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Human Nature Revealed – part #3

August 20, 2013

Human nature is the core of individual reality and it reveals how we think and act in real-time. In part #1 we covered the concept of NOW. Human beings always live in the NOW moment with their bodies but only partially with their minds/consciousness. The human mind tends to wander from ‘past’ to ‘future’ without really focusing on the ‘now moment’ (for more than short periods) . In fact, most human beings prefer to live in their ‘past’ memories and/or their ‘future’ expectations (rather than the now moment). This mindset (past/future) is typical (for most) as living in the ‘now’ means dealing with the many ‘problems’ which confront each of us daily. Problems are not viewed as positive by most humans. Problems, however, need to be embraced…not avoided as problems are the real ‘stuff’ of life!

Problems are the ‘stuff’ of life. We need ‘problems’ to survive on this planet. Eliminate all ‘problems’ and life becomes unnecessary. Today, mankind has unlimited ‘problems’ to resolve. We need to embrace ‘problems’ as ‘problems’ create work, thinking, and creativity for every human being. Problems will continue indefinitely as long as we live on this planet!

Most humans prefer to avoid and/or ignore the ‘now’ problems if at all possible. In reality, however, the ‘now’ problems are the real stuff of life. And everyone has their mix of ‘now’ problems (health issues, money issues, political issues, survival issues, relationship issues, etc.). Human Nature, it seems, prefers the illusion of living within a mindset of either ‘past’ or ‘future’ to avoid the ‘now’ problems of life. This mindset of human nature is ubiquitous to any serious observer of real-time events. Read from this link to get a better understanding of the importance of living in the now: The future of mankind depends upon people who discern the NOW and live in the NOW (from moment to moment)!

People who live in the NOW for brief moments discover a deeper sense of reality. Why? Because the NOW is all we have on this planet! There is NO ‘past’ or ‘future’. Past/Future are illusions of one’s mind. There is also NO rapture of our bodies into space (as many prophecy experts assert) as this would render God’s law of gravity an illusion/fantasy! Those who espouse the ‘rapture’ theory are not living in the NOW!

In part #2 of human nature we covered the view that human beings (especially those in power) desire SOLUTIONS for every problem which emerges. This mindset creates the desire to SOLVE the problems of life in some ‘final’ fashion. Human nature repeats incessantly the words:  What is the Solution? Don’t tell me about Problems…tell me…What is the Solution (this is the mindset of almost every Strongman/Leader on this planet). Politicians desire to SOLVE the issues of divergent beliefs and behaviors by forcing their constituents to ‘bow’ to their politically correct dogmas (solutions). Bow and you can survive for another day. To SOLVE a political problem requires that all constituents accept the EDICTS and Dogmas of those in power and control. Those in POWER positions want to create another SOLUTION for everyone to accept and ‘bow’ down to. Freedom (in a relative sense) emerges for the Power Brokers…but Slavery emerges for the servant class. Do we want to continue under the slavery of political strongmen forever?

Freedom can never arrive in the NOW (for the common people) if politicians CONTROL one’s life, movement, destiny, and thoughts! What is human Government but a System where the Strongmen enjoy relative ‘freedom’ and the common man is servant/slave! Think it through based on prior events from History! Notice the history above…after 143 years slavery is replaced with new forms of slavery! When does this END? Reality is always NOW and freedom demands that we abandon the control of strongmen (now)!

We witness the final solution mentality in the areas of Science and Religion. Science desires to Solve all issues of reality via a single ‘unified’ theory. This theory then must be taught and forced (via education) upon everyone (via the political system in power). Religion does similar with their dogmas and versions of ‘truth’. There must be a ‘final’ solution for our society and planet (says human nature). Science prefers this final solution to be some material ‘unified’ theory. Religion prefers a new world with the righteous in power and control. Human nature views the ‘righteous’ as those who adopt a belief system similar to those who are blessed with ‘right’ interpretations of reality. Who, however, has a ‘right’ view of reality? Is it Atheism, theism, deism, Islamism, Judaism, pantheism, christianity, buddhism, or what?

Science has not found final reality as of today (now). The NOW implies that final reality is beyond the human ken. Human nature is incapable of discovering FINAL REALITY. In fact, final reality would mean DEATH for everyone! Why live if all reality has arrived in some FINAL form? Where is the wonder, hope, destiny?

Watch this video for more details about a person who views himself as ‘righteous’ and one who claims to know final truth: This video presents one of the best sermons that I have heard on the concepts of telling the TRUTH. Pastor Rice has assumed that he can interpret scripture (which he views as words from God) and then tell the absolute TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH. What does this reveal about human nature? Can any person on this planet actually tell or enunciate absolute TRUTH? Can a Pastor read words in a Holy Book and then assume that he/she has absolute TRUTH directly from God (our Creator)?

If you listen to this video from beginning to end, think about all the other Pastors on this planet who also assume that their interpretations of scripture are absolute TRUTH. Every Pastor, theologian, or religious leader must interpret words in scripture. Does any Pastor, et al have the ability to enunciate final (absolute) truth? Who is capable of telling me/you the FINAL truth on any issue of life? Think about this as a real-time event. Who, on this planet (right now) can actually enunciate absolute TRUTH? I am still seeking ONE person on this planet with this capability. To date, I have discovered NONE! What does this suggest about the Human Nature of all these Truth tellers?

Who can read words in Scripture and then provide absolute (final) TRUTH for the human race? Can man replace the Creator of man as the Source of Truth? Can man (in real-time) derive TRUTH which only God understands? Who is the SOURCE of TRUTH (right Now)? How can man (in real-time) derive any final (absolute) TRUTH? Is final (absolute) TRUTH an illusion for human beings? What do you think?

Now let’s expand our thinking into another area of Human Nature for part #3. This area is our paradoxical mindset and thinking. For example: human nature wants to create a ‘unity’ consciousness via their religious/scientific dogmas and doctrines. Unity and Truth is what is desired via the methods of ‘playing God’ in real-time. A religious leader (I’ll call this person a ‘Strongman’) wants to ‘sell’ the idea that their ‘truth’ (if adopted and internalized in real-time) will create ‘unity’ (and peace) among all mankind. We witness this mindset of human nature in our churches, mosques, and synagogues around our planet.

This ‘appears’ sound and desirable on the surface…but does this mindset lead to this RESULT? In reality, this mindset leads to a ‘select group’ securing POWER and CONTROL over everyone via a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT! The words above lead to deception because of our paradoxical Human Nature. Watch out for ‘words of love and unity’ going forward! Freedom from ‘group think’ must arrive prior to securing this mindset! The broad road leads to total DESTRUCTION!

The Strongman leader will dominate the issues of how ‘unity’ can be achieved via their message and interpretations of God’s truth or Nature’s truth. Membership in the ‘group think’ organization means that I can be within a select group or within the remnant church which God or Jesus accepts as special/unique/final.  The ‘playing God’ leader then grows and expands his/her empire via this message of ‘unity’, ‘peace’, and ‘salvation’ (all practiced in real-time but with a ‘past/future’ mindset). The assumption is that this Strongman has ALL THE ANSWERS! Is this REALITY or ILLUSION?

The message of ‘love’, ‘unity’, and ‘freedom’ from Pastors such as the above leads to ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT! The ‘many’ will ‘fall’ for this deception! Human Nature assumes that WORDS are reality. Words, however, often LEAD to a result opposite of what is spoken from one’s MOUTH. Reality is paradoxical and few perceive this trait of Human Nature! Prepare for much deception via ‘words’ going forward! Good intentions are often a deception! Beware!

Science does similar via their ideas of a materialistic world that only they understand. Science usually separates themselves from religion so they can appear to be ‘objective’ with their concepts and dogmas. Science tends to ‘play God’ in a similar manner as Religion except they claim that their sphere of influence is mostly ‘objective’ and self-correcting over time. This paradox of human nature creates a polarized society which tends to choose sides based on their personal biases and prejudices. Those who reject the spheres of Religion tend to choose the spheres of Science. Today we witness this mindset with those who espouse Darwinism and Materialism as the ONLY reality!

Science often assumes that ‘they’ present OBJECTIVE knowledge and philosophy…but is this so? In reality, every scientist is a SUBJECTIVE human being (with a perspective and a bias). Science often likes to DECEIVE the many with their WORDS of pseudo ‘objectivity’. Beware of those who hide behind Science and assumed OBJECTIVITY!

Politics also wants to ‘play God’ with their concepts and dogmas. Politics usually thinks they can bring us ‘peace’ via ‘war’. What a paradox in thinking! They think that they can bring us ‘freedom’ via ‘control’ mechanisms. They think they can bring us prosperity via centralization of power in the hands of so-called ‘experts’. What we witness today are people who desire to reach their personal goals and objectives via RULING others (Politics) yet espousing the view that everyone is Free, an Individual, and Special. Human nature likes to ‘play God’ with their ideas, words, and philosophies. The paradox is that none of this works and will NEVER work. The human race is heading for TOTAL destruction via the mindsets of our current paradoxical human nature. Who is aware of this reality?

The vast majority of mankind ‘falls’ for Group Think solutions! This is another paradoxical situation of Human Nature. Power leads to Control and Control leads to more Slavery. Few seem to discern this paradoxical issue of Human Nature! Freedom can not emerge under current political philosophy and ‘group think’ mentality!

Politics wants a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT for the entire planet under the rulership of some man or men. Science wants the rulership of man under the mindset of materialism and a single unified theory of matter/energy. Religion wants a New World Society under their righteous control and power (either now or after the 2nd coming of their Messiah). Each and every solution of mankind’s problems is being fought out by ‘Strongmen’ who THINK they have the FINAL solution for everyone. Science has their Strongmen, Politics has their Strongmen, and Religion has their Strongmen.

This image and similar could lead to the GREATEST deception in human history! Love, Unity, and Peace and similar ideas (often called ‘unity’ consciousness) seem so positive and progressive to those on the BROAD road of life. In reality, however, this is a HUGE deception and illusion of one’s MIND! Beware of those who espouse a RULE by a Messiah from outer Space (coming as lightning with ‘power’ and ‘glory’)! This message is the biggest Deception in Human History! The entire ESCAPE philosophy of religion is an illusion, deception, and fantasy!

Each persuasion wants to RULE this planet and CONTROL the decision-making process for the planet. The masses of common people are merely ‘pawns’ under the Rulership of these STRONGMEN. We witness this philosophy being played out today in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Mali, Argentina, Italy, France, England, Brasil, Zimbabwe, Russia, USA, etc. Every Nation on this planet has Strongmen who desire to RULE the common man! Strongmen from different philosophies seek to RULE the many. Will any of this philosophy lead to life, liberty, and happiness for the many? Real-time events demonstrate that this mindset of human nature is FOLLY!

Will this Strongman from Egypt called Al-Sisi bring freedom and prosperity to this Nation? Are the Egyptians deceived and unaware of what is emerging for this Nation? Watch as Al-Sisi implements his Strongman tactics on the many! Human Government can not lead to individual freedom, peace, and prosperity!

Let’s use the current situation in Egypt as an example of human nature under the rule of Strongmen. Mubarak was ruler over Egypt for some 30+ years and then was removed from Power. Morsi and his followers obtained rulership via the election process (the ballot) and then Morsi was removed (for absolutism and dogmatism). Currently, the military strongman called Al-Sisi has removed Morsi and now wants to rule the people with his philosophy (secularism). Al-Sisi has killed some 900 fellow citizens (as of today) in his attempt to maintain power, control, and domination over any opponent. What does this REVEAL about our paradoxical human nature?

Does a change in the Political Power Structure bring the people freedom, peace, and prosperity? To date some 900 Egyptians have been killed since Al-Sisi removed Morsi from Power. Can Guns bring stability and freedom?

This seems to reveal that human nature desires to ‘play God’ via politics and via philosophical ideas (this is happening all around our planet to various degrees). The GUNS of strongmen become the MEANS of rulership and control (over the many). In the process hundreds (thousands) of people get killed for challenging the power structure of these strongmen (who control all the Gun Power). Human nature wants to RULE, CONTROL, and DOMINATE the politic hill via their mindset and psychology. Human nature and tradition rules this planet!

Good intentions do not produce peace, freedom, and prosperity for the people. Peace treaties may work for a short period but Human Nature does not ‘bow’ to these political machinations! Human Government is the Problem!

Let’s summarize this missive on the paradoxical issue of Human Nature. What are the lessons to date:

1. We live in the NOW moment (always), yet human nature desires to avoid the NOW problems via a mindset of ‘past’/’future’ thinking. The ‘past’ and the ‘future’ are mostly illusions and fantasies of our MINDS/CONSCIOUSNESS. In Reality we always live our lives in the NOW moment! Successive moments of Now is Reality! Take the time to review this video from Mother Angelica (she is mostly right-on with a few self-deceptions): Mother Angelica does have a relevant message for us all!

2. The stuff of life is our PROBLEMS. Problems are everywhere and/or ubiquitous. Every human being is a ‘problem’ (firstly). We live under the direction of principalities, powers, and forces which are SUPERIOR to us. In other words, we live ‘AT EFFECT’. Each human being is ‘at effect’ and constructs his/her reality from an ‘inner’ program. Psalm 139 says it all. Think on these words and ask yourself if you are ‘AT CAUSE’ or ‘AT EFFECT’ (while living on this Planet)?

O Lord, You have searched me and known me.
2 You know my sitting down and my rising up;
You understand my thought afar off.
3 You comprehend my path and my lying down,
And are acquainted with all my ways.
4 For there is not a word on my tongue,
But behold, O Lord, You know it altogether.
5 You have hedged me behind and before,
And laid Your hand upon me.
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me;
It is high, I cannot attain it.

3. The MIND of human nature is PARADOXICAL. We seek ‘peace’ but ‘war’ results (our methods can not produce ‘peace’). We seek ‘freedom’ but ‘control’ emerges from our political leaders (Strongmen desire to impose their morality and logic on their subjects). We seek ‘truth’ in an absolute form but we deceive ourselves with this mindset (truth with a capital ‘T’ fails every time). We assume that ‘playing God’ (via interpretation of words in Scripture) is final TRUTH, but each expert derives unique and different interpretations from the WORDS! What a PARADOX and what FOLLY! Yet Human Nature does not learn from prior experience (history). No one wants to be viewed as ‘the Problem’! Everyone seems to want to be viewed as ‘the Solution’. What is ‘the Solution’ is our continuing pursuit…and this mindset leads to ‘total human destruction (all life ends up destroyed via this philosophy’)! Never-the-less, we continue with this paradoxical folly!

These WORDS reveal Human Nature and our situation on this Planet! Our SYSTEM is our Problem! The SYSTEM produces our thinking and behavior. We need a New System for this Planet! Kingdom Economics is one great alternative!

That is my missive for today! Give the message some reflection at your leisure. I am:

Some of my perceptions re: our Global Economic Situation:

1. It now appears that the USA Stock Markets have peaked and will return to a lower mean within the next 30-90 days. I expect a 20 to 30% decline in the DOW, S & P 500, NASDAQ, and the other indices. The beginning of a major correction is soon!

2. Gold and Silver prices have now bottomed and should gradually work their way back to a new mean (much higher). The price manipulations, however, may continue to drive these markets down at times. Naked shorts and similar strategies can drive silver and gold prices down if the Central Banks desire this result.

3. The strategies of our Fed (our Centralized manipulator of markets) may not work much longer. Bernanke and his partners in crime are getting more media exposure and this is mostly viewed as negative by the markets. The ‘audit the Fed’ efforts may soon be successful. We do need to expose this corrupt institution ASAP.

4. Real Estate markets have benefited from the lower interest rates in recent years and this caused some price appreciation in 2012 and 2013. I sense that this trend is now over. Real Estate could be in trouble again as the markets are being overbuilt and demand is declining in many areas. Also, interest rates are increasing!

5. Emerging Markets, India, China, and most of Europe are also in serious trouble as consumer demand is not growing. I expect that most global markets will feel the downward effect of USA markets. The U.S. Dollar is still the most sought after currency within these markets. A crash of the markets, however, will expose the ‘dollar’ as an illusion!

6. Our virtual/digital currencies are all imaginary units and I expect that many traders will grasp this reality in 2014. Our markets are now mostly computer driven and digital. This reality is still not grasped by most financial pundits. Since our markets are now mostly digital/virtual, deflation is much more likely than hyper-inflation. This trend should become obvious in 2014 after the U.S. markets crash. Expect continuing Deflation in the USA going forward!

7. To protect your savings and stored wealth during the coming financial Apocalypse you may want to purchase some gold and silver. I don’t think that these metals will be a long-term solution to our economic issues, but they should be viable options during the coming transition period (many years). History reveals that currency units created ‘out of nothing’ and which are digital/virtual in nature can not solve the issues which MONEY must serve (a standard of value and a store of value). Gold and Silver coins can work (as a store of value) during the coming transition years.

Stay current by following this website on a regular basis. I will be attending the Silver Summit in October, 2013 and the Minerals Conference in San Francisco in November 2013. Enjoy!

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