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Beliefs, Convictions, and Deceptions!

August 5, 2013

All of reality is based on Assumptions. We Assume that the Sun will rise in the East and set in the West. We assume that the distance between our Earth and our Sun is consistent (predictable) from moment to moment. We Assume that Light from the Moon and the Planets are derived from reflection (off our Sun). We Assume that the basic constituents of our material Universe are physical units. We Assume that our Brains evolved from prior life and that Consciousness arose from neuronal activity. We Assume that our Dollar is a physical unit that is constant, durable, and lasting over time. All these Assumptions could be right and valid or some of these Assumptions could be Deceptions. In other words, we could be deceived on some aspects of our Assumptions…and not be Aware of this reality! Does this sound plausible?

We live with Assumptions about ‘reality’ and occasionally these Assumptions are wrong or invalid!

My personal Belief and Conviction is that most Scientific Assumptions which have evolved within a body of thinkers over long periods of time are likely to be mostly valid. We can test and retest our Assumptions to assure that each one continues to be valid. We can validate many of our Assumptions daily to confirm that our Beliefs and Convictions continue to hold to this validity. All these actions, however, do not reach to a level of ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Assumptions are by nature somewhat ‘uncertain’ and ‘temporary’, as nothing within our human experience can be dogmatically labeled as ABSOLUTE (for all time and all people). Our human experiences and history reveals that we humans CHANGE our ‘assumptions’ as NEW information and awareness emerges. I recently changed my ‘assumption’ about how my weight grows and wanes. The core issue is ‘Calories’ consumed. Previously, I had ‘assumed’ that much of one’s weight issues are mostly genetic and/or based on heredity. I now have a new belief and conviction called ‘my consumption of calories’ is the problem!

No matter which Direction one chooses, the choice is based upon an ASSUMPTION. Assumptions are core to Reality!

Let’s now think about a couple of additional ‘assumptions’ that now need to be reevaluated in the light of new information and awareness:

1. Is our experience within this Universe totally a result of PHYSICAL and/or material units and forces? Science mostly ‘assumes’ that our life experiences and our observational experiences are part and parcel of material/physical units and forces. Why is this ‘assumption’ now mostly invalid and a deception of one’s MIND? Let’s break down all of Science into what is now called Quantum Physics. Are the units within Quantum Physics the end story of our life experiences? Are these material units (sub-atomic and including the vibrations within these units) the end of our inquiry into the issues of life and experience? Has REALITY now been discovered and verified as FINAL? I don’t think so!

Does Quantum Physics explain all of Reality? I don’t think so! Consciousness (the spirit) is not included!

Life includes much more than what Scientists observe and identify within our Outer Universe. What about the issue and realm of our Inner Universe? Do we each demonstrate our Inner Universe when we think, talk, enunciate, write, spell, visualize, conceptualize, and communicate? Where does this Inner Realm fit into the Scientific Model of materiality? Is my/your BRAIN the final realm of science? Is the Human Skin the final realm of science? What should we call the Realm of Reality which transcends the Human Skin (i.e., words, ideas, images, visualizations, thoughts, notions, concepts, names, symbols, etc.)? Can any Scientist confirm that these units of our Inner Consciousness are material units of observation? I don’t think so!

Science is limited to all that is ‘within’ the Human Skin. What, however, creates our life, words, thoughts?

Awareness and Consciousness are much more than a grouping of matter/material/physical units and/or forces. My words and thoughts and conceptualizations obviously transcend any material object of nature. This is what Thomas Jefferson and many our Founding Fathers labeled ‘SELF EVIDENT’ truths. We hold these ‘truths’ to be self-evident…that man has been endowed by his Creator with specific unalienable rights…among these are LIFE, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of HAPPINESS. All these units of life (which we experience daily) are non-physical units which derive from being alive and experiencing CONSCIOUSNESS. Think about these ideas. Is there an INNER realm of reality that Science ignores? I think so! Those who are alive and aware, now need to expand their thinking to include this Inner Realm!

Can Einstein’s Brain explain his beliefs, convictions, and scientific derivations? I don’t think so! Albert had a MIND!

2. Is our currency unit (called the ‘dollar’) part of this Inner Realm of reality? I think so! Today, our ‘dollar’ is derived from Consciousness and created via the electronic computer (as a virtual digit). We call this process money creation ‘out of nothing’ and/or money creation ‘out of thin air’. Who creates our current ‘dollar’ from their Consciousness? The most famous and media savvy person has the ‘name’…Ben Shalom Bernanke. Ben is our Fed Chairman and also our current Dictator over our virtual/digital Dollar. Ben derives his QE numbers from his Inner Consciousness (also called one’s MIND) and he then creates our legal tender money units via his (the Fed’s) electronic Computer. All these operations are part and parcel of Ben’s Inner Realm (his non-material Consciousness). Isn’t it now time to recognize the reality of Ben’s Inner Realm (his MIND)?

Where does our ‘dollar’ come from? Is it Ben’s Brain or his Mind (consciousness)? Is the ‘dollar’ virtual or physical?

Does Ben create our virtual/digital/non-physical ‘dollar’ from his BRAIN activity? I would agree that our ‘dollar’ could be material and physical IF science can demonstrate that Ben has NO mind or consciousness (that Ben is creating paper money units from his BRAIN activity solely). My sense, however, is that this is a ridiculous ASSUMPTION to hold or believe. How can neuronal activity derive and then create our virtual Dollar? Sounds implausible to me! Think about this operation that we call QE. What (in reality) is this operation all about? Where does our ‘dollar’ derive from today? Who is mostly responsible for new derivations (and then creations) of our currency units? Who? Where? and How?

A growing group of thinkers has discovered the ‘secrets’ of Central Banking! It’s all a huge Ponzi Scheme which benefits the well connected, wealthy, politicians, and the global money cartel! Think and you can become one within this growing group of thinkers! The ‘secret’ is out in the open for those who desire to understand!

Money comes from thinking! I AM, therefore I THINK! Human beings THINK up money from their Consciousness! We could call this:  money from heaven! money from nothing! money from one’s inner realm! money from thin air! Who can discern the source (origin) of our ‘dollar’?

That is my missive for today. What is reality? Do we all demonstrate a life within TWO realms of Reality? Is Science deceived and unaware of their DECEPTION? Look all around you (at this moment of now). Where is the ‘thing’ that we call our ‘dollar’? What is this virtual unit that we call our ‘dollar’? Where is this unit that we call our ‘dollar’? From what Source is our ‘dollar’ derived from? Who is mostly responsible for the imaginary gains in our DOW index, the S&P index, the Russell 2000 index? etc. etc.? Is it now time to understand the Dual aspects of reality? I think so!  Enjoy! I am:

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