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TARGET ‘Assad’ – says Stephens of the WSJ!

August 27, 2013

This idea of targeting Assad and his family is ‘pure’ folly and foolishness! It is also extremely dangerous for the USA, the Obama administration, and all of us citizens. Bret Stephens has written an opinion article in the Wall Street Journal (today) expressing the concept of targeting Assad, his brother, Maher Assad, and the Assad family. First of all, targeting Bashar Assad via a missile and/or a drone would NOT destroy the ‘ideology’ of Assad and those who agree with Assad’s philosophy. Killing my/your body/brain does not eliminate the ‘ideas’ within my/your Consciousness. To ‘win’ a battle of the mind (spirit), Obama and his cartel of drones would need to ‘kill’ the bodies of everyone who agrees with the ‘ideology’ of Assad. This would mean ‘killing’ millions of human beings who agree with the Assad ‘ideology’ and philosophy. And even all this ‘killing’ would not assure that a ‘tit for tat’ retaliation would not develop. What foolishness is now being proposed by our Western World Politicians!

Bashar Assad and his spouse in Syria! Killing this person will not create peace and/or a resolution to the Civil War and all the disagreements within Syria or the Middle East! This is pure folly and foolishness! We now live in a world of real-time information and diverse opinions! Can the U.S.A. ‘solve’ human problems with their GUNS?

The Alawites (a sect within the Shia Islamic tradition) is an ideology which can not be eliminated via any type of military strategy. All ideologies are derived from within the human ‘spirit’ and transcend one’s body/brain! Killing the body/brain will NOT eliminate the ‘ideology’!

Our World has now entered a new phase of human awareness. The entire World community is now aware (via the internet) of all actions taken (by our politicians) to ‘solve’ human problems. Attempting to solve a problem which transcends matter/energy (our body/brain) is futile via traditional weapons of mass destruction (guns, missiles, drones, etc.). The human ‘spirit’ (consciousness) transcends the body/brain and can NOT be ‘killed’ via any of these methods. I can’t believe that Obama and his minions lack this understanding. But apparently they do lack this understanding as it appears that some type of weapons attack against Assad and Syria is imminent! This strategy is absolute foolishness and extremely dangerous for everyone on this planet.


Can Obama and his minions SOLVE a problem of the human ‘spirit’? What will be the consequences of a military attack against Assad, his family, and the Nation of Syria? Can a surgical strike work given today’s instant information society? What could be the ‘tit for tat’ consequences after any U.S. (and coalition) action?

The chemical killing in Syria is a serious human problem. But can guns, drones, and missiles solve this type of problem? Does more ‘killing’ produce a solution to this issue? I don’t think so!

Who actually used the chemical weapons  in Syria? Does anyone know with certainty? This is another issue that can create hysteria within the media and within political circles. Who, however, actually made the decision to use these chemicals? Shouldn’t a definitive answer to this question be resolved prior to any further action?

Other advisors are waking up to the futility of using our military might to solve ‘inner’ human problems!

Would a non-military option work to resolve some of the issues within the Middle East? Does a military option work in today’s World? Who wins via a military strategy? More drones and missiles are unlikely to solve anything which pertains to the human ‘spirit’! Diverse opinions are part of the human condition!

The problem we now experience in real-time is a centralized decision-making process which centers around mostly ONE politician and his advisors. This one person and his advisors could create a situation where every person on this planet is affected by the decisions taken. Every person (now some 7 billion) will be fully aware (via our worldwide internet) of whatever action is taken by the USA and its minions (called a coalition of the Western Nations). And awareness will create diverse opinions and concerns. Can Obama and his military advisors avoid any of these consequences (after action is taken)? I don’t think so! Consequences will be global and instant given today’s technology. The old days of an attack against another military machine is obsolete given today’s real-time information system and the diverse ideologies on this planet. Personally, I think that ANY ‘might makes right’ strategy devised by Obama and his minions will totally backfire! That is my opinion!

President Obama and his advisors strategizing over the situation in Syria. Can any military strategy work in today’s world of real-time information and diverse opinions and ideologies? Will a drone strike attempting to ‘kill’ Bashar Assad create a solution to the issues?

Do we now need to think differently about resolving human problems? The common man desires ‘freedom’ and acceptance of each individual person. Religion, Politics, and Human Nature seems to desire a FINAL SOLUTION to all human problems. Is this possible and/or a wise alternative given today’s World? Watch the media for new developments in this drama. It’s a real mess!  I am:

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  1. September 20, 2014 3:20 pm

    I fully agree with your sentiments. The ideological issues in the Middle East can not be resolved with bombs or missiles. D



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