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Understanding Human Nature – part #2

August 12, 2013

The nature of reality is always interpreted in the NOW moment. In my prior missive on Human Nature – part #1…we covered the importance of living in the NOW moment. We covered the reality of our Bodies always being in the NOW moment from morning awakening to morning awakening (the next day). Our metaphysical MINDS, however, are normally NOT living in the NOW moment (except for brief periods and special situations). The human mind usually wanders from Past to Future without stopping to realize that Past and Future are fantasies/imaginations/illusions of our Minds. There is NO Past or Future that our Bodies experience during our lifetime. Bodies always experience the reality of NOW (always). From the origin of MAN until TODAY…the NOW moment represents our reality! Few seem to differentiate between how our Bodies experience life and how our Mind experiences life. Let’s delve further in this paradox for additional understanding.

Our Bodies are always living in the NOW moment. We avoid the NOW (and our problems) by living within our Past memories and our Future expectations. Avoiding the reality of NOW, however, will eventually lead to human destruction! Human nature seems to prefer living within the illusion of Past/Future (mostly)!

The present moment is ALL we have. Time is within the human MIND. Life is always lived in the NOW! The Now means that ‘time’ is an illusion of our Mind’s.

Human nature desires to avoid the negative (problems of life) at all costs. Negative problems originate within our Minds. Most humans view the NOW moment (and successive moments of now) as a painful experience to the metaphysical Mind. The Now reveals that we live with PROBLEMS and that these PROBLEMS continue from day-to-day, week to week, and month to month (continuously). Problems include our ongoing survival issues. We have a problem called ‘eating’. We have a problem called ‘health’. We have a problem called ‘negative emotions’. We have a problem called ‘insufficient money’. We have a problem called ‘difficult relationships’, etc., etc. In other words, life consists of continuing PROBLEMS (of all types and sizes). Problems are viewed by 99%+ as negative…and issues that need to be overcome and or avoided (at all costs). This mindset is built into our psyche from birth to death. What do all these continuing PROBLEMS lead to mentally (within the Now moment)? Eventually, where does this mindset lead for society?

Playing God and attempting to SOLVE all problems leads to the destruction of mankind in time! What is the final problem of human nature? Is it ME, MYSELF, and I?

Ruling the planet is the ultimate goal of human nature! Which Group Think organization will succeed? Islam wants to Rule. Christianity wants to Rule. Science wants to Rule. Who else wants to Rule this planet? Will a One World Government lead to peace, happiness, prosperity, and individual potential?

Mentally, human beings (what I call human nature) desires to get rid of all these on-going ‘problems’ of life. To rid oneself of any particular ‘problem’, we (our human nature) will mentally live within either a Past memory (which is pleasant) or we will live in a Future memory (say an expectation) which is positive and pleasant. Our MINDS have the ability to live outside the box of NOW realities for a time period. To help us with living outside the box of NOW (our continuing problems) we can use drugs, we can use positive thinking, we can fool ourselves with religious ideas of a better future (utopia) and with ideas of science and philosophy which attempt to lead us out of the present moment. We can fool ourselves by belonging to Social Groups which reinforce fantasies and illusions (Rapture groups).

Drugs create a deceptive reality/illusion of life. Do personal problems get solved via escape solutions? Do I need to recognize that “I” am the problem? Would this mindset help with overcoming my problem?

There are groups everywhere which prosper by offering us pseudo escapes from the reality of NOW. Churches produce leaders who desire to PLAY GOD as they create their own group-think organization for their flock. Science clubs develop which desire to PLAY GOD with their ideas and imaginations (the Darwinian mindset of macro evolution). Philosophy clubs create systems of logic and reason which appeal to those who seek escape from the reality of NOW (continuing problems). For example: the many Socratic clubs all around our planet today. The wise understand that human beings are psychological beings who mostly desire to live ‘outside’ the box of reality (the NOW moments which our bodies continually experience). What is the Solution to our Problem is the continuing QUESTION that must be solved? How can I conquer the World and PLAY GOD over everyone else? That is the trend today!

The FINAL SOLUTION for Evangelical Christians is called The Rapture! They leave our Planet and then return to RULE over everyone for one thousand years! Does this imagery reveal human nature and avoidance of NOW? What % of mankind believes in this concept? It could be millions or even billions? Does believing make it reality?

This guy (Jim Jones) liked to Play God. Where did this eventually lead? Who are Playing God today? Will Playing God produce the freedom which most human beings desire? Can human potential be achieved under the rulership of a man/woman? What has 6000 years of human rulership revealed?

Politicians desire a One World Government as their FINAL SOLUTION! Which politician will be the FINAL Winner? What happens AFTER the final winner is chosen? Can this person govern? What laws and edicts will this ruler create to maintain control?

What human nature desires to avoid are the negative issues of psychology which we label PROBLEMS. Who wants a problem from moment to moment? Who wants a world where ‘problems’ can not be solved (completely). Don’t we all desire SOLUTIONS and no ‘problems’? Isn’t that our objective as citizens of this planet? We all want no money problems, no health problems, no negative emotional problems, no relationship/social problems, no sin problems, no logical conundrums, no gray (paradoxical) problems, and no final death issues. Our MINDS are programmed (it seems) for SOLUTIONS and the avoidance of every PROBLEM. This is human nature for the many on this planet. Why is this mindset unrealistic and impossible to reconcile with ongoing REALITY? Why do we desire to AVOID the NOW realities which confront us with continuing PROBLEMS? Why are our leaders PLAYING GOD?

Science attempts to SOLVE the human dilemma via appealing to our BRAIN (neuroscience) as the FINAL SOLUTION. Can the human brain create a new world of peace and happiness? What is Consciousness?

Macro Evolution assumes Birds evolve into Reptiles. Monkeys into Human Beings. Rocks into Life. If Science (scientists who adopt Darwinian Evolution) would live in the NOW and Successive Moments of Now, they would notice that this theory is pure mental imagination (based upon false assumptions about reality). There is NO macro evolution occuring on this planet (NOW)! Now is reality (always)!

Science and Religion agree but both desire to avoid the Final Problem (human nature and the reality of NOW)! Which side will win the battle over reality? Is matter/energy final or is spirit final?

Our problem as human beings (IMO) is that we don’t confront reality as a group or society. Our institutions and our leaders have chosen to create a World where ‘problems’ must be eliminated. Illusions are preferred over the obvious realities of NOW (problems). This mindset is a deceptive/false/destructive and illusionary mindset. This mindset leads to total human destruction as the END GAME on this planet. Today, The USA is playing this game of attempting to SOLVE all the World’s Problems with their Might and Muscle (their Super-power status). Where does this lead (in time)? It leads to TOTAL destruction and elimination of ALL human beings on this PLANET! Our desire to SOLVE the problems of life leads to total DESTRUCTION and the elimination of all life on this planet! MIGHT MAKES RIGHT is what this mindset is called politically! Democracy for all with Obama (or similar) as GOD of this planet! This appears to be what human nature desires? Why isn’t it working?

The Sole SuperPower today is America and its Military Industrial Complex. Can Might create a FINAL SOLUTION for our planet? Can our GUNS solve the psychological/ideological problems of human beings? The USA has some 800 military bases on this planet. We spend some $700 billion/year to rule this planet with our guns. Will this process lead to peace and prosperity for mankind? Does this image reveal the essence of human nature?

Drones are part of the arsenal of a SuperPower such as the USA. Can killing an enemy change a group’s ideology? Some 40 drones have been used to kill enemies in the State of Yemen. Have we achieved our goal?

Hundreds of books are being written on the issues of a Global Economic Meltdown! Why is our economy on the edge and about to collapse? What happens AFTER the collapse?

The policies of bankers have created Debt that can not be repaid. It’s a House of Cards about to collapse. When will the domino’s start to fall? It could be soon!

Human nature is partially deceived and partially corrupt (but unaware)…that is my premise! Our desire to PLAY GOD will eventually lead to TOTAL destruction of all life on this planet (probably within 10 -15 years). We could witness the beginning of this destruction in 2013 – 2014. The collapse of our Global economy will initiate this new evolution towards total human destruction. Is anyone AWARE of today’s trends? What is needed is a total change in HUMAN NATURE. We need to embrace PROBLEMS and the realities of NOW. Life is lived as ‘successive moments of NOW’. Within the Now are Problems of all types and sizes. We need to embrace these PROBLEMS as essential for life and progress. This could happen over the next few years IF we seek an understanding of HUMAN NATURE and reality as we live it. That is my viewpoint for this missive. Reflect on the issues of human nature! See my prior missive for a definition of ‘human nature’. I am:

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