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Money and Finance has Entered the ‘Spiritual’ REALM! Who is Aware?

July 19, 2013

The human MIND and CONSCIOUSNESS now rules finance and money. I would submit that our ‘minds’ and our ‘consciousness’ are part of the Spiritual Realm of reality. Today, our ‘dollar’ is created from Consciousness. All our global currencies are now created mostly from Consciousness (the paper notes in circulation are minimal). Central Bankers create their QE currencies from Consciousness and then type their mental abstractions (currency numbers) into their Central Bank Computer screens. What we now need to recognize is that our global monetary system and all of finance and economics is mostly part and parcel of the Spiritual Realm of reality. Who is aware of this? For the first time in recorded history money is metaphysical and most of our monetary transactions are derivations from the human MIND. Where is this leading going forward? Who understands?

Our MINDS our Spiritual and our BRAINS are Physical (there is a difference)! Consciousness creates our ideas, words, concepts, visualizations, mental images, and public statements (truths and lies)!

If you look outside at this moment, you will not be able to identify the ‘value’ of the houses within your observational range. What is ‘value’ today? We all think of ‘value’ when we make a monetary purchase. A house is constructed from mostly bricks and mortar (plus lumber, wires, copper, plastics, dry wall, etc.). All these items are physical and composed of matter/energy (material reality). The VALUE of a house, however, is a ‘number’ derived from the human mind. This means that we have ENTERED the spiritual realm when we VALUE any object from nature. Also, the currencies that we now use to VALUE a house are ‘mental abstractions’ or ‘units of consciousness’. This means that we VALUE a house (my/your house) using our Spiritual Consciousness (also called our MIND). Who is aware of this? Economics, Finance, Money has now ENTERED the Spiritual Realm!

What is the VALUE of this HOUSE (assume it is yours). What is VALUE? What do we use to denominate VALUE? What is a Dollar? Is our Dollar today a unit of Consciousness? If so, what does this mean?

If you look at your computer screen (in front of your nose) you will notice images, words, and light. All these images and words derive from the human MIND. This means that the human MIND is the source of all that you see in front of your nose at this moment. Furthermore, the human MIND is a spiritual entity, source, or derivation. If you now look at your computer financial accounts you will notice that these accounts consist of ‘numbers’ , ‘names’ and ‘symbols’. Where do these units of consciousness derive from? I would suggest that they derive from our spiritual MINDS. All our MONEY today are mostly units of consciousness which derive from our spiritual MINDS. We have ENTERED the Spiritual REALM when we work with money, finance, and economic currencies. Is anyone aware of this reality?

The images and words within the computer screen are ‘imaginary’ (bits/bytes/digits). This is Virtual Reality. Most of our Money today consists of Virtual units. These units are extensions of our spiritual MINDS.

Today, our Money is within the screen (our dollar has been virtualized and digitized). A new paradigm has emerged for our Global economic system. Digits in the computer screen now CONTROL and RULE over our economic decision-making!

Big Ben Bernanke, our Fed Chairman, now creates his QE dollars from his Consciousness (he thinks up currency quantities in his mind and then these units get entered into the Computer Screen as pulses of light (bits/bytes/digits). The Source of all the QE dollars (trillions of units since 2008) are mostly from the Spiritual MIND of Ben Shalom Bernanke. Who is aware of this? Who understands that our money is now Spiritual and Metaphysical? Look all around you and look outside your room (at this moment) and think about these questions:  Where is the money unit that we call ‘the Dollar’? Is our Dollar a unit of matter/energy (a thing from nature)? Is our Dollar a ‘thing’ which can be observed within our outer Universe? Look and observe…see if you can locate, find, or observe the unit of money that we call THE DOLLAR.

Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan both created money. Ben, however, initiated the QE policy which exposed his money creation operation (his creation of our dollar from his Consciousness). The secret Fed was more hidden prior to the 2008 financial crisis.

Isn’t it the Dollar which we use for our currency unit? Where is it? Who creates it? Where does it originate from? Personally, I would suggest that our Dollar today is a ‘mental abstraction’. What is a ‘mental abstraction’? What does the word ‘mental’ suggest? My sense is that our Dollar today is ‘no thing’ and ‘no where’! Where did Ben Bernanke obtain his trillions of Dollars which now shows up on the Fed’s balance sheet. Go to: and check out the Fed’s Balance Sheet. The Fed now has the following showing on their computer balance sheet:

1. Factors Affecting Reserve Balances of Depository Institutions

Millions of dollars

Reserve Bank credit, related items, and
reserve balances of depository institutions at
Federal Reserve Banks
Averages of daily figures Wednesday
Jul 17, 2013
Week ended
Jul 17, 2013
Change from week ended
Jul 10, 2013 Jul 18, 2012
Reserve Bank credit 3,477,581 +   21,264 +  643,961 3,495,279
Securities held outright1 3,245,013 +   19,666 +  632,416 3,262,730
U.S. Treasury securities 1,958,687 +   10,659 +  304,292 1,961,671

Are you aware that the FED’s balance sheet was only some $800 billion prior to the Financial Crisis of 2008? Where did the $2.7 trillion of dollar units derive from which increased this balance sheet to near $3.5 trillion today? The Federal Reserve has NO MONEY of its own. This $2.7 trillion is what we call QE creations of Ben Shalom Bernanke. Ben creates these dollars from his Consciousness (his spirit). We should call these dollars ‘spiritual money’ or ‘money from heaven’. Ben thinks…and then he creates from his Consciousness (spirit) our money. This means we now have entered the Spiritual Realm for Finance, Money, and Economics. Who is aware? What does this mean going forward?

Notice the INCREASE after 2008. Today, the Balance Sheet shows $3.5 trillion. Where did this Money come from? Since the Fed has NO money of its own, what does this increase imply?

As of today, our Treasury is borrowing some $55/billion per month in net proceeds. Borrowing is a result of running a Deficit in our Government accounts. Ben (my short name for our Fed) is funding this borrowing to the tune of $45 billion per month via is QE operations. This means that Ben is monetizing our Treasury borrowing to the tune of 82% (on average). China and Japan are not borrowing as in the past. Today, Ben is funding the Treasury borrowing (the net needs) via his Consciousness. Money from ‘heaven’ (his spirit) essentially funds our Treasury borrowing. Did Ben lie to our Congress when he stated that “I will not monetize the Government debt”. I watched TV as Ben spoke these words while testifying to our Congress. Watch: , What does all this mean for our economy and our markets?

Did Ben lie when he stated (to Congress) that he would NOT monetize our DEBT? Watch above video!

What we have now for our money and our economic non-system is a huge Spiritual Ponzi Scheme in operation. What should we call this new paradigm for America and the Globe? A Spiritual Casino Economy would be one alternative. A Dictatorship over money and our economy by mostly ONE person would be another alternative. Money from Heaven and/or Spiritual Capitalism would be another alternative. QE to infinity would also work! Does any of this sound like Constitutional economics? Is money from Ben’s Consciousness Constitutional legal tender? What happens when this Spiritual House of Cards enters a negative cycle? Can Ben and the FOMC Committee bail-out the Big Boys a second time? Give this some thought!

Is legal tender (our digital dollar) now derived from the Consciousness of Ben Shalom Bernanke?

Money has ENTERED the Spiritual Realm as of 2008-09 in a serious way. The best way to discern this reality is to GO OUTSIDE and observe your personal HOUSE from the STREET. Ask yourself these questions: What is the VALUE of my house? What is VALUE today? How is VALUE derived? Do I use my CONSCIOUSNESS when deriving my VALUE estimate? Is VALUE a subjective concept of my personal MIND? What do I use to DENOMINATE my VALUE estimate? What is the ‘Dollar’ which I assume has VALUE for my derivation estimate? Does this ‘Dollar’ EXIST or is it a unit of someone’s Consciousness? Have I entered the Spiritual Realm with my answers to the above questions?

What is VALUE and what do we use to DENOMINATE value? Do these concepts derive from Consciousness (our Spirit)? Does this imply that we have now ENTERED the Spiritual Realm?

Give this missive some thought and reflection. Many may not discern the NATURE of our money today. I would suggest, however, that many who have a Dualistic Philosophy of reality will discern the message presented above. If you have a Monist Philosophy of reality (assuming that my/your MIND is a material object) then you may not discern my message. I have noticed that most people either think with their Materialistic philosophy (which I call Monist) or with a Dualistic philosophy (which assumes that our MIND”S our spiritual and/or metaphysical). Go to: for additional information on this issue of What is Consciousness! Enjoy! I am:

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