russia (Putin) also seems to think our evidence is mostly circumstantial. I doubt that we will get any hard evidence as politicians will do what they desire, irrespective.


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