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Understanding Human Nature – Part #1

August 9, 2013

What is ‘human nature’ and why study about this issue? I would suggest that an understanding of ‘human nature’ is absolutely key to understanding what is happening in today’s world. All philosophers must study and discern ‘human nature’ if they desire to understand reality, trends, and our future potential. My favorite philosopher on issues of ‘human nature’ was Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was the most prescient Founding Father… and he seemed to discern ‘human nature’ better than most others. Thomas, for example, understood why giving control over our finance and money to a Centralized organization (such as today’s Fed) would be detrimental to our Nation and eventually to people’s liberty and economic progress. Thomas Jefferson also understood that the moral fiber within each person is essential to our continuing liberty, independence, and progress.

Many other Founding Fathers also had a firm grasp on issues of ‘human nature’. I especially liked the understanding of Tom Paine, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison. Here is what Thomas Jefferson stated in 1786 about the importance of awareness and education for people in general:

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”  Preach a crusade against ignorance; establish and improve the law for educating the common people. Let our countrymen know that the people alone can protect us against the evils [of misgovernment].” –Thomas Jefferson to George Wythe in 1786.

Thomas recognized that human nature was basically lazy when it comes to meaningful education. He also recognized that organized groups tend towards corruption and oppression over time. All this is due to ‘human nature’. What is my definition of ‘human nature’?

Human Nature: The general psychological characteristics of human beings which remain mostly constant over time and which reveal the day-to-day behavior of individuals within various real-time settings. A good word for describing human nature is: one’s mindset and actions as one lives life from moment to moment.

Most human beings live within their metaphysical MIND with a focus on either the ‘past’ or the ‘future’. The present moment is ignored.

Let’s talk about an issue of human nature that I have observed from my own personal experiences with people. I have learned these psychological characteristics from my sports background, my teaching background, and from my bartending background. The issue at hand is reality as we live it. Most human beings live in the NOW moment when they drive their car (in heavy traffic) and when they are in a battle for winning a tennis match (say a tie breaker). I have observed that reality is always a NOW experience (for our body) as we live and act out daily events. But few are AWARE of this reality! By this I mean that I/you always must live in the NOW (bodily) from getting up in the morning, to driving our car for coffee, to reading the Wall Street Journal, to playing a game of tennis, and to visiting with friends from moment to moment. Reality for our ‘bodies’ can be described as living life via ‘successive moments of now’. This seems nearly an absolute of reality! Think about this at your leisure!

This is our Wimbledon Champ, Andy Murray. He had to focus on the Now moment to win this title. I also learned to focus on the Now moment when I played tennis. Opponents who didn’t, usually lost.

But in the process of living life and acting out my/your experiences we have another reality to consider. What is our MIND doing, saying, and thinking WHILE we are living from moment to moment in the NOW? Is our MIND focused on the ‘now moment’ as we live life? What I have discovered is that most people (I estimate 95% from my experiences) do NOT focus their MINDS on the NOW moment (with the exception of rare situations). The human MIND is an interesting entity (it is extremely unfocused most of the time). I would wager that some 95% of people live their lives (mentally) either in the PAST (via memories) and/or the FUTURE (via expectations). In other words, most everyone that I encounter (with minor exceptions) LIVE life (mentally) in a fantasy world. I could supply various examples from my sports experiences, to my teaching and bartending experiences. But let’s focus on just one item for now.

The vast majority of pundits and investors are living in a fantasy world on some issues (it seems so to me)!

As mentioned above, we live our lives as ‘successive moments of now’ (bodily), yet our MINDS are wandering from ‘past’ to ‘future’ without recognizing that all of reality is NOW. In other words, our MINDS are not focused on the reality of NOW when we think, write, or present verbal information. Many other philosophers have also noticed this fact of human nature. Human MINDS are mostly living in a fantasy world of images within the PAST (i.e., memories) and/or visualizations within some distant FUTURE (i.e., expectations). Hardly anyone seems to be aware that the PAST and the FUTURE are ‘never’ present (for our bodies) which always live in the NOW moment. Past and Future are imaginary destinations within our wandering MINDS. This video will help you understand your own MIND. Watch: Eckhart Tolle is another philosopher who understands the reality of living in the NOW. Watch for an understanding of your own MIND:

Today, I listened to a famous economist called Marc Faber. Marc was on CNBC talking about the coming 20% drop… which he thinks is coming for the DOW INDEX. He also talked much about all the ‘printing’ of money which emerges from our Fed. He then talks about all the ‘paper’ markets and their problems for our economy. Is Marc living in the NOW with respect to these issues? I don’t think so! If Marc was living in the NOW he would recognize that Ben Bernanke and his QE operations (which Marc calls ‘printing’ money) is a misstatement of fact (a NOW fact). He would be aware that we now live within a DIGITAL monetary regime (machine driven and/or computer driven system). Money units (what we call QE) are NOT ‘printed’ as he continually asserts, rather money units are mostly derived from the MIND of Ben Bernanke and then ‘digitized’ via the Fed’s computer keys. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing prints only about 4% of all our dollars in circulation (today). Why is Marc living in the PAST re: this issue?

Marc’s ‘mind’ seems focused on the PAST with respect to money ‘printing’. Is he aware that today’s money is digitized (within Cyberspace and is therefore virtual)!

What Marc and many other economists THINK within their metaphysical MINDS is often different from the NOW reality which we experience with our lives (bodies). Marc is, apparently, deceived and unaware of his deception on this ‘printing’ issue. Another great economist which I like for his analysis on the gold/silver manipulations is Paul Craig Roberts. Paul is much like Marc Faber in that he also assumes (in his MIND) that Ben is ‘printing’ new money units. This (printing), he asserts, will lead to inflation and eventually hyper-inflation. Is Paul’s MIND focused on the NOW realities of the marketplace (with respect to the issue of money ‘printing’?). I don’t think so! I use these examples, not to disparage these two great economists, but merely to demonstrate how our MINDS tend to live in the PAST (via memories) that may not be current NOW realities. Our MINDS and BODIES are usually not in ‘sink’ with each other. Bodies, always live in the NOW moment…but our MINDS usually live within a distant PAST and/or an imaginary FUTURE. Illusion and delusion is present in our thinking and this causes many of our DECEPTIONS!

Ben is not ‘printing’ our money today for his QE operation. We now use ‘digital’ money units…created ‘Out of Nothing’ and then typed into the computer screen. Why are so many experts unaware of this NOW reality?

Take the time to WATCH the above two videos and then think about your own MINDSET. Are you living in the NOW moment or are you living within your past/future memories/visualizations? The human MIND is the key to all our life experiences. The nature of NOW is often difficult to master. I also must remind myself daily to think, act, and live in the NOW moment continually. As I continue to focus on the ‘now’, my mindset does change over time and I now enjoy living in the ‘now’. If we want to make progress as we live, I would suggest that we FOCUS on the realities of NOW. Some fantasies that I have noticed within Science that are ‘illusions’ (due to not thinking in the ‘now’) are the macro evolutionary concepts of Darwin. Some fantasies in Religion that are ‘illusions’ (due to not thinking in the ‘now’) is the bodily Rapture Theory (presented in most Evangelical prophecy conferences). Both of these ‘illusions’ could be eliminated if the presenters and thinkers would LIVE and FOCUS on the ‘now’ moment.

Those who live in the ‘now moment’ and view the NOW as their reality, recognize that this image is a fantasy within Science! Macro evolution can not be observed in the NOW. If not NOW, then when?

Those who live in the NOW recognize that this image is a fantasy within Religion! People can not avoid the Law of God’s Gravity. This Law is universal and mostly absolute for human beings.

Freedom of the MIND must come before we can ‘free’ ourselves from our current deceptive monetary/economic system. Thinkers need to learn to focus and think in the ‘now moment’ and then recognize that the ‘now moment’ is our only real reality going forward. Thomas Jefferson (in my opinion) had a great awareness of the ‘now moment’ and his philosophy reflected this awareness. Tom Paine, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and many others also understood the importance of living in the ‘now moment’ (continually). Today, I especially like the philosophy of Eckhart Tolle when it comes to living in the NOW. I have read two of his books on this subject. My favorite is called the ‘Power of Now’. Give this missive some of your reflection after reading. Enjoy! I am:

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