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Political/Banking ‘Authorities’ like Virtual (imaginary) MONEY!

August 29, 2013

Today, I went to Wells Fargo and activated what is called ‘Sure Pay’. J.P. Morgan Chase has a similar option called ‘Quickpay’. These new options have evolved from the virtual (imaginary) money system which we now experience globally. With Sure Pay I can send money symbols directly from my Wells Fargo account to any recipient on this planet. All I need is the recipients account number (more symbols). Money symbols will then leave my computer account (via the speed of light) and enter my recipients account (the computer screen at their bank). This is a peer-to-peer process and is direct and instantaneous. All this is made possible because we now live with virtual/imaginary money symbols.

Quickpay (and Sure Pay) are virtual tools for sending and/or receiving money symbols to/from anyone on our planet! It’s all done via the computer and is as easy as sending an email. Money flows from one computer to the next! All this is possible because we now live with virtual currencies as our money units!

We now live in a global marketplace where money transactions have evolved into digital information and this data can be transmitted from sender to receiver at the speed of light. This new paradigm is now used for trading stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, and for consumer spending transactions. The old paradigm of paper notes, metal coins, and silver/gold currencies have been replaced with a new paradigm of virtual/imaginary reality. The computer screen is now the means for most of our money symbol transactions. Smartphones are now designed with algorithmic apps which allow instant transfers of our money symbols from sender to recipient.

We now live in a global village where virtual reality has replaced physical reality. Who is aware? Where is this leading? Will a central global financial authority emerge in the near future for our planet?

I now have an app on my Smartphone which allows me to send my money symbols directly from Wells Fargo Bank to any recipient on this planet. All I need for a transaction is the recipients email address and/or account number. This is often called bill pay or similar. All the major banks are now promoting this new technology for their customers to use. Why use physical money units when virtual money symbols are so much faster and easier? This is the message that is being promoted by all the major banking institutions today. Soon the entire planet will be connected with computers and apps which allow virtual money symbols to be transmitted for all money transactions. Employers will use this system for depositing all payroll funds. Consumers will use this system for paying all their bills.

Smartphone apps use algorithms to create instant transmission of data and information. Quickpay (Chase) and Sure Pay (Wells Fargo) are two options for sending money symbols from one’s Smartphone.

All global trading has evolved into a virtual trading market. Computers and money symbols have replaced all physical currency units. All this is beneficial for consumers and traders who desire instant money transactions. Our political authorities also like this system as it can evolve into a Global System (a one world financial system) which can be controlled by select global authorities who desire to rule this planet. Money rules this planet and political and banking authorities need a centralized virtual Authority for a system of virtual symbols to work. Our current bifurcated system is crumbling and collapsing as the debt accumulated by our political leaders can not be repaid. Everyone (who is aware of how our system has evolved) realizes that our current debt based system must collapse and fail.

Physical money units are now only 4% of all money transactions. They will soon be obsolete if our Political and Banking authorities get their dream system operational (called a One World Central Financial System). 

Most global trading and currency transactions are now done via the computer screen. This paradigm could be called our virtual monetary system. Our money symbols are virtual/imaginary and within the computer screen.

The trend in motion at this time is virtual money for the entire planet. The days of silver and gold will soon be relegated to the bin of history (if our political authorities and the banking cartel get their desire). Our only hope for a different economic paradigm hinges on people becoming AWARE that a virtual money system leads to subservience and slavery for the common man. When the virtual money system becomes Global and Centralized we all become slaves of this ‘symbol’ system. To buy or sell will require that we have virtual currency symbols as the means of payment. The Central Authorities will then monitor, manipulate, and control the entire planet. This is what is emerging at this time. Who is Aware? I am:

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