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‘Metaphysical’ means the same as ‘Spiritual’!

July 23, 2013

Who is aware that our MONEY has now entered the Spiritual/Metaphysical realm? Today, our Central Bankers create MONEY from their Consciousness. Consciousness can also be viewed as one’s MIND. All the global currencies are now mostly created/derived from Consciousness. This goes for our ‘dollar’, the ‘yen’, the ‘pound’, the ‘euro’, and the rest of our fiat/imaginary currencies. We now live with a Global Interconnected Machine Driven Financial Non-System. This Non-System operates with Computers and Imaginary currencies derived from Consciousness. Never before in human history have we experienced this type of financial/metaphysical operation. Money from ‘heaven’ is what I call our current currency operation. What will this lead to going forward?

First of all, imaginary/spiritual/metaphysical money creates a subjective/emotional/irrational trading environment. Traders merely click their computer mouse to buy, sell, trade, exchange, or execute their trading transactions. Traders now use mathematical Algorithms for many of their decision-making transactions. The computer machine has replaced real-time human interactions when making trading decisions. Some new strategies which have emerged since the emergence of our HFT computers are: naked shorts, wash trades, snoop trades, dark pool trades, and Algorithmic frontline trades. The goal is to manipulate PRICES of commodities and all types of financial assets. Is any of this leading to a World of Economic Prosperity and Growth?

The computer and algorithms have replaced human interactions (the open outcry system of the past)!

What we need to recognize is that ALL ‘prices’ are now subjective and emotional denominations. The PRICE of gold could fluctuate from $1.00 to $1,000,000. Think of this for a minute. A one ounce gold coin (say a Maple Leaf coin) could fluctuate (theoretically) from zero to infinity. What meaning do PRICES serve when human traders can manipulate these prices with no regard to Supply and Demand? A Central Banker or Proxy (with unlimited access to a pool of digital money) could use trading strategies to manipulate the price of a Maple Leaf coin UP/DOWN/SIDEWAYS at will (with no rational reasons associated with supply/demand). What meaning does this have for financial decision-making? Are our markets becoming totally irrational and emotional?

A one ounce gold coin is a constant (it does not change). The PRICE of this coin, however, can fluctuate from zero to infinity. Currently the price of this coin is $1343.70. Where will the PRICE go next? Does anyone know?

What has happened since the closing of the Gold Window in 1971 is that money has been spiritualized. Spiritual money can not work as viable units for pricing and/or valuing our physical wealth. Spiritual money can not work for pricing and/or valuing our service sector actions. Spiritual money is derived money…derived from our Metaphysical MINDS. This makes all our currencies today subjective, emotional, and irrational units. Who is AWARE? Our markets have entered a NEW paradigm which is divorced from ALL past monetary history. We now need to think differently going forward. Get ready for major change!

Spiritual money is derived money. Derived from our spiritual consciousness (mind). Ben Bernanke and his QE operation is a good example of spiritual (consciousness) money emerging from ‘nothing’ and ‘no where’! Big Ben has derived some $20 trillion of money units from his Consciousness since 2008. How much more will emerge in the coming months?

The new thinking needs to incorporate the philosophy of Dualism (our two realms of reality). Have you read about the new ROYAL Baby Boy which just arrived in Britain? Prince William and Kate have a new baby boy without a NAME as of today. We could think of this new baby boy as similar to our gold Maple Leaf coin (a body or object from nature). Objects from nature start out with NO NAME. After some time we think up a ‘name’ for the object/body. The metal from nature with a yellow color we eventually ‘named’ GOLD. Gold now has meaning as an object from nature. What will be the ‘name’ of the new Royal Child? Whatever the ‘name’, it will derive from the human MIND. Our MIND is the source of all our ‘names’. This is Dualism in action!

The Royal Baby was born on July 22, 2013 to Prince William and Kate Middleton. What will be its NAME? Who will derive this ‘name’? What is a ‘name’ in reality? I would suggest this implies Dualism in action!

What we now need to understand is that we LIVE within TWO realms of reality. One’s BODY is one realm and one’s MIND is the other realm. Our monetary and economic system has now entered these Dualistic realms of reality. Money and trading has entered this Spiritual/Metaphysical Realm. Can this subjective/irrational/emotional non-system last? My sense is that a huge financial crisis is emerging down the road. Most watchful pundits now seem aware of this emerging reality. David Stockman is predicting a crisis. Bix Weir is predicting a crisis. Doug Casey is predicting a crisis. Alex Jones is predicting a crisis. There are hundreds of other pundits who are now predicting a global financial CRISIS in the near future. Watch the markets for clues. Enjoy this Day! I am:

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