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NASDAQ trading halt reveals our precarious trading system!

August 22, 2013

The entire Global Trading Market could bring us back to Barter (instantaneously) via official decisions to shut down the Exchanges. Today, we have imaginary money and casino type trading within a virtual/computer driven system. The three-hour trading halt (today) at the NASDAQ Exchange reveals what could happen in the near future. Our entire trading system is now vulnerable to the decisions of our Centralized Authorities who control all our Electronic Exchanges. Check out this Reuters report:

The NASDAQ headquarters in New York City. Owned by NASDAQ OMX Group. This Exchange has a $4.45 trillion market capitalization. 

If the computer system is infected with a serious virus and/or software malfunction the entire electronic trading markets could be shut down and (in theory) all trades could be cancelled. This could bring us back to a BARTER mentality in seconds. Think about this! Our entire trading/monetary system is now mostly electronic and our money is imaginary. It would be easy to bring the entire planet back to a BARTER environment with no digital money units available for use.

NASDAQ shut down for three hours revealing the nature of our electronic/virtual markets!

Today, the NASDAQ authorities halted trading for some three hours and this meant that no activity was allowed. This means that no money could be made or lost during this time period. This reveals the nature of our virtual/digital casino type markets to anyone who is a student of trading and money. Today, we have mostly electronic/computer driven trading for mostly everything. The electronic exchanges include, NYSE Euronext, NYSE Arca, NASDAQ, ICE, Globex, CBOT, Currenex, FXall, etc. Practically all stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, and derivatives are now traded electronically…and digital/imaginary money units are the medium of exchange. What a change from the recent past.

All our trading and currency markets are now mostly virtual/electronic/digital and use virtual currencies as the money unit for transactions. This makes all markets vulnerable to a shut-down.

We used to have real traders negotiating sell/buy orders within trading pits and using an open outcry system. This has now mostly vanished as we have replaced all human traders with the computer, trading platforms, and virtual software programs. What a change and what a difference this makes for our Global economy. The entire purpose and role of money has been replaced with casino type trading strategies and virtual currencies. Who is aware of this change and the significance of this change. Today, our Exchanges and our Trading could be shut down and our money transactions could be halted by select Authorities. Since money today is imaginary and within the computer screen all monetary transactions are subject to our computers and their functioning.

The historic open outcry trading system has vanished (mostly since 2008) with our new computer technologies! What a change this has made for Capitalism and Economics! Machines have replaced human beings!

In theory, the entire computer trading system could be shut down and all money transactions halted instantaneously within real-time. Where is your money if the computer screen is shut down? Where is your money if all your savings are stored electronically? Where is your money if you need gas and the station computer system is shut down? Where is your money if your bank (now totally electronic) has shut their computer down? What is virtual money when the computer is not working and/or a cyber attack shuts down the computer system? What the NASDAQ trading halt reveals is that our entire Global Trading System is vulnerable to being shut down if a serious cyber attack were to occur and/or if Official Authorities choose to shut down the electronic system.

A Cyber Attack on our computer driven markets could shut down the entire system! What then happens to your money? The NASDAQ trading halt reveals the precarious nature of today’s monetary system!

Is our current virtual/imaginary monetary system a viable system going forward? Why should the wise investor think about obtaining some silver and gold coins for a potential emergency? Silver and/or gold coins are not virtual and they are not imaginary units. These items EXIST in real-time and they are not subject to a computer trading halt. Paper notes are also another option that could become necessary in the event of a systemic shut down. Think about the nature of your money units. Notice the difference between the virtual/digital dollar and the paper dollar. Notice the difference between a silver or gold coin and a virtual unit within your computer screen. Now is the time to understand these differences. That is my message for today! I am:

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