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How can our ‘Money’ and ‘Debt’ be Imaginary?

August 1, 2013

The World Gross National Product (also called the GWP) of some $80 Trillion (+-) and the World Debt of $80 Trillion (+-) is now stored within our computer screens. All these $trillions (expressed in $ numbers) are stored as imaginary digits (now virtual images) within Cyberspace. This means that a Cyber War could shut down the entire World Economy via a global computer ‘flash crash’. We could also say that our Global Central Banks (say the top 10 countries) could voluntarily shut down the entire imaginary monetary system for the Planet (instantaneously). The total dollar value of all World Trade (now equal to our Debt) is some $80 Trillion (+-) for 2013 and all this ‘money’ is represented by 1’s and 0’s (also called bits and bytes) within our computer screens. What kind of Economic/Financial System do we have today? What has happened these past few years to create this volatile, centralized, and mostly corrupt financial system?

Our Money, Debt, and Accounting are now within the Computer Screen (imaginary)!

The history of Capitalism, Trade, and Finance has been based on physical money units (until recently) which are supposed to represent the ‘value’ of the Wealth being produced for our Planet. Money is supposed to be a ‘tool’ for ‘valuing’ all the material production which is created from our Planet’s natural resources. This process of Wealth Creation then produces our Prosperity and continuing Economic Growth. Today, our politicians, economists, and financial experts derive forecasts and accounting statements which DISTORT the reality of our Capitalistic economy. The core reason for all these Distortions is our imaginary money units. Today, commercial bankers can and do create loans (new money units) via their Consciousness. Central Bankers also create currency units (our legal tender) via their Consciousness. Essentially, money is created OUT-OF-NOTHING (the metaphysical mind’s of select administrators). Is this a sound and stable process for our global economy going forward?

This book demonstrates how money is created OUT OF NOTHING by Bankers.

Who can remember when our money (currency units) were real physical items? Money was created from mining activity, minting of coins, and engraving of paper notes. These physical items were then used by consumers, bankers, and our governments for spending, investing, saving, and lending. Trade was also accomplished with these physical money units (country to country). Accounting was then created to represent the ‘values’ of the monetary transactions which evolved from these sources. Today, our accounting system is nothing more than ‘imaginary’ numbers within the computer screen. These numbers are constantly being changed and manipulated by select administrators and policy makers. Assets, liabilities, revenue, spending, and cash are manipulated to reflect imaginary illusions that have no basis in real-time reality.

The role of money is to VALUE production (wealth). Accounting books were created to record this ‘value’!

For example:  Why are most  real estate properties (lending collateral within our banks) recorded on the accounting books at their ‘book value’ rather than the actual real-time market value? Most banks today would have $billions of losses on their books if ‘values’ reflected actual market values. This lack of real-time accounting accuracy allows our financial institutions to remain solvent (within the computer screen) even though (in reality) they are insolvent. This accounting gimmick (allowed after the 2008 crisis) and others of a similar nature allow financial institutions to give the ‘appearance’ of solvency (to the public) when they should (in reality) be declaring bankruptcy. Similar accounting gimmicks are played by Governments via their ‘off-budget’ accounting programs. Our entire financial system today is mostly a host of accounting manipulations and gimmicks which reflect deceptions and illusions to those who desire to think clearly. What a shame!

All our accounting records are now computerized. Manipulation is easy for the experts.

All these distortions (and more) are now possible because of our imaginary money units. Take the time to look at your computer screen to witness your own checking, saving, and investment accounts. What do you really have (in substance) to represent the ‘value’ which you have produced from your own labor and productivity? All we have are imaginary numbers within our computer screen. These numbers can be confiscated and/or compromised by our financial entities (those that control our personal accounts) and/or our Government entities…all with merely a political decision. Our money today is NOTHING and NO WHERE (what is Cyberspace as a permanent store for our money?). Why is this reality creating serious concerns for those who understand today’s monetary illusions? Why are many informed investors now seeking a physical substitute (silver and gold coins) in lieu of our imaginary money units?

Cyberspace is an extension of the human MIND (non-physical and with no location within observational reality).

Past history demonstrates that when ‘push comes to shove’, the STRONGMEN (those who control the Political System) will protect their own interests at the expense of the common man. This is what we call Human Nature (in the raw). In reality, we (the common men) are servants of the STRONGMEN (and women) who CONTROL the political/monetary system. This is not how it is supposed to be (based on our Constitution and American Law) but this is what HAPPENS when a monetary system breaks down. The STRONGMEN will assert their political Authority and rule making Authority to protect their perceived interests and the System as a whole (as they envision it). These strongmen will change the rules, manipulate the meanings of words, and assert their position of Authority to accomplish their personal selfish interests. Human nature (and past history) is my reference point for these statements.

An example of a STRONGMAN in control of the common man. Whose interest prevails when ‘push comes to shove’? How do we protect our interests during a monetary collapse?

Basically, our Constitution and the Rule of Law is mostly meaningless today. Politicians will change the meaning of key words (such as was done to create our Federal Reserve Banking Authority). Article I, Section 8 and 10, of our Constitution were ignored and reinterpreted (by select bankers and politicians) to allow for this Centralized monstrosity. Since 1913 our dollar has lost some 97% of its value and we now live with money created OUT OF NOTHING (the Mind of a Central banker). We now have a Non-System which has infected and affected the entire Planet’s economies. Imaginary money emerged with the advent of our electronic markets and our high-speed computers. Our money unit (the dollar) is now a ‘mental abstraction’ derived from the Consciousness of select Banking Authorities. What should savers, investors, and financial agents now do for protection during the coming global financial collapse?.

It is likely that the Powers in control of our financial non-system will continue to compromise the interests of the common man to ‘save’ this non-system. Attempts will likely be made to ‘save’ the government’s financial accounting numbers at the expense of the consumers interests. You and I with savings and investments will be penalized to ‘save’ the Big Boys and our Rulers in Government. You and I have NO ability to counter these STRONGMEN in charge of our monetary non-system. We must surrender so these STRONGMEN can survive and prosper. Those who have some savings which they desire to protect during this coming collapse period may desire to purchase some silver and gold coins. I don’t think that these silver and gold coins will be confiscated (although who knows for sure?).

Gold and Silver can be exchanged for legal tender currency when needed. This makes silver and gold a viable store of value for the coming period of financial collapse. 

As a matter of principle, however, I think that many should seek the shelter of physical items (silver/gold) as these items are Constitutional. The American Way is to follow the Constitution even if STRONGMEN seek to confiscate these coins. At some point (a few years after the collapse), these STRONGMEN will need to give way to the vast majority of common citizens and their interests. A new election in 2016 could create a new desire by a majority of Americans to change our non-system to a NEW SYSTEM. The SYSTEM is our problem and at some point we will need to create a NEW SYSTEM. Kingdom Economics is ONE alternative! Enjoy! I am:

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  2. January 20, 2014 10:57 am

    The Fallacy of “Money as Debt”



  1. How can our ‘Money’ and ‘Debt’ be Imaginary? | Gold Silver Matrix

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