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Prophecy Conference – many different perspectives were enunciated!

August 3, 2013

I attended a prophecy conference in Chino Hills, CA. on August 2 -3, 2013. Some of the presenters were: David Reagan (, Ed Hinson (, Jacob Prasch (, Paul Wilkinson (, David Hocking (, and Jack Hibbs ( There were many additional viewpoints presented via the video screen and within the extensive library at the event. I like to attend this type of conference (on occasion) to give me a broader perspective on world events and also to learn new ideas, history, and philosophy. My personal philosophy is that I can learn from every creative thinker on this planet who has meaningful information to present. The general overview of the messages presented were as follows:

The conference in Chino Hills, CA. was called Israel and Prophecy! Held August 2-3, 2013 (500 +- attended)

Where is America heading? The consensus views were that America is in serious trouble and many thought that there is little to No Hope for any repentance from the leaders of our Nation. This means that America will continue to decline as a Nation politically, economically, and spiritually in the coming months and years. With respect to many moral issues, America has generally adopted a view of situation ethics and relativism as the core political philosophy. The absolutes of our past are no longer viewed as acceptable (relevant) by our politicians, media, and our educators. This means that each person’s moral opinions are viewed as acceptable (relevant) and must be tolerated…if violence is avoided (this view, however, was not the view of presenters at this conference). This relativistic secular philosophy tends to permeate our political, legal, and constitutional issues for the most part (as we witness this philosophy with the gay marriage issue, legalized abortion, and the anti-religion mindset within our public education system).

Ed Hinson, The King is Coming…at the door! Prophecy speaker!

Jack Hibbs and Paul Wilkinson, Prophecy speakers, Chino Hills Prophecy Conference!

What are the teachings of the Churches? For the most part the Christian churches have generally deteriorated in their consensus message and each church has become apostate to some degree. Some churches have no interest in prophecy or the 2nd coming of a Messiah and others are growing via the messages of on-going prophecy realities. There is a huge battle today over support for and of the Nation of Israel. A growing group of pastors and churches are stating that the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 was a mistake. These groups and organizations are promoting a new philosophy of equality for the Palestinians (which they think Israel must now honor). The Jewish settlements in Israel would need to be abandoned and/or given back to the Palestinians. A two State solution would need to be accepted. All the presenters at this conference thought this view of events was anathema with respect to Holy Scripture.

The view at this conference was that Israel must be supported and loved.

All the presenters at this conference were supporters of Israel and they thought that those who viewed the State of Israel as a mistake were false prophets and deceived thinkers (on this issue). David Reagan presented a history of anti-Semitism which portrayed the Christian Churches of the past and the Church Fathers as promoters of this anti-Semitism mentality. Adolf Hitler (according to David Reagan) also enunciated (and justified) this anti-Semitism by his references to theologians such as Martin Luther as an advocate of anti-Semite. Even such noted reformers as Calvin, Luther, today’s Rick Warren and R.C. Sproul, Irenaeus, Origen, Augustine, and the monolithic Catholic Church were identified as promoters of anti-Semitism via their public statements and religious dogmas. Reagan outlined a stark picture of the past anti-Semitism by the Christian religion. He claimed all this philosophy evolved from mostly the Church Fathers and later from theologians who originally viewed the Jews as the Christ Killer. The current battle over the survival of Israel is polarizing the churches and the solidarity within the Christian Religion (this was apparent).

David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries, Dallas, Texas.

David Hocking, Speaker and Moderator, Chino Hills Prophecy Conference!

The real biblical viewpoint (according to all the presenters at this conference) was that Israel needs to be loved and supported as their Nation was ordained by God Almighty in 1948 and after (this event was a miracle according to these presenters). The land of Israel was given to the Jews by God and God would not support the current actions of those who view Israel as a mistake of history. There appears to be a serious battle within the Christian religion over the issue of Israel and its permanence as a Nation. This battle is heating up with conferences all over the planet on this issue. The speakers (at this conference) with a view of prophecy felt that Israel could experience difficult times during the coming Tribulation Period (which is near). All speakers thought that our World has now entered the END TIMES with respect to the prophetic calendar. The End Times is a prophetic statement based upon Holy Scripture!

This timeline is typical of events at a Prophecy Conference!

Are we now in the END TIMES? The consensus was that the World will enter the End Time Period…with a Seven (7) year tribulation period coming in the near future. This tribulation period would initiate the Judgments of God on our sinful world. The view was that the start of this Tribulation Period would occur with a Peace Treaty between Israel (now in the making) and the Anti-Christ (a man most likely from the present European Union political system). The last 3 1/2 year period of this general Tribulation would be called the Great Tribulation. The Wrath of God would be poured out on sinful man and as many as 1/3 of mankind would die (some think that this 2.3 billion which would die would be mostly Muslims and Chinese). Others have alternative views and perspectives. Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 were reference texts that were given. Anyway, the Judgment or Wrath of God would affect most everyone on the planet (accept a select group of Christians that would be Raptured out).

Some 3 billion Christians, Jews, and Muslims view the End Times as Now!

What is this concept called The Rapture? This concept was mentioned many times at this conference. David Reagan, Ed Hinson, and David Hocking were the most convinced of this coming event. You can visit their websites for additional information. Basically, the rapture concept presents a picture of a select group of Christians leaving our planet via a snatching away process (the force of gravity would be over-ruled for this event). Christ (or Jesus) would hover above our planet and then catch away this select group of Christians. This select group would acquire a ‘new’ spiritual body and then remain with Christ (Jesus) in the heavens for a time period (some say 7 years, others think 3 1/2 years, others assume an Up/Down event at the last trumpet). After a return to planet earth this select group would begin their RULE over the remaining people on this planet for a 1000 year period (called the millennium). Jesus would assume Kingship in Jerusalem and a ‘new’ and renewed planet would emerge after this Tribulation Period.

The Rapture as envisioned by many Prophecy Experts! A select group gets ‘snatched’ away (gravity is ignored).

What did I learn that was different? The speaker/presenter called James Jacob Prasch ( was the most interesting and informed educator IMO. Jacob presented the view that the vast majority of Christians live on ‘milk’ not ‘meat’. Jacob is part Jewish and part Catholic (by background). His wife is a converted Jew. Both of his children were born in Israel. Jacob currently lives in London, England. Jacob presented the view that the Torah and the Old Testament must be understood and internalized in order to understand the New Testament and the message of Yeshua. The Old Covenant was the Law and impossible to keep. This Law was meant to make all Jews aware that they could not keep the Law or their Religion. Keeping the Law (Torah) is impossible and God meant that it be impossible to keep.

Jacob Prasch, London, England, Prophecy speaker!

According to Jacob Prasch, God meant the Torah to reveal man’s sin and hopeless condition!

The arrival of the Messiah (Jesus or Yeshua) initiated a New Covenant of Grace which everyone (chosen or saved) could keep. This means that to understand Grace one must first understand Law (the Torah or Law of Moses) and acknowledge that it is impossible to keep the Law. Jacob envisioned the Law (as a balloon) that is governed by Gravity. The balloon will always return to earth as new sin was experienced. No matter how determined a person was to keep the Law they would fail totally. Grace, however, he envisioned as a balloon which was inflated with helium. This meant that under Grace each saved person could bounce back from sin and then grow and improve. To understand reality as a believer one must understand both Law and Grace. Most of the Church (he claimed) lives on the ‘milk’ of grace with no real understanding of the prior Old Testament history (the Torah).

The Law (Torah) and Grace (Christ) was the message of Jacob Prasch, London, England.

The conference was attended by some 500 people (a mixture of Christians and non-Christians). The literature that was available was extensive and comprehensive. Books, tapes, DVD’s, and Videos were sold to many. The message I left with is that Christians, Jews, and Seekers are curious and concerned about coming events. There seems to be a growing group of seekers who believe that events on this planet are somewhat predestined and/or determined by forces other than politicians and man centered rulers. God and the spiritual realm is real to these seekers and believers. Check out the above websites for additional insights and education. We can all learn from others. Enjoy! I am:

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